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The Problem with Branding

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If you ever heard anyone say, "Well, branding results take time," this is your answer to that pile of...

More information can be found at www.risingabovethenoise.com

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The Problem with Branding

  1. The problem with BRANDING
  2. That its results will show up EVENTUALLY
  3. What about those who need results NOW?
  4. Here are some FACTS
  5. When a small city needed a new brand to attract TOURISTS
  6. The following branding increased walk-in visitors 500%
  7. It started with the new identity and slogan
  8. Then a series of ICONS
  9. Then a series of POSTERS
  10. We added some MERCHANDISE
  11. The end result was a 500% in walk-in visitors in the first 12 months after the launch
  12. The following repackaging increased sales 20%
  13. In the first MONTH
  14. This company increased 400% in 3 years
  15. And they still GREW for highest ever year in 2008
  16. And in this economy, this next client saw their highest sales in 2008
  17. This gourmet truffle maker saw sales increase in the first 30 DAYS (we’ll tell you how much soon)
  18. Keep in mind, there were NO new flavors.
  19. There were NO new promotions.
  20. There was NO new pricing.
  21. There were NO new sales personnel.
  22. There was NOTHING new except the packaging on their shelves.
  23. SO HOW MUCH?
  24. In the first month, sales of truffles increased 300%
  25. The next three months saw each month EXCEED each previous month’s sales
  26. So, we did MORE
  27. About 20X sales increase
  28. We then created some SHAMELESS promotion
  29. So, if anyone tells you some fluff about results and branding, show them this, and know it’s NOT TRUE
  30. That was the politically CORRECT way of saying it
  31. Want to know more? Visit risingabovethenoise.com
  32. Or buy the book that outlines how it was all done at blurb.com (go to bookstore link, type in brier)
  33. All designs and intellectual property created by DBD International. www.risingabovethenoise.com