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Tiny mvr

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TinyMVR. Gamepad for Google Cardboard.

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Tiny mvr

  1. 1. TinyMVR Gamepad for Google Cardboard Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality!
  2. 2. TinyMVR is a 3D gamepad specifically designed for virtual reality (VR) glasses which use smart phone as display. TinyMVR provides control of games, videos, movies. The device greatly extends the capabilities of virtual reality glasses. This gamepad does not contradict the concept of availability Google Cardboard but it gives you the opportunity to use mobile applications more intensively.
  3. 3. In 2014, Google created a Google Cardboard. Having a pair of lenses, a piece of cardboard and a smartphone, you can dive into the world of Virtual Reality. YouTube has released about 850,000 movies and the tens of thousands of channels display video from Google Cardboard.
  4. 4. Virtual Reality games are also very popular product. The big disadvantage in using Google Cardboard is the inability to use remote control to switch movies (clips on YouTube) or control the game. To change the video you have to open the lid, remove the smartphone, to switch the game manually or restart it.
  5. 5. We are developing a gamepad which will enable the consumer to make the necessary steps in the course of watching of the movie or playing game without removing the cardboard. It will combine the manufacturability and low cost to the consumer.
  6. 6. Google Cardboard ARM MCU Action buttons Joystick Up to 8 gamepad for 3D glasses Bluetooth 4.1 3D Accelerometr 3D Gyroscope 3D Compass Gesture control
  7. 7. In addition to the traditional gamepad buttons and joystick the device contains: Bluetooth 4.1 BLE 3D accelerometer 3D gyro 3D magnetometer (compass) Presence Sensor Gesture recognition sensor Ambient light sensor Such a set of sensors extends control capabilities and gives more freedom to developers of mobile games and 3D content.
  8. 8. The gamepad is printed on 3D printer. We have created various shapes and colors of gamepads. Ordering of the plastic enclosures for gamepad is possible in any available service center of 3D printers. You can also use the 3dhubs base which has about 22,000 printers worldwide.
  9. 9. Team Tatyana Bulgakova Team leader Maksim Temerev Hardware designer ARM MCU Alexandr Svistun Hardware designer ARM MCU Elena Sevostianova JS Android Developer
  10. 10. Our contacts mail akinora13@gmail.com site www.akinora.com http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1029780 https://www.f6s.com/tinymvr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTrB6fFiqeo