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Tyre replacement guide

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Changing a flat tyre is an easy temporary repair you can do yourself. With the right equipment and a little practice, you’ll be able to change you own tyre easily should the situation arise.

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Tyre replacement guide

  1. 1. In 8 easy steps
  2. 2. Changing a flat tyre is an easy temporary The best way to be prepared for a flat tyrerepair you can do yourself. With the right is to carry the proper equipment in your equipment and a little practice, you’ll be car. These tools are essential for a quickable to change you own tyre easily should and safe tyre change. the situation arise. Tyre jack Waitscm Lug wrench Todd Kopriva Spare tyre Jack Zalium Visibility kit Marufish redi-medic Pressure gauge izik
  3. 3. Step Pull over in a safe place and turn off 1: you car’s engine. Try to find level ground if possible. Put on your car’s hazard lights and Step lay out safety triangles for better 2: visibility to other drivers on the road. Loosen the lug nuts on the tyre a Step little before placing the car jack 3: under the car (as indicated in your owner’s manual) Once you’ve jacked the car, be sure Step to work alongside the car- no part ofchucknado 4: your body should ever be underneath the car.
  4. 4. Step Remove the lug nuts and the flat 5: tyre. Insert the spare tire. Tighten the lug nuts a little at a time,Step working in a star pattern. Tighten 6: nearly as far as they’ll go. Carefully lower the jack and allow theStep car to rest on its tyres. Tighten the 7: lug nuts as far as you can make them go and check the spare’s air pressure. Drive slowly for a moment with yourStep hazards on to ensure the tyre is fitted 8: correctly, then drive carefully to your destination.
  5. 5. Success! You’ve changed your flat tyre! The next important step is to make an appointment to have your tyre repaired or replaced. Sparetyres are not meant to be driven on over a certain distance and are not safe at high speeds. As a car owner, learning simple repairs will give you the freedom to tackle these jobs on your own. You might not want to take on a large task like windscreen repair or transmission replacement just yet, however! With a little practice and preparation, you’ll be changing your tyres confidently and independently.