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Learn different leadership styles with Star Wars Coaches

Slides of my "Agile" session: "Learn different leadership styles with Star Wars Coaches" (given 29/11/2012 during XP Days Benelux 2012)


Most of management and leaderships techniques are traditionally taught during executive trainings.

However, as I’ve experienced these techniques in Agile Teams (with the role of team member, scrum master or coach) they appear to be very efficient and powerful tool of communication.

This session is the opportunity to (re)discover them and to practice them.

As I was not comfortable to do it alone, I will be joined by several famous coaches like Yoda or Darth Vador

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Learn different leadership styles with Star Wars Coaches

  1. 1. Learn differentleadership styles with Star Wars Coaches @BrunoSbille
  2. 2. Introduction... Check:http://vimeo.com/54842679
  3. 3. Your Coach Name: Bruno Sbille Job: Trainer & Coach Location: Belgiumhttp://brunosbille.com @BrunoSbille bruno.sbille@gmail.com
  4. 4. Prerequisites
  5. 5. The Empire (Bad Guys)
  6. 6. Rebel Alliance (Good Guys)
  7. 7. Jedi Knights
  8. 8. WhateverManagement styles ? styles ?Leadership styles ?
  9. 9. How will we work ? A clip introduce the styleWe will practice We explainthe style through the stylerole playing
  10. 10. Episode I
  11. 11. Your CoachNom: Darth Vador(Anakin Skywalker,father of Luke)Job: SupremeCommander of theImperial ForcesLocation: Death Star,Admiral Ship
  12. 12. Context:Disagreement on a subjectEmployee made a mistake
  13. 13. We call this...
  14. 14. The Blame Culture
  15. 15. Blame Culture: characteristics• Any problem is due to someone’s mistake !• Usually any change is considered as a threat• People doing mistakes must be punished• Use of fear• Point that all problems occur because of the person’s mistake only• “Because of you,...”
  16. 16. Someone did already experience this in professional world ?
  17. 17. Episode II
  18. 18. Your CoachNom: Han SoloJob: Space PirateLocation: MillenniumFalcon
  19. 19. Context:We are under attackI give orders (I tell you what to do)
  20. 20. We call this...
  21. 21. Directive Management
  22. 22. Directive Management: characteristic• I tell you what I want you to do• I explain “How” I want you to do it• The person has few opportunity to think or decide by himself• Every move is controlled
  23. 23. Someone did already experience this in professional world ?
  24. 24. Episode III
  25. 25. Your CoachName: GeneralDodomaJob: Rebel Forces Chiefand TacticianLocation: AllianceSecret Base (Yavin)
  26. 26. Context:Our objective, destroy the enemy base We have some constraints
  27. 27. We call this...
  28. 28. Management by objectives
  29. 29. Management by objectives• I’m more interested in final results than in the method. (What & Why > How)• I explain the results I expect• I define the framework where the action should take place• I identify resources (human, tools, finances,...)• I explain both positive and negative consequences (if the objective is reached or not)• I explain the Timing
  30. 30. Example
  31. 31. • I need an operational Scrum Team. By operational, I mean they can work using Scrum on our Web projects• I want 50% of internal employees and 50% of external consultants (because of budget reasons and to keep a certain balance)• You need to collaborate with Sylvie from HR. We have to respect our shortlisted suppliers• The team must be ready by 1st February 2013• If you can achieve this, we will use Scrum in our organization. If not, there’s a risk for Scrum to be considered as non-adapted for us.• You will be the Scrum Master
  32. 32. Someone did already experience this in professional world ?
  33. 33. Episode IV
  34. 34. Your CoachName:YodaJob: Master JediLocation: Dagobah
  35. 35. Context: He is looking for a hidden planetYoda ask if any trainees has an idea
  36. 36. We call this...
  37. 37. Personal consideration
  38. 38. PersonalConsideration• Doing something especially and uniquely for the person. Consider the person as sole and unique• According to the person’s interests• According to the person’s motivations• Give the person the opportunity to shine
  39. 39. Someone did already experience this in professional world ?
  40. 40. JEDI Workshop
  41. 41. Role Playing• Via role playing, you are gonna experience the different styles• By giving them• By receiving them• By observing
  42. 42. Step I We are a team of 4
  43. 43. Step II I will be I will be the employee Manager I will be I will be the coach the coach
  44. 44. Step III I choose a style I will experiment I choose a context, a situation. I can choose a context from my personal context, or I can pick Employee Manager one from the context list
  45. 45. Step IV: Let’s do this during 5 minutes Hello, I wanted to talk to you about Ha...?! something...Coach Employee Manager Coach
  46. 46. Step V: Debriefingwithin the team 5 min How do you feel ? What do you think ? What happened ? Coach Manager What did you observe ? Did you like to “give” thisEmployee Coach style ? Did you like to “receive” this style ?
  47. 47. Step VI: Let do this again but...> Change the roles in the team> Experience a new style Coach Coach Employee Manager
  48. 48. Debriefing Workshop
  49. 49. Now FORGET about the terms “EMPLOYEE” and “MANAGER”Anybody can use styles with anyone
  50. 50. Which style do you prefer to give ?
  51. 51. Which style do youprefer to receive ?
  52. 52. We are “day one” witha brand new team what style would you pick ?
  53. 53. What’s the best style ?
  54. 54. It depends...
  55. 55. Adapt Management & Leadership styles...
  56. 56. To the person...
  57. 57. and to the context
  58. 58. Luke: “All right, Ill give it a try...”Yoda: “No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try.”
  59. 59. Other Styles• Charismatic• Visionary• By exception• By example