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Electric Power Generator based on Archimedes paradox.
ArgenAR is the first application of the Archimedes' principle for power generation.
ArgenAR is our contribution to green energy free from harmful emissions and hazardous waste for the benefit of all of our Earth!

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  1. 1. ArgenAR Electric Power Generator based on Archimedes paradox
  2. 2. Archimedes Paradox this is surprising consequence Pascal's law - is the basic law of hydrostatics. The paradox claims that the body can float in water volume much smaller than the volume of the body itself. Of course provided that the density of the body is less than the density of water. Thus the huge ship can float in pool if it is surrounded by at least a few liters water. This paradox comes from the fact that for the force Archimedes important volume of the submerged part floating body rather than the volume of water displaced. Electric Power Generator based on Archimedes paradox 1.Archimedes paradox
  3. 3. Therefore using small amounts of water we can receive the mechanical energy is much greater than with any other method use of water energy (turbines or water wheels). For such devices do not require large swings streams and large water velocity.
  4. 4. Take two vessels. In both vessels pour 200 ml of water. The smaller vessel put into the larger vessel and observe equality levels. Add in a smaller vessel has 200ml water repeat the experiment. The water level rose in a larger vessel but smaller vessel is still floating in the water. Add the water until the smaller vessel is not immersed in the bottom. This occurs when the weight of the smaller vessel in 0.55kg. Increased levels of water in a large vessel and the value is visible dive a common image. Thus the weight 400 grams freely swims in water with quantity of 200 grams. Only almost triple the weight of a small the vessel makes it sink to the bottom. 2.Demonstration of the paradox Archimedes
  5. 5. We have found that feeding a small amount of water into the vessel we can lift much heavier loads. Also we can transform the movement of the float to rotate an electric generator. What is our aim. The main components of the generator are the two vessel with water and floats as well as an electric generator. The main condition is the volume of the float and the container should be as close as possible. To make the process of cyclical two vessels are used which operate alternately. 3.Convert gravity energy into electricity
  6. 6. When we pour water into the vessel 1 the float seeks to rise upward by the force of Archimedes. As soon as the water pumping the float through a mechanical transmission is loaded onto the shaft generator. Water pumped up until its level reaches the top edge of the vessel. The second vessel at this time is empty. Once the water in the first vessel reached the upper edge the duty cycle is switched to the vessel 2. 4.The working process
  7. 7. Power of the unit depends on several factors: ● the amount of working vessels ● height of working vessels ● the number of vessels and floats ● transfer speed (or pumping) of water The graph shows the calculated value of the Archimedes force depending on the diameter of the vessels. The height of the containers is 1000 mm and the stroke floats about the same - 90mm. Floats diameters smaller diameter vessels to 10 mm. 5.Power and mechanical characteristics
  8. 8. The most attractive option is a home generator power from 500 W to 5 kW. As used low-RPM axial electric DC generator you will need to 24DC-220AC inverter. This generator can be used on all rivers and streams without the construction of dams. It requires a small amount of water to produce a huge power. Therefore such a generator is well suited to the low-water rivers and streams. Water lifting can be applied hydraulic ram pump when the water head low. 6.Applying
  9. 9. Archimedes' principle is widely used in aeronautics. No one was surprised by the huge balloons lifting height. Hypothetically practically we provide a cyclical rise balloons shutter (banal pumping light gas from one to another of the balloon) it is possible to obtain electrical power from a difference of densities of air and helium, hydrogen or warm air. Also lifting cargo from the deep sea is also a common practice. ArgenAR is the first application of the Archimedes' principle for power generation. 7.Conclusions.
  10. 10. At the moment all work on the development of a working prototype has been completed. Main components of the mechanical part are made using 3D printing. We developed our own 3-phase axial electric generator for the project. All files will be freely available for individual (but not commercial) use. The principle of using paradox Archimedes is very promising way to convert gravity energy for the benefit of people. ArgenAR is our contribution to green energy free from harmful emissions and hazardous waste for the benefit of all of our Earth! 8.Summary
  11. 11. akinora13@gmail.com skype vasp13 http://akinora.com http://www.slideshare.net/bulgakovatanya Contacts 2016