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Aysegul Ildeniz - TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network - Stanford Engineering - 4 Feb 2019

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Talk by Aysegul Ildeniz, TUSIAD - Turkish Industry & Business Association - Silicon Valley Network (Istanbul & SV), at Stanford Engineering on February 4 2019, Session #4: 'Turkey : Innovation Ecosystem, Wellness Startups, Family Enterprises & University Accelerators'.

Website: http://www.StanfordEuropreneurs.org
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/StanfordEuropreneurs
Twitter: @Europreneurs

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Aysegul Ildeniz - TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network - Stanford Engineering - 4 Feb 2019

  1. 1. • Tech exec focused on innovation, technology and future vision based in SV+Istanbul • Chair, TUSIAD Silicon Valley Chapter • Independent Board member: Eczacibasi Holding, Zorlu Energy Inc, Vestel Electronics Inc, Vestel White Goods Inc. • Intel Corporation tenure: Turkey Country Manager; Middle East and Africa Regional Director; Vice President, New Devices Group, consumer IOT and wearables. • COO, Silver Spring Networks, smart energy/ smart cities company with 28m users, NYSE. • BA from Bosphorus University; MA in Communication Arts in San Francisco. • Chosen one of ‘the world's most creative top 100 people in 2015 by Fast Company; 3rd most influential Turkish women by TOA (Turks of America). ‘IT woman of the year 2004’ and ‘Woman executive of the year 2006', Turkey. AYŞEGÜL İLDENIZ
  2. 2. • Premier private sector organization; independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization representing a large share of the Turkish economy. • Represent 85% of Turkey’s total foreign trade volume, 65% of industrial production, 50% of total private sector employment, and 80% of total corporate taxes. • Promotes principles of participatory democracy, a competitive market economy, environmental sustainability, and universal freedoms and human rights. Promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and the internet ecosystem, STEM education, digital industrial transformation in Turkey. • Silicon Valley Network established in 2017 formed of business professionals in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Aims to facilitate communication and knowledge exchange between members of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) and professionals in the Bay Area. 250 members in the Bay area. • Focused on building bridges through entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystem, digital industrial transformation and policies between Turkey and the United States. Sponsors a Startup Mentorship Program. THE TURKISH INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (TUSIAD)
  3. 3. • TURKEY: GDP 909 billion dollars in 2018. 17th largest economy, 13th in PPP. 10k$ per capita. Main industries: construction, automotive, textile, tourism, machinery, electronics, paper and lumber. Exports: 157b$ in 2017. Mainly cars, vehicle parts, apparel, foodstuffs, electronics, textiles to Germany, Uk, Iraq, Italy, US, France. • Digital economy workers are at 1% of the employment in the country compared to 3.65% OECD average. But steady increase in programmers (19% growth per annum) • Digital technologies patent applications is at 11%; Turkey at 0.4% of worldwide triade (3 way) patents. • Digital participation for social media use among population is at EU average; but much lower in education and trade use. • Digital workers salary and productivity are double the average in Turkey. • Digital technology use pervasive at big enterprises that export products, have foreign investment, but the use is much lower in SMEs. *2018 TÜSİAD report Digital Technologies and economic growth. https://tusiad.org/tr/basin- bultenleri/item/download/9071_d2e3db6b109dc6de2dd45f49a200c428 DIGITAL ECONOMY & DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN TURKEY
  4. 4. • Turkey is ranked 37 in the Global Entrepreneurship Index. In 2017, $103m was invested into 167 ventures in Turkey. (startupwatch) • Companies need to innovate their business models and strategies to sustain growth, cut costs and adopt new ways of doing business. Corporations can only achieve innovation by bringing entrepreneurial methods inside the company (intraprenuership). • TÜSİAD aims to raise awareness of intrapreneurship to reinforce innovation culture in companies and encourage entrepreneurship as a career option among university students. • According to a TÜSİAD survey, an entrepreneurship program is organized in one of every two institutions. • A TÜSİAD report says: to initiate entrepreneurial activities, Turkish organizations will need a roadmap that holistically covers the components of strategy and vision, innovation management and processes, and entrepreneurial culture. *Entrepreneurial transformation guide for businesses: https://tusiad.org/tr/yayinlar/raporlar/item/download/9152_5afa50f6d4216a42bba6a659be6c923d; h ttps://tusiad.org/tr/basin-bultenleri/item/download/8928_9b7d5d81873b656f0e6c2c6d8ff5e480 INTRAPRENEURSHIP IN THE TURKISH CASE