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Annual review 2018 19

This is the CCVS annual review for 2018-19, it gives a flavour for the work we have done as well sets out some future priorities.

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Annual review 2018 19

  1. 1. 2018 - 2019 Annual review
  2. 2. Advice or support sessions were delivered to groups 594 Rated the service excellent or good 94% INFORMATIONANDADVICE Annual Review 2018-2019
  3. 3. The support and training offered by CCVS are hugely beneficial to my charity. The staff are highly knowledgeable, approachable and supportive. Thank you for everything that you do. USER FEEDBACK Annual Review 2018-2019
  4. 4. Attended one of our training or networking events 713 people Rated it excellent or good (of those that completed feedback) 98% TRAININGANDEVENTS Annual Review 2018-2019
  5. 5. CCVS has always been a service we hold in high regard as we have gained knowledge, advice and information which has helped us become more confident over the years. USER FEEDBACK Annual Review 2018-2019
  6. 6. REPRESENTATIONANDSUPPORT 93% of members State it is extremely or very important that we are there to represent them 92% of members State it is extremely or very important that we celebrate the work of the sector Annual Review 2018-2019
  7. 7. CCVS is a wonderful organisation if you are running any kind of voluntary group. Expert advise on hand is invaluable and the difference between things successfully happening and benefiting the community and not happening at all. USER FEEDBACK Annual Review 2018-2019
  8. 8. Income vs. Expenditure Total income £193,411 Total expenditure £175,405 Annual Review 2018-2019
  9. 9. Invaluable to us as a new organisation! On top of the excellent training, it’s been so important for networking and also to have one place to come for advice. Thank you USER FEEDBACK Annual Review 2018-2019
  10. 10. Alan Turner Alistair Barry Ana Maldanado Chris Trevorrow Ellie Lee Frances Carter Mark Freeman ThankYou Andy Cogan Elizabeth Forbes (co- opted Feb 19) Flóra Raffai (from Nov 2018) Mary Sanders Kulbir Singh (co- opted Feb 19) Eddie Stadnik Rachel Talbot Cambridge City Council South Cambs District Council Cambridgeshire County Council Tesco Bags of Help Cambridge Student RAG Annual Review 2018-2019
  11. 11. A fantastic organisation that is always there to offer impartial and great advice on best steps forward relieving huge pressure on charity managers feeling isolated and enabling best strategy to be in place. A fantastic network to support further growth and comradery. USER FEEDBACK Annual Review 2018-2019
  12. 12. CCVS priorities 2019-20 Our main priority for 2019-20 will be to finalise the strategy and embed this into the work of the organisation. We will need to continue to look at how we can diversify our income and how we can build on our work to reach more groups. Additional funding from the City Council will allow us to improve our digital offering by training the staff to deliver online training and by purchasing some equipment that will enable us to help ourselves and groups with their use of video. We will also be looking at developing new training in line with the sectors needs, and ensuring we are able to bring in outside trainers when we need their expertise. We will be looking at developing a more coherent communications strategy and plan in order to improve how we keep the sector informed , but also how we can deliver communications in a more effective and efficient manner. We will continue to build a local and national reputation as a champion of small charities and community groups. 2019-2020 will see us looking at funding to maximise the space at Arbury Court to ensure that tenants and others can have a variety of spaces available to them for meetings and training. We will continue to look at providing additional office space if a need arises. As part of Support Cambridgeshire we will look at how we can continue to build on the partnership and how we can continue to build a strong offer for voluntary and community groups across the county. We will need to look at what we do in year four of the contract and how we are engaged as the contract goes up for retendering. We will also look at how we can develop other partnerships both locally and nationally that will benefit groups and allow us to develop new services.Annual Review 2018-2019
  13. 13. Thank you so much for today, it was such a good course and very useful to us. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from the CCVS courses, they are a godsend to small organisations like ours. USER FEEDBACK Annual Review 2018-2019
  14. 14. Donate To help us to support more groups Help in kind and sponsorship If you are interested in how else you may be able to help, or in discussing sponsorship opportunities email mark@cambridgecvs.org.uk Donate Online www.bit.ly/CCVSDONATE *All texts cost £2 plus standard message rates Text* CCVS on 70085 to donate £2 and opt into marketing or text CCVSNOINFO to donate £2 without opting into marketing Annual Review 2018-2019
  15. 15. We've had some great help from CCVS, and it's always a welcoming place to visit for meetings, etc. We feel that anyone on our staff can ring up for advice on areas that they are responsible for and get good tips. CCVS always offer help when we need it. USER FEEDBACK Annual Review 2018-2019
  16. 16. Talk to Us www.ccvsblog.wordpress.com Blog @cambridgecvs Twitter www.cambridgecvs.org.uk Website Address enquiries@cambridgecvs.org.uk E-mail Address 01223 464696 Phone Number Charity number: 1074947 Company limited by Guarantee: 3731848