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Salesforce Spring 23 Webinar

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Salesforce Spring 23 Webinar

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Slide deck from BrightGen's Spring '23 Salesforce release webinar. Presented by Keir Bowden, CTO, and covering the key new features that are of interest to our clients. You can find the recording on our youtube channel at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONjv5BvXccY

Slide deck from BrightGen's Spring '23 Salesforce release webinar. Presented by Keir Bowden, CTO, and covering the key new features that are of interest to our clients. You can find the recording on our youtube channel at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONjv5BvXccY


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Salesforce Spring 23 Webinar

  1. 1. Salesforce Release Webinar Spring 23 Highlights Keir Bowden, CTO @bob_buzzard www.linkedin.com/in/keirbowden
  2. 2. ● Summer 22 Release ○ Fond Farewells ○ General ○ Analytics ○ Customization ○ Development ○ Experiences ○ Sales ○ Service ○ Beta ● Questions Agenda
  3. 3. Fond Farewells
  4. 4. Davy Jones’ Locker Async SOQL • Spring '23 • Use Bulk API/Batch Apex API Versions 21-30 • Currently deprecated • Removed Summer '23 • Will error!
  5. 5. Davy Jones’ Locker Salesforce Mobile App Community License Access • Summer '23 • Purchase platform subscription Salesforce for Outlook • June '24 • Use Outlook Integration/Einstein Activity Capture Permissions on profiles • Spring '26 • sforce.co/3HiqBnO
  6. 6. General
  7. 7. Browsers Edge Chromium Chrome Firefox Safari Lighting Experience (Desktop) Lightning Experience (iPadOS) Experience Builder Sites Classic Classic Console
  8. 8. MFA Automatically Enabled MFA required for direct logins • "In phases throughout 2023" • "Eventually we'll enforce MFA" Required, but not checked, for Single Sign-On
  9. 9. Analytics
  10. 10. Personalized Report Filters
  11. 11. Report on Analytics Subscriptions Subscriptions • Lightning report/dashboards + collections • CRM Analytics Lenses • Dashboards in Slack Notification conditions • CRM Analytics dashboard widgets • Einstein Discovery model quality alerts
  12. 12. Analytics Other Subscription limits increased • 15 reports • 15 dashboards • Previously 7 Lightning report builder has feature parity with Classic • Edit in Classic button removed from lightning report actions Enhanced Reports on mobile GA Filter report types by objects/fields GA • Up to 4 objects or 20 fields
  13. 13. Analytics Other Other Report/Dashboard collections • Group reports/dashboards from different folders • Enable unified experience for analytics home
  14. 14. Customization
  15. 15. Picklists Clean Inactive Picklist Values GA • Bulk delete inactive values • Custom picklists with pre-defined values only Bulk Manage Picklist Values GA • Delete, activate, deactivate, replace in bulk • Previously one at a time • Custom picklists with pre-defined values only
  16. 16. Inclusivity Pronouns and Gender Identity Fields • Optional for Lead, Contact, Person Account • Default (vetted) value sets • Add your own picklist values Add to page layouts to use Consider privacy implications
  17. 17. Lightning App Builder Dynamic forms: • Supported in Case and Lead record pages Dynamic actions for standard objects GA • All standard objects – desktop only • Custom objects – desktop and mobile Customise desktop forecast pages
  18. 18. Sharing Enhanced PII Management release update • Stop external users accessing other users' PII data – and their own! • Field set defines PII – admin modifiable View full record sharing details
  19. 19. Development
  20. 20. Access element via reference • HTML <template> <div lwc:ref="userInfo"> ... </div> </template> • JavaScript let userInfoEle=this.refs.userInfo; Lightning Components
  21. 21. New conditional directives • lwc:if • lwc:else • lwc:elseif Use in preference to if:true, if:false • More performant • Old versions will be deprecated and removed in future Lightning Components
  22. 22. lwc:elseif and lwc:else must be immediately preceded by lwc:if or lwc:elseif <template lwc:if={sayHello}> Hello! </template> <template lwc:elseif={sayGoodbye}> Goodbye! </template> <template lwc:else> Nothing to say! </template> Lightning Components
  23. 23. User mode database operations GA • Respect field level security and object permissions of current user • Apply sharing rules SOQL WITH clause • List<Contact> contacts=[SELECT Id, FirstName, LastName from Contact WITH USER_MODE]; DML • Contact ctct=new Contact(FirstName='Keir', LastName='Bowden'); insert as user ctct; Apex
