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Jerome Marin - Le Monde - France - Stanford Engineering - Feb 9 2015

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Talk by Jerome Marin, San Francisco Correspondent - Le Monde (France), at Stanford on Feb 9 2015, in our session on 'European Tech Media in Silicon Valley'.

Website: http://www.StanfordEuropreneurs.org
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/StanfordEuropreneurs

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Jerome Marin - Le Monde - France - Stanford Engineering - Feb 9 2015

  1. 1. Jérôme Marin @JeromeMarinSF http://siliconvalley.blog.lemonde.fr European Tech Media in Silicon Valley European Entrepreneurship & Innovation @ Stanford Engineering 2/9/2015
  2. 2. The Press in France Circulation of Le Monde, Le Figaro and Libération Advertising revenue of national daily newspapers
  3. 3. Tech Coverage in France 1/2 ●  Small teams ●  Limited space in the newspaper ●  Part of the business section ●  Limited coverage on start-ups ●  Rare companies profile ●  Articles with a broader scope that appeal to the general public ●  The story of the company can be more important than its product
  4. 4. Tech Coverage in France 2/2 ●  Not as developed as in the US: less publications, less journalists ●  More business than tech ●  Tech = Silicon Valley ●  Tend to prefer US start-ups than French start-ups ●  Greater interest with a French CEO or executive ●  Interest in tech is increasing
  5. 5. Tips with the French Press ●  AFP is REALLY important ●  Be formal ●  If you can, speak French ●  Press conference/breakfast