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Impress in Excess: 10 Customer Service Tips Guaranteed to Delight (and Help Your Business Grow!)

These days customers are shopping for more than just a product or service. Customers want an experience. These 10 customer service tips will help you elevate your customer service game so that you can impress your clients while growing your business!

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Impress in Excess: 10 Customer Service Tips Guaranteed to Delight (and Help Your Business Grow!)

  1. 1. Impress in Excess: 10 Customer Service Tips Guaranteed to Delight (and Help Your Business Grow!)
  2. 2. Tip #1: Create Your Customer Service Vision Small businesses who frame their decisions around their vision, or set of values, are more likely to gain consumer trust. For example, at Ruby, we believe in Fostering Happiness. As our CEO, Jill Nelson, explains, “The principle of Fostering Happiness in the Ruby Service Pyramid is a practice to engage in at all times. By all staff, with everyone they are in contact with—customers, of course, but first and foremost, employees.” Practicing this value means our employees enjoy coming into work and, therefore, enjoy serving our customers!
  3. 3. Tip #2: Incent, Inspire, and Empower Employees Incentive campaigns are a fun and excellent way to pump up your teams enthusiasm. For example, launch a notecard campaign encouraging your team to write kind notes after they’ve spoken with a client. Your clients will appreciate the personal connection and employees will love the positive feedback. Additionally, empower your staff by allowing them room to make judgement calls. Provide guidelines to help clients during crisis, but let them determine the best way to go above and beyond these guidelines when the situation calls for it.
  4. 4. Tip #3: Pay Attention to the Details Everything from your business card and website, to your office lobby and invoices are touchpoints that can impact a customer’s perception of your business—and no detail is too small! For example, every Ruby invoice is written in a friendly tone, includes our logo, and has an inviting font. Clients have commented how they pay our invoices first because they’re so adorable! Don’t have invoices? Consider sending a gift with a card signed by all employees to make sure new clients feel welcome. These special moments and connections are the moments that separate your service from others! Image Credit: Rayz Ong
  5. 5. Tip #4: Make Stellar First Impressions When you have seconds to set a first impression of your business, how you answer the phone, your tone, and your active listening skills must all combine into a WOW worthy trifecta! To ensure a great experience, have a prepared greeting and set of responses to frequently asked questions. Additionally, a clear list of instructions on where customers should be sent if they call ensures customers will always reach the correct person quickly!
  6. 6. Tip #5: Follow Up Every Call with an Email Building trust with customers is key to a long-term relationship—so let them know what’s happening next! Here are some best practices for follow-up emails and calls: • Reiterate information discussed • Explain what to expect moving forward • Clearly outline anything you need from the customer • Share when you’ll be reaching out next!
  7. 7. Tip #6: Show What You Can Do (And Not What You Can’t) Sometimes it’s not about having the right answer to every question—it’s about relating with the customer and showing your dedication to finding the answers. Focus on what you can do by: 1. Empathizing with the customer. ““That does sound frustrating; I would feel the same way!” 2. Guiding the customer to the best resource. “John in Support would be the best person to speak with about this type of error.” 3. Offering assistance! Using phrases like, ”That’s a great question! I’ll do my best to find the answer for you.” and ““If you have any more questions or there’s anything more I can do to help, please let me know!” will always win the day.
  8. 8. Tip #7: Give Them What They Don’t Even Know They Want You don’t need to read minds to be a customer service pro; simply watch and listen for certain queues to go above and beyond with each interaction. Did your customer sigh when you answered a question about product price? This is a great chance to waive the products shipping fee and make their day! Sighs, hesitations, changes in tone, even facial expressions provide critical insights about your customer. Even when you’re not face- to-face, there are plenty of opportunities to put this idea in practice by practicing active listening. Delivering on something your client never even voiced will make them feel valued and cared for.
  9. 9. Tip #8: Be Increasingly Bold in Your Promises and Over Deliver Once you’re confident you’re delivering consistent, reliable service, take the opportunity to take your service up a notch. Review your standard promise and explore ways you can make it even bolder. A great example is shipping giant, FedEx. They already had a “Next Day Delivery” option, but decided to over deliver on their service promise and expand their options to include “First Overnight”, which gets your package where it needs to be by the start of the next business day. Bold promises like these are what set your business apart!
  10. 10. Tip #9: Be Positively Positive Create customer connections with phrases like “Absolutely!” or “I’d be happy to!” Switching out ”Sure” and “Yeah” with these simple phrases adds warmth and enthusiasm to every interaction. And don’t forget, a simple smile has a huge impact on your conversations with clients and colleagues alike!
  11. 11. Tip #10: Create Meaningful Connections Have you ever had a conversation with a customer service representative that put an extra pep in your step? With a combination of grammar, tone, word choice, and confidence, you to can be a master of delivering friendly AND professional service. Listen for moments where you can engage your customer in personal conversation. Did they mention they’re tired from a recent run? Inquire if they’re training for a race. Hear a dog in the background? Share a story about your own pet. There’s no detail too small! These little moments are what customers will remember.
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