2015-04-12 Dimanche Victoria to Duncan
2015-04-13 Lundi Duncan to Nanaimo
2015-04-14 Mardi Nanaimo to Vancouver / Richmond...
2015-06-21 Dimanche Kenora OFF
2015-06-22 Lundi Kenora to …
2015-06-23 Mardi … to Vermilion Bay
2015-06-24 Mercredi Vermil...
2015-09-09 Mercredi Hawkesbury to Grenville to St-Philippe to Brownsburg to Lachute to St-Canut
2015-09-10 Jeudi St-Canut ...
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Itinéraire de la traversée du canada 2015

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Itinéraire la l'unique Traversée du Canada pour lutter contre le décrochage scolaire. www.steveobrienfondation.com

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Itinéraire de la traversée du canada 2015

  1. 1. 2015-04-12 Dimanche Victoria to Duncan 2015-04-13 Lundi Duncan to Nanaimo 2015-04-14 Mardi Nanaimo to Vancouver / Richmond to Port Coquitlam 2015-04-15 Mercredi Port Coquitlam to Abbotsford 2015-04-16 Jeudi Abbotsford to … 2015-04-17 Vendredi …. to Hope 2015-04-18 Samedi Hope to … 2015-04-19 Dimanche … to Brookemere 2015-04-20 Lundi Brookemere to Merritt 2015-04-21 Mardi OFF Merritt 2015-04-22 Mercredi Merritt to Lac Le Jeune 2015-04-23 Jeudi Lac Le Jeune to Kamloops 2015-04-24 Vendredi Kamloops to Chase 2015-04-25 Samedi Chase to Salmon Arm 2015-04-26 Dimanche Salmon Arm to Sicamous 2015-04-27 Lundi Off Revelstoke 2015-04-28 Mardi Revelstoke to … 2015-04-29 Mercredi ….. 2015-04-30 Jeudi … to Golden 2015-05-01 Vendredi Golden to … 2015-05-02 Samedi … to Lake Louisa 2015-05-03 Dimanche Lake Louisa to Banff 2015-05-04 Lundi Off Banff 2015-05-05 Mardi Banff to Kanasakis 2015-05-06 Mercredi Kanasakis to Calgary 2015-05-07 Jeudi Calgary to Airdrie 2015-05-08 Vendredi Airdrie to Olds 2015-05-09 Samedi Olds to Innisfail to Red Deer 2015-05-10 Dimanche Red Deer to Morningside 2015-05-11 Lundi Morningside to Usona 2015-05-12 Mardi Usona to Leduc 2015-05-13 Mercredi Leduc to Edmonton 2015-05-14 Jeudi OFF Edmonton 2015-05-15 Vendredi Edmonton 2015-05-16 Samedi … to Vegreville 2015-05-17 Dimanche Vegreville to Minburn 2015-05-18 Lundi Minburn to Mannville to Vermilion 2015-05-19 Mardi Vermilion to Kitscoty to Loydminster 2015-05-20 Mercredi Loydminster… OFF 2015-05-21 Jeudi Loydminster to Marshall to Lashburn to Maidstone 2015-05-22 Vendredi Maidstone to Paynton to Delmas 2015-05-23 Samedi Delmas to North Battleford to Denholm 2015-05-24 Dimanche Denholm to Radisson 2015-05-25 Lundi Radisson to Borden to Langham to Saskatoon 2015-05-26 Mardi OFF Saskatoon 2015-05-27 Mercredi Saskatoon to Dundurn 2015-05-28 Jeudi Dundurn to Hanley to Kenaston 2015-05-29 Vendredi Kenaston to Bladworth to Davidson to Girvin 2015-05-30 Samedi Girvin to Aylesbury to Craik to Chamberlain 2015-05-31 Dimanche Chamberlain to Bethune to Disley to Lumsden 2015-06-01 Lundi Disley to Régina 2015-06-02 Mardi OFF Régina 2015-06-03 Mercredi Régina to McLean 2015-06-04 Jeudi McLean to Sintaluta 2015-06-05 