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Camunda BPM at bpmNEXT 2016

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Introduction for the Camunda presentation at bpmNEXT 2016.

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Camunda BPM at bpmNEXT 2016

  1. 1. DMN + BPMN + CMMN Jakob Freund, Camunda
  2. 2. Camunda BPM References Camunda BPM is an Open Source platform for Business Process Management and allows you to model and execute BPMN 2.0, CMMN 1.1 and DMN 1.1. …and > 75 others: AT&T, Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Sony DADC, Lufthansa Technik, …
  3. 3. Camunda vs. other BPMS Camunda BPM is developer-friendly and provides business-IT-alignment based on modeling standards. Camunda BPM is not about zero-code BPM.
  4. 4. Why DMN: Transparency The decision logic is not buried in source code. Anyone can look at the decision logic and immediately understand it.
  5. 5. Why DMN: Flexibility The decision logic can be changed without touching your application.
  6. 6. Why DMN: Traceability All decision table executions are being logged in the decision history, providing you also with helpful information like usage statistics.
  7. 7. Camunda BPM Overview It‘s free – download it here: https://camunda.org/download/
  8. 8. DMN Table Editor It‘s free - get it here: https://camunda.org/dmn/tool/
  9. 9. ... also Browser-based It‘s free – use it here: https://demo.bpmn.io/dmn
  10. 10. Available Hit Policies • Unique • Any • First • Rule Order • Collect https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.4/reference/dmn11/decision-table/hit-policy/
  11. 11. Available FEEL concepts Data Types • String • Numeric • Boolean • Date Language Concepts • Comparison • Range • Disjunction • Negation • Date Functions • Qualified Names https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.4/reference/dmn11/feel/
  12. 12. Scripting for Input Expressions
  13. 13. Tasklist / Cockpit REST API Java API API and UI Decision Engine Consumed by Java applications Consumed by any application Consumed by users
  14. 14. Up to 220,000 decisions per second https://blog.camunda.org/post/2015/12/dmn-benchmark/
  15. 15. DMN in the Cloud https://dmn.camunda.cloud/api/v1/decision/{key} Your Application { "weather" : "type": "string", "value": "sunny" } { "idea" : "type": "string", "value": "Go running" } https://dmn.camunda.cloud
  16. 16. Call DMN from BPMN via Business Rule Tasks
  17. 17. Call DMN from CMMN via Decision Tasks
  18. 18. More Agility for Operations Changing decision tables at runtime Non-Developers Software Developers
  19. 19. Demo: Lead Qualification Lead Qualification New Lead from Website New Opportunity in CRM
  20. 20. In this Demo Due Date Priority Assigned? Assignee