  24. 24. Specify delay when enqueueing job • System.enqueueJob(new CheckForResults(), 5); • Delays job execution by 5 minutes • 0-10 minutes Configure org-wide default delay when enqueueing jobs • Setup -> Apex Settings • 1-600 seconds • Doesn't override delay parameter on enqueueJob Apex
  25. 25. ApexTypeImplementor GA • Identify which classes implement an interface • bobbuzz.me.uk/Spring22Apex SOQL Query with Bind Variable Map Map acctBinds = new Map{'acctName' => 'Acme Corporation'}; List accts = Database.queryWithBinds('SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE Name = :acctName', acctBinds, AccessLevel.USER_MODE); Apex
  26. 26. DevOps Center GA Declarative deployment without change sets Organise and track changes with Work Items • Supports automation Automatic change tracking • Select changes to include in Work Items Integration with Github Deploy through clicks • Collaborate with devs working directly in Github Install Managed Package sforce.co/3eg1DKa
  27. 27. See element descriptions on canvas Improved flow element menu Flow Builder
  28. 28. Select multiple records from a table GA 2000 element limit removed • Other limits still apply Flow Runtime
  29. 29. Experiences
  30. 30. Use <script> tag to add structured data • bit.ly/3vEeU4i Contact Support Form component available for LWR Add alt text for images in rich content editor component Next and previous buttons for grid component Margin field for standard and custom components Padding field for custom and some standard components LWC/Aura Sites
  31. 31. Exceed person account ownership limit • Create PersonAccountOwnerPowerUser via the API • Associated with user id • User must be top level of hierarchy Micro-batching • Error notifications when errors occur • Add Apex tests for programmatic record creation Performance
  32. 32. Sales
  33. 33. Customize page using Lightning App Builder Forecast using custom date fields • Previously Close Date, Product Date or Schedule Date Collaborative Forecasting
  34. 34. Collaborative Forecasting Design Updates
  35. 35. Service
  36. 36. Enhanced reporting • Swarm's related records • Swarm member's work/skills Required skills for swarm members Swarming
  37. 37. Require all skills when filtering work items or agents Notify agents with browser alerts • Agent must enable Supervisors can reassign agents to queues Deploy Supervisor configurations • Change sets or packages Routing
  38. 38. Knowledge Knowledge Dashboard Pack for CRM Analytics • All Service Cloud users - View • CRM Analytics license to Edit • Install from AppExchange • Includes draft articles Change or add record types for translated articles
  39. 39. Cases Lightning threading in Email-to-case • Match on token and header-based threading • Setup -> Email-to-Case -> Settings Log a call from activities component
  40. 40. Beta
  41. 41. Configure Search Fields by Profile Enable via Setup -> Einstein Search -> Search Manager
  42. 42. Lightning Web Security Beta for Aura components • Lightning Experience • Experience Cloud sites • Setup -> Session Settings -> Lightning Web Security Test in sandbox! Evaluate JavaScript in Lightning Web Security Console
  43. 43. RefreshView API Refresh component data without a reload • Aura and LWC • Salesforce platform and custom components Replaces force:refreshView in Aura Flexible control of refresh scopes
  44. 44. Field Level Security in Permission Sets Enable via Setup -> User Management Enabled Disabled
  45. 45. Lightning Web Runtime Sites Actions Bar Component • Custom set of actions for object detail pages Notifications Component • Customizable, single place to catch up on notifications Record Detail Component • View and edit records • Inherits formatting from site branding
  46. 46. Flow Reactive Components Components react to changes to other components • On the same screen! Custom LWC and "supported components" Opt-in: • Setup -> Process Automation Settings -> Opt in to Reactive Screens Beta Chatter Group: • sforce.co/3kpc5S4
  47. 47. Flow Choice Lookup Component Select from a list of values • Search rather than scrolling Supports all choice resources
  48. 48. Other – contact support to enable Enhance Lightning Dashboards with Text and Graphics Increase Lightning Dashboard filters • 3 to 5 Recalculate Account Sharing Rules faster • Virtual implicit case shares • Grants view/edit to account owners/shared with for records owned by high volume site users
  49. 49. That’s all folks
  50. 50. Release Readiness sforce.co/3Hbp03j Release in a Box • Release Notes • Demo videos Trailhead badge - sforce.co/3QN2wJ8
  51. 51. Questions?