Vendredi Sintaluta to Oakshela 2015-06-06 Samedi Oakshela to Wapella 2015-06-07 Dimanche Wapella to Flemming 2015-06-08 Lundi Flemming to Elkhorn to Virden 2015-06-09 Mardi OFF Virden 2015-06-10 Mercredi Virden to Alexander 2015-06-11 Jeudi Alexander to Douglas 2015-06-12 Vendredi Douglas to Austin 2015-06-13 Samedi Austin to Portage La Prairie 2015-06-14 Dimanche Portage La Prairie OFF 2015-06-15 Lundi Portage La Prairie to Elie 2015-06-16 Mardi Elie to Winnipeg 2015-06-17 Mercredi Winnipeg to Richer 2015-06-18 Jeudi Richer to Prawda 2015-06-19 Vendredi Prawda to WestHawkLake 2015-06-20 Samedi WestHawkLake to Kenora B R I T I S H C O L U M B I A A L B E R T A S A S K A T C H E W A N M A N I T O B A
  2. 2. 2015-06-21 Dimanche Kenora OFF 2015-06-22 Lundi Kenora to … 2015-06-23 Mardi … to Vermilion Bay 2015-06-24 Mercredi Vermilion Bay to Dryden 2015-06-25 Jeudi Dryden to BorupsCorners 2015-06-26 Vendredi BorupsCorners to Ignace 2015-06-27 Samedi Ignace to … 2015-06-28 Dimanche … to Upsala 2015-06-29 Lundi Upsala to Finmark 2015-06-30 Mardi Finmark to Thunderbay 2015-07-01 Mercredi Thunderbay OFF 2015-07-02 Jeudi Dorion 2015-07-03 Vendredi Nipigon to Red Rock 2015-07-04 Samedi Rossport to Schreiber 2015-07-05 Dimanche Terrace Bay 2015-07-06 Lundi Terrace Bay to … 2015-07-07 Mardi Marathon 2015-07-08 Mercredi White River 2015-07-09 Jeudi 2015-07-10 Vendredi Wawa 2015-07-11 Samedi OFF 2015-07-12 Dimanche Wawa to … 2015-07-13 Lundi Montreal River Harbour 2015-07-14 Mardi 2015-07-15 Mercredi Sault Ste-Marie 2015-07-16 Jeudi Thessalon 2015-07-17 Vendredi Thessalon to Blind River 2015-07-18 Samedi Blind River 2015-07-19 Dimanche Blind River to Massey 2015-07-20 Lundi Massey to … 2015-07-21 Mardi Sudbury 2015-07-22 Mercredi Sudbury to Markstay 2015-07-23 Jeudi Markstay to West Nippising 2015-07-24 Vendredi West Nippising to North Bay 2015-07-25 Samedi North Bay 2015-07-26 Dimanche Temagami 2015-07-27 Lundi Temagami to Haileybury 2015-07-28 Mardi Haileybury to Notre-Dame-du-Nord 2015-07-29 Mercredi Notre-Dame-du-Nord to … 2015-07-30 Jeudi Rouyn 2015-07-31 Vendredi Rouyn to Cadillac to Malartic 2015-08-01 Samedi Malartic to Val d'Or 2015-08-02 Dimanche Val d'Or OFF 2015-08-03 Lundi Sudbury to French River 2015-08-04 Mardi French River 2015-08-05 Mercredi Parry Sound 2015-08-06 Jeudi Parry Sound to … 2015-08-07 Vendredi Severn toTay to Port McNicoll 2015-08-08 Samedi Port McNicoll to Wasaga Beach to Collingwood 2015-08-09 Dimanche Collingwood to Thronbury to Meaford 2015-08-10 Lundi Meaford OFF 2015-08-11 Mardi Meaford to Owen Sound to Allenford 2015-08-12 Mercredi Allenford to Saugeen Shores to Port Elgin to Tiverton 2015-08-13 Jeudi Tiverton to Goderich 2015-08-14 Vendredi Goderich to Grand Bend 2015-08-15 Samedi Grand Bend to Sarnia 2015-08-16 Dimanche Sarnia OFF 2015-08-17 Lundi Sarnia to Wallaceburg 2015-08-18 Mardi Wallaceburg to Tilbury 2015-08-19 Mercredi Tilbury to Belle River to Windsor 2015-08-20 