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Google Glass Overview

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Lecture 1, Google's attempt to change your perspective

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Google Glass Overview

  1. 1. Google Glass Overview Google’s attempt to change your perspective
  2. 2. “There when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.” “Brings you back into the real world”
  3. 3. • Gyroscope • Accelerometer • Compass/Orie ntation • Microphone • Bluetooth • Wifi • 5MP Camera
  4. 4. Interacting with Google Glass “OK Glass… take a picture record video get directions to hang out with” Voice Touch
  5. 5. The Timeline Happening “Now” or Soon PastCurrent Card
  6. 6. Developing for the Timeline • Cards synchronize between Google and Glass after an API command • Subscribe to notifications of user interaction to handle on the backend • Card appears in order on timelineCurrent Mirror API Limitations • 10 Min location updates • No live access to microphone or camera • No cellular access (tethers with phone) • No hardware access (accelerometer, orientation, etc.) **Google encourages rooting but voids warranty**
  7. 7. Exemplary Glassware - NavCook
  8. 8. Exemplary Glassware – Winky/Glassagram
  9. 9. Exemplary Glassware – Glass Battle
  10. 10. Exemplary Glassware – Glass Tesla
  11. 11. What’s Next? • Full Google Glass GDK to be released “within a few months” • Developers are encouraged to Develop for Android 4.0.4 and side-load APKs • Provided root kits and instructions to access all the hardware
  12. 12. Recent Updates “Google Glass owners will get their first app store in 2014” “Could be a $3B per-year-business” “First live surgery done with Google Glass via Hangouts”
  13. 13. Related Wearables Apple iWatch (Mid 2014) ReconJet Baidu Eye GlassUp