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Creating new value in agriculture supply chains with blockchain tech

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Pacific Regional Agritourism workshop

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Creating new value in agriculture supply chains with blockchain tech

  1. 1. Creating New Value in Agriculture Supply Chains with Blockchain Technology visit us: www.traseable.com
  2. 2. Blockchain Explained • Digital record • Encrypted – secure, accessible by authorised people • Distributed – copy of record on every computer in global blockchain network • Tamper-proof – can’t delete, can amend • Auditable – history of changes to record
  3. 3. Input details Input + Production details Input + Production + Processing & Distribution details Input + Production + Processing & Distribution + Marketing details Farmer details Plot harvest date(s) Volume accepted for Export, vol. rejected Receival details Story of the product Seed source Harvest Volume Quarantine treatment details Retail/Sales details Planting date & plot Volume for Processor(s) Export destination & documentation Treatment and checks Volume for Local market Customs inspection & clearance
  4. 4. Creating New Value Leverage Data • Strengthen record-keeping • Better data • Improved reporting Create Value • Use data in a unique way to add value to your products • Consumers want to know where their food comes from • Tell the story of your products, of you, and your community • Strengthen certifications, eco- labels, national campaigns • Potentially access new markets willing to pay more Strengthen Trust • Provide traceability & transparency • Strengthen market access
  5. 5. How can TraSeable Solutions Help Experience • Only Pacific Island traceability provider • 10+ yrs Pacific ICT experience • Only certified blockchain developers in Fiji/Pacific Is. • Built blockchain prototype for SPC Fisheries • Blockchain pioneer for longline tuna fishery • Commercial offshore fisheries exporting to EU, USA, NZ, etc • Blockchain-tracked tuna to large NZ retailer Farms • Pacific AgriHack Lab winner • Focus: • Training • Market + Trust • Logistics • Looking to collaborate with farmer groups
  6. 6. ken@traseable.com www.traseable.com Contact us