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Hard Talk Farmer Field Schools - Raf Somers (CTB Rwanda)

  1. We go live in: Welcome to
  2. The Plant is the Teacher Farmer Field Schools in Rwanda
  3. A farmer becomes a facilitator! Farmer Field School
  4. But, the plant is the teacher…
  5. But, the plant is the teacher…
  6. But, the plant is the teacher…
  7. But, the plant is the teacher…
  8. Observe & Record Analyse Draw, Discuss & Decide Act Discovery-based Learning
  9. Who is eating who?
  10. different varieties
  11. How do you train FFS Facilitators
  12. Season long training Provided by specialized FFS Master Trainers 60 to 90 days away from home (spread in the season) Technical skills + Facitation skills + Group Building skills Land Preparation Planting Follow up the growth Harvest
  13. Farmers are empowered to make their own decisions. Farmers find solutions for their own problems. Farmers are prepared for the challenges of the future.
  14. FFS Members
  15. Proven impact of FFS +250% IRISH POTATO
  16. very satisfied with the skills and attitute of the Facilitator98% Data from Mid Season assessment 2015B with 2924 FFS groups What do farmers say? 70% apply what they have learned in their own farm of farmers report that farm revenue has increased by at least 50%73% 76% of FFS farmers report that productivity has increased by at least 50%
  17. applied Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) 73%
  18. +46% Productivity
  19. Estimated value of additional produce by FFS Farmers in 2015 € 20,000,000
  20. 38% 29% 33% to belong to a strong group where members can help each other to have more food to be able to sell more
  21. of the groups older than 3 year still has an experimental plot FFS Groups are sustainable! 86%
  22. 71% 22% of FFS groups have an extra income generating activity for the group of FFS groups have internal savings (=social protection)
  23. 53% women
  24. Gender training and HIV awareness as special topics
  25. FFS Facilitator GROUP 1 GROUP 3 GROUP 2 GROUP 4,5,6,7,….
  26. FFS Facilitator Graduation
  27. FFS Facilitator’s Cooperative
  28. Service contract
  29. 3 Party Performance Contract FFS Fac Cooperativ e The District RAB
  30. 1 2 h From a ‘project’ to a ‘National Approach!’
  31. FFS Farmers 2009 - 2011 25,000 1% 2011 - 2016 200,000 11% Target 2020 1,690,000 90%
  32. Strategybehind the scaling up?
  33. 1 2 Repeat what Works ! FFS is not new… We simply respected all success factor and made them stronger
  34. If an FFS group was a Duck
  35. 8,500 FFS groups
  36. Target 75,000 FFS groups
  37. Innovate ! FFS Facilitators are always farmers Innovate ! Farmer as Facilitator FFS Facilitators become professional service providers
  38. FFS Facilitators cooperatives sign Performance contracts (Imihigo) with the government Localize !
  39. 73 behind the strategy?
  40. To get Results (Effectiveness) More value for money (Efficiency) Home grown solution (Sustainability)
  41. 1 2 Scale ScaleScale ScaleScale Scale Scale Scale Scale ScaleWe would like to see more of this (Instead of embracing complexity)
  42. This was HARDtalk, live from Brussels with Dominique Morel & Raf Somers
  43. Thank You for Watching Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources