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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 06 04 2019

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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 06 04 2019

  1. 1. Leo Meeting June 4, 2019 By: Andrea & Mehar
  2. 2. Thank you to those who volunteered for: Douglas Road School Carnival & V.I.C.F.
  3. 3. Upcoming Events
  4. 4. Year-End CeLEObration Senior Consultants: Irene and Elisha Senior Chairs: Karmanpreet, Leanna, Alexei, and Jaiden Junior Chairs: Sheree and Loraine When: Friday, June 7th Time: 3:30 - 8:30 (starts at 6:00) This event is exactly like the Thanksgiving Dinner but we do not provide the food, those who are attending will bring their own. EXECS are expected to ATTEND + BRING THEIR OWN DISH
  5. 5. Ms. Amy’s Retirement Party Chairs: Umamah, Muhammed & Kison Date: Thursday, June 13th Time: 3:15 pm (Afterschool) to 6pm Volunteers: ALL EXECS
  6. 6. Run for H2O Senior Consultant: Mae Chairs: ELisha and Michelle When: Saturday, June 15th What: Every year, the run raises money for water for Guatemala. Volunteer at the run & support HOPE!
  7. 7. Volunteers: Aleksandra, Alexi, Digi, Angela, Irene, Meagan, Raine, Christeena, Sheree, Tia, Ruby, Denisse , Silvia Runners: Sampson, Alexei, First, Wayne, Cara, Patrick Reminder: To register as a volunteer, go to the website https://www.runforh2o.com/volunteer Orientation Dates: Wednesday, May 29, 7-8: 30 pm & Sunday, June 3, 7-8: 30 pm at Lord's Love Church 645 47 Ave E, Vancouver
  8. 8. Teacher Luncheon Senior Consultants: Presidents of the Past Senior Chairs: Presidents of the Future Junior Chairs: Vice- Presidents of the Future When: Friday, June 21st, 2019 Time: 8:00 - sometime in the afternoon tba
  9. 9. Sponsor/Teacher Comments
  10. 10. Sign Up Sheets Multicultural CeLEObration Teacher Luncheon Ms. Amy’s Retirement Party Run for H20