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Facility Optimization Solutions Brochure

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Facility Optimization Solutions Brochure

  1. 1. Facility Optimization Solutions
  2. 2. Facility Optimization Solutions helps clients manage their facilities and operations more efficiently, effectively and sustainably.
  3. 3. “ orking with Facility Optimization W Solutions has been a great experience. One of the things that stands out is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They made a commitment to the city and this project and they’ll do whatever it takes to honor that commitment.” Daniel Connors, Project Manager, City of Buffalo
  4. 4. Cannon Design’s FOS team is a market responsive consultancy focused on advancing solutions to the greatest challenges faced by our clients and society. We enhance our clients’ capabilities in managing their existing facility assets and operations more efficiently and effectively. Equipped with a scope cost of ownership of their technological innovation of services and software facility inventory – from and project delivery. Each technology from facility conception to demolition day, our global network of condition assessments, – and empower them 1,000 architects, engineers commissioning and retro- to “scenario plan” the and designers deliver best- commissioning, to product future of their buildings in-class work around the design, maintenance rather than simply react world. This strong support planning and geographic to circumstances and the system empowers FOS to information systems (GIS), passage of time. help clients at any point our focus is delivering assessments and plans driven by data and results. These efforts help our clients manage their total 2 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS Our FOS team is backed by Cannon Design’s longstanding commitment to excellence in design, throughout a building’s life cycle, translating data into actions that create stronger futures for our clients.
  5. 5. SERVICES Services Facility Condition Assessments Product Design A building-by-building, room-by-room, Responsive products and technologies system-by-system evaluation of all your that empower clients to turn challenges facilities. into opportunities. Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning Planning Ensuring buildings are optimized for Insightful master planning, emergency energy performance through new- management and maintenance building and retro-commissioning, planning that creates a strategic road LEED-specified studies and envelope map charting the future of your facility analysis. inventory. SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY Software Technology Facility Condition Assessment Software Esri™ ArcGIS Software Proprietary FCA software creates a Leading-edge Geographic Information database for real-time facility tracking, Systems (GIS) analytical and visualization budget development and future tools available via desktop and cloud- planning across traditional and mobile based technology that empower facility platforms. managers.
  7. 7. Building a 21st Century Facility Management Program City of Buffalo Strong urban futures rarely create the strongest possible develop on their own. Given future for its citizens. the complex challenges of urban sprawl, shrinking populations and aging infrastructure, civic leaders need to embrace a clear vision for the future direction of their cities and develop a plan to navigate that path. The city engaged a team of facility professionals to undertake facility condition assessments for more than 200 city-owned buildings. Then, the FOS team delivered short- and longterm planning solutions for The historic City of Buffalo more than 3.3 million sf of once served as a major civic space. The city then railroad hub and the largest began the implementation grain-milling center in the of a multi-year, multi-phase country. This heritage has plan to evolve its facility left the city with iconic management systems into buildings and facility a tool for informed asset resources developed management decisions. throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. The city recognized the need to develop a cutting-edge facility management plan to maximize resources and The effort is already bearing fruit as the city experiences a downtown renaissance already profiled by The New York Times and Architect’s Newspaper. FCA SOFTWARE GIS SOFTWARE COMMISSIONING PLANNING DESIGN
  8. 8. KEY HIGHLIGHTS OF THE IMPLEMENTATION PLAN INCLUDE: Our team executed short- and long-range planning for more than 3.3 million sf of city-owned facilities. • evelopment of quickD • mplementation of I action emergency plans Geographic Information for city police and fire Systems to create departments enhanced mapping and • stablishment of the E AutoCAD layering analysis of civic buildings • ntroduction of preventaI standards for drawings, tive maintenance program thereby eliminating the and the creation of a new department’s mechanical call center and on-demand drawing files and