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Covid Safe Paths

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The way back to normal starts here
We all want to get out of the house. To reopen the economy. To feel secure again. Safe Paths builds tools that help communities flatten the curve of COVID-19 — together. CovidSafePaths.org

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Covid Safe Paths

  1. 1. COVID Safe Paths Privacy-Aware Contact Tracing Towards Resilient Societies Ramesh Raskar Associate Professor MIT Media Lab
  2. 2. Contact tracing: patient 31 in Korea Without building a surveillance state?
  3. 3. Digital contact tracing Safe Places • Notify if you have crossed paths • Send alert that provides location of where contact may have occurred • Use phones to look for GPS and Bluetooth based proximity Safe Paths
  4. 4. Google Maps  Traffic Health data  Predictions Privacy Utility
  5. 5. Google Maps  Traffic Health data  Predictions Privacy Utility
  6. 6. Privacy Consent Regulation Trade Secrets National Security Incentive
  7. 7. GPS: Strava HeatMap Anon + Aggregate but not Private
  8. 8. Bluetooth based proximity Snooped by widespread third party apps
  9. 9. COVID SafePaths App • Log Personal Trails in Diary • Compare with Public Infection Cases Datav1 • Compare with redacted trails of Infection Cases from Public Health Deptv2 • Reducing burden on health officials using Self-Report, Authenticate, Computational methods v3
  10. 10. SafePaths Mobile App
  11. 11. Safe Places Web Tool 1. Patient 28 day trail with health officials 2. The health official redacts PII 3. Anon/Aggr/Encrypted Trails Faster and more accurate than a traditional patient interview
  12. 12. SafePaths: Comprehensive toolkit for public health and re-entry solutions Privacy Preserving Algorithms and Software Principles Today • Expedite tracing conversation • Improve quality and accuracy of data • Aggregates data for reporting Today: • Exposure notification • Access to resources • Ongoing Tracking • Interface with public health infection data • Telecom • GPS • BlueTooth (Apple/Ggl/PACT/Pepp-pt) • Wifi • Others SafePaths App SafePlaces WebTool Coming Soon: • Personalized guidance • Symptom tracking • Quarantine Verification • Immunity Passport • Corporate verifications Coming Soon: • Predict HotSpots, Spread Prediction • Coordinate at-home population • Integrated Dashboards • Certification Technology APIs
  13. 13. COVID SafePaths Alliance MIT Safe Paths • Ramesh Raskar, Sandy Pentland, Kent Larson, Kevin Esvelt • Mentors: Amandeep Gill (I-DAIR), Bernardo Mariano Jr (WHO), Brian McClendon, Don Rucker (HHS), and Subbu Subramanian, Suraj Kapa (Mayo Clinic) • Faculty Mentors: Ronald L. Rivest, Yael T. Kalai, Daniel J. Weitzner, Hal Abelson, Jonathan Gruber, Nickolai Zeldovich, and Adi Shamir. • Research Mentors: Yoshua Bengio (MILA), Richard Janda (McGill), John Halamka (Mayo Clinic) Path Check, Inc • Greg Nadeau • CovidWatch, OpenMined, CovidActNow Volunteers Collaboration Network
  14. 14. SafePaths Pillars Technology SafePaths Mobile App SafePlaces WebTool Open Source Code API Algorithms Interoperable BackBone Think Tank Interoperability Standards Privacy Guidelines Landscape Analysis Publications Implementations Public Health Engagements Training and Monitoring Venture Capital and Startups Corporate Relations
  15. 15. Factor to Consider: Public Health IT Decisions • Privacy-first • Open Source • Interoperable • Multiple Language Support • Support non-smartphone users/ Equity • Ecosystem for Public Health • Dashboard for hotspots/spread • Modularity/ Ease of Use/ Integration
  16. 16. Google-Apple Proximity API: How it works • Phones exchange keys by whispering over Bluetooth • Infected phone uploads keys to beamed to server • Health phone downloads ‘infected keys’ and find a match with heard keys
  17. 17. COVID SafePaths will support Google-Apple/ PACT Proximity API
  18. 18. GPS vs Bluetooth Tech • Needs multimodal (GPS + BT + WiFi) • BT requires large adoption (12% adoption = 1.44% encounters) • GPS scales linearly (12% adoption = 12% of sites on SafePlaces) • Inclusivity: Users who do not have smartphone can lean encounters over TV/SMS • False positives: person from neighboring office • False negatives: phones left behind  risky behavior Not proximity but tracing • User: Context for belief, Where? (wearing mask? Shook hands?) • Public health needs: heat maps, spread analysis Beyond Tracing • Public health needs: Quarantine verification, Health verification, Immunity passport
  19. 19. US Guidance
  20. 20. Choreographed by Govt & Businesses Private Tools for Coordination among Communities Public Health Restart Economy Resilient Society
  21. 21. COVID Safe Paths Privacy-Aware Contact Tracing Towards Resilient Societies Ramesh Raskar Associate Professor MIT Media Lab