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Audience research

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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience research
  2. 2. Audience researchThe first question I included in my questionnaire was male orfemale, the majority of my audience research was focused onfemales. For my second question I asked my audienceresearch how old they were, the age range of the majority ofthe people was 16-18,19-21. There were also a few peopleoutside of this age range. I purposely tried to hand myquestionnaire out to females of this age range because thatis the target audience I wanted for my magazine, mainlybecause I fit into that category so having my understandingand knowledge will help me when creating my magazine.010203014-15 16-18 19-21 22+No.OfpeopleAge rangesHow old are you?
  3. 3. Audience researchThe third question I asked is do people like music, there aresome people who aren’t fans of music and therefore Ithought it would come in helpful to find out whatpercentage of the people I surveyed like music. Thefollowing question linked well with the previous questionasking what is people’s favourite genre. This is one of themost significant questions in my survey, because one of themain things that convince someone to buy a magazine isweather or not it features the genre they like, listen to. Ihad a range of results including pop, rock and indie. Themost popular genre according to my survey is pop, so Idecided to base my magazine around the pop genre.
  4. 4. Audience researchI asked my survey how often do you buy a musicmagazine, the options were; never, twice aweek, weekly, monthly. The majority of the people surveyedsais monthly, I assume this is because in a weekly magazinethere isnt as many features as they expect however if itsmonthly theres plenty to include. This question is importantbecause the designer needs to know how often to publishtheir magazine, there’s no purpose in publishing a magazine ifno ones going to buy it.0102030never twice aweekweekyly monthlyNo.OfpeopleHow oftenHow often do you buy a music magazine?
  5. 5. Audience researchAnother question I asked was ‘what colours attract you tomagazines?’. This is a good question as people areattracted to magazines by the colours they use as they giveoff a vibe depending on what the colour is. For example;pink and blue might give of a young trendy vibe and attractthe younger audience. The colour scheme is one of thefirst things you see on a magazine so it is important to getit right when focusing on a certain target audience.Therefore this question is relevant to see what colourspeople would like to see on the music magazine and enticepeople to buy it.
  6. 6. Audience researchI asked how much people would be willing to pay for the musicmagazine to give a rough idea on what would be a sensibleaffordable. I gave four options which were £1- 1.99, £2-2.99, £3-3.99 and £4+ the majority of people said they wouldbe willing to pay between £2-2.99. This is an importantquestion to ask as you need to find out what people would bewilling to pay and it would have to be a price everybody iscomfortable with and would keep people interested.0510152025£1.00-£1.99 £2.00-£2.99 £3.00-£3.99 £4+No.OfpeopleamountHow much would you pay for a magazine?
  7. 7. Audience researchAnother question I included into my music magazinequestionnaire was ‘what would you like to see in a musicmagazine?’. I listed the options; the interviews, thecompetitions, the quizzes, the reviews, etc. The majority ofpeople I asked said the interviews as they like a inside view ofmusicians, personalities, popular figures are really like. Thisquestion helped us learn what would make people want to bythe music magazine so therefore is an important question toinclude in the survey.
  8. 8. Audience researchI asked would you be encouraged to buy amagazine if it included free gifts, thisquestion was split equally. 46% of peoplesaid gifts wouldnt encourage them tobuy a magazine, I think them peoplewould buy it solely for the contents andthe other 54% said a gift wouldencourage them to buy a magazine, Iassume they think it would be nice toreceive a gift with their purchase. Theconcluding question I asked my survey iswould you prefer articles about localbands or well known bands, as presumedthe mass said theyd prefer to see andread articles about more well renownedartists. This question is importantbecause a publisher needs to know whatand who to include in the magazine andwhat the readers would prefer.0204060local bands well known bandsNo.OfpeopleWould you prefer articles on local bands or morewell known bands?