Jeudi Windsor to Lasalle to Amherstburg to Harrow to Kingsville 2015-08-21 Vendredi Kingsville to Chatham to Leamington 2015-08-22 Samedi Chatham to Thamesville to Strathburn 2015-08-23 Dimanche Strathburn to Strathroy to London 2015-08-24 Lundi London OFF 2015-08-25 Mardi London to St.Marys to Stratford 2015-08-26 Mercredi Stratford to NewHamburg to Kitchener 2015-08-27 Jeudi Kitchener to Guelph to Georgetown to Halton Hills 2015-08-28 Vendredi Georgetown to Brampton to Mississauga to Toronto 2015-08-29 Samedi Toronto to Pickering to Ajax to Whitby 2015-08-30 Dimanche Whitby OFF 2015-08-31 Lundi Whitby to Oshawa to Bowmanville to Kirby 2015-09-01 Mardi Kirby to Peterborough to Norwood 2015-09-02 Mercredi Norwood to Havelock to Marmora to Madoc 2015-09-03 Jeudi Madoc to Kaladar to Arden 2015-09-04 Vendredi Arden to Perth 2015-09-05 Samedi Perth to Carleton Place to Ottawa 2015-09-06 Dimanche Ottawa OFF 2015-09-07 Lundi Ottawa to Cumberland to Clarence to Wendover 2015-09-08 Mardi Wendover to Plantagenet to Alfred to L'orignal to Hawkesbury O N T A R I O
  3. 3. 2015-09-09 Mercredi Hawkesbury to Grenville to St-Philippe to Brownsburg to Lachute to St-Canut 2015-09-10 Jeudi St-Canut to St-Jérome to St-Janvier to Ste-Thérese to Laval 2015-09-11 Vendredi Laval to Montréal to Chambly 2015-09-12 Samedi Chambly to Richelieu to Rougemont to Marieville to St-Césaire to St-Paul-d'Abbotsford to Granby 2015-09-13 Dimanche OFF - Shayne's Birthday 2015-09-14 Lundi Granby to Waterloo to Eastman to Magog 2015-09-15 Mardi Magog to Sherbrooke to Bromptonville to Windsor 2015-09-16 Mercredi Windsor to Cleveland to Richmond to L'Avenir to Drummondville 2015-09-17 Jeudi Richmond to Danville to Warwick to Victoriaville 2015-09-18 Vendredi Victoriaville to Princeville to Plessisville to Laurierville to Lyster 2015-09-19 Samedi Lyster to Dosquet to St-Agapit to Rédempteur to Québec 2015-09-20 Dimanche Québec to Beauport to Boischatel to L'Ange-Gardien to Chateau-Richer to Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré to Beaupré to St-Tite des Caps 2015-09-21 Lundi St-Tite des Caps OFF 2015-09-22 Mardi St-Tite des Caps to Baie St-Paul to St-Hilarion to Clermont to La Malbaie 2015-09-23 Mercredi La Malbaie to St-Siméon to Sagard 2015-09-24 Jeudi Sagard to Petit Saguenay to Rivière Éternité to St-Félix d'Otis to La Baie 2015-09-25 Vendredi La Baie to Chicoutimi to Saguenay to Jonquière to Larouche 2015-09-26 Samedi St-Bruno to Metabetchouan to Desbiens 2015-09-27 Dimanche Roberval to Mashteuiatsh to St-Prime to St-Félicien 2015-09-28 Lundi OFF 2015-09-29 Mardi Dolbeau-Mistassini to St-Antonin to St-Henri-de-Taillon to Alma 2015-09-30 Mercredi Rivière-du-Loup to St-Louis du Ha Ha to Notre-Dame-du-Lac 2015-10-01 Jeudi Notre-Dame-du-Lac to Edmundston, NB 2015-10-02 Vendredi Edmundston to St-Léonard 2015-10-03 Samedi St-Léonard to St-Quentin 2015-10-04 Dimanche St-Quentin to Kedgwick to Mennval 2015-10-05 Lundi