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Talent Advisor defined

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14 Talent Advisor Competencies defined. Associated ERE Media article

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Talent Advisor defined

  1. 1. 14 Talent Advisor Competencies Help the hiring manager Identify the key success criteria of a top performing person 1. Build Trust 2. Effectively Communicate 3. Effectively Listen 4. Data Centric Thinking 5. Creativity 6. Business Acumen 7. Partnering 8. Influence 9. Convincing Others 10. Time Management 11. Critical Decision Making 12. Persistence and Adaptability 13. Consultative Problem Solving 14. Result Orientation Are Proactive and Creative Problem solvers related to the strategies and tactics that are required to identify, attract and assess the best talent. Understands how to quickly Build Trust through Effectively Communicating critical and honest feedback to the hiring manager on any people/process challenge/obstacles. Are Organized and constantly looks for Process Improvement areas related to speed, quality and cost by creating a streamlined recruiting process Ensure Accountability of effective feedback on all candidates interviewed by all involved. Consistently and effectively demonstrates the ability to Influence without Authority to reach an optimal outcome and achieve a win/win for all involved. Consults with the business to call out any challenges/obstacles to success with Suggestions and provide Options to remove them. Are Data Centric in their thinking and understands the power of leveraging data to tell the important stories to support and Help enable change. Are committed to an Exemplary candidate experience as they understand the competitive advantage if they do “Talent Advisors are a trusted recruiting partner to the business who consistently delivers the best candidates in support of the business mission while continually improving the hiring process, and candidate experience.