Mennval to Campbellton 2015-10-06 Mardi Campbellton to Dalhousie to Belledune to Pointe-Verte to Petit-Rocher to Nigadoo to Beresford 2015-10-07 Mercredi Bathurst to Grande-Anse to Caraquet 2015-10-08 Jeudi Caraquet to Tracadie 2015-10-09 Vendredi Tracadie to Neguac to Miramichi 2015-10-10 Samedi Miramichi OFF 2015-10-11 Dimanche Miramichi to Blackville 2015-10-12 Lundi Blackville to Doaktown 2015-10-13 Mardi Doaktown to Frédéricton 2015-10-14 Mercredi Frédéricton to Oromocto to Welsford 2015-10-15 Jeudi St-John to Rothesay to Quispamsis to Hampton 2015-10-16 Vendredi Sussex to Petit Codiac 2015-10-17 Samedi Petit Codiac to Salisbury to Moncton 2015-10-18 Dimanche Moncton OFF 2015-10-19 Lundi Moncton to Sackville 2015-10-20 Mardi Sackville to Port Elgin 2015-10-21 Mercredi Port Elgin to Borden Carleton to Cornwall to Charlottetown 2015-10-22 Jeudi Charlottetown to Wood Island 2015-10-23 Vendredi Wood Island to Pictou to Westville to BibleHill 2015-10-24 Samedi Bible Hill to Truro to Milford 2015-10-25 Dimanche Milford OFF 2015-10-26 Lundi Milford 2015-10-27 Mardi Milford to Windsor to New Minas 2015-10-28 Mercredi New Minas to Kentville to Berwick to Middletown 2015-10-29 Jeudi Middletown to Bridgetown 2015-10-30 Vendredi Clement Sport to Weymouth 2015-10-31 Samedi Yarmouth 2015-11-01 Dimanche Yarmouth 2015-11-02 Lundi Yarmouth to Shelburne 2015-11-03 Mardi Shelburne to Milton-Liverpool (Queens region) 2015-11-04 Mercredi Milton-Liverpool to Bridgewater 2015-11-05 Jeudi Bridgewater to Chester Basin 2015-11-06 Vendredi Chester Basin OFF 2015-11-07 Samedi Chester Basin to Halifax 2015-11-08 Dimanche Halifax to Dartmouth 2015-11-09 Lundi Dartmouth to Port Dufferin 2015-11-10 Mardi Port Dufferin to Liscomb to Sherbrooke village 2015-11-11 Mercredi Sherbrooke Village 2015-11-12 Jeudi Sherbrooke Village to Mulgrave 2015-11-13 Vendredi Mulgrave to Port Hawkesbury 2015-11-14 Samedi Port Hawkesbury to Whycocomagh 2015-11-15 Dimanche Whycocomagh to Baddeck Victoria County 2015-11-16 Lundi Baddeck to Sydney 2015-11-17 Mardi Sydney to Port-aux-Basques 2015-11-18 Mercredi Port-aux-Basques OFF 2015-11-19 Jeudi Port-aux-Basques to … 2015-11-20 Vendredi 2015-11-21 Samedi .. To Stephenville 2015-11-22 Dimanche Stephenville to … 2015-11-23 Lundi en déplacement … 2015-11-24 Mardi Cormack 2015-11-25 Mercredi Cormack 2015-11-26 Jeudi Springdale 2015-11-27 Vendredi Springdale 2015-11-28 Samedi Springdale to Windsor Grand Falls 2015-11-29 Dimanche Windsor Grand Falls 2015-11-30 Lundi Windsor Grand Falls to Gander 2015-12-01 Mardi Gander OFF 2015-12-02 Mercredi Gander to Glovertown 2015-12-03 Jeudi Glovertown to Port Brantford 2015-12-04 Vendredi Port Brantford to Clarenville 2015-12-05 Samedi Clarenville 2015-12-06 Dimanche Whitbourne 2015-12-07 Lundi Whitbourne to Holy Rood 2015-12-08 Mardi Holy Rood to St-John's, NF N O U V E L L E _ É C O S S E T E R R E - N E U V E N O U V E A U - B R U N S W I C K PEI Q U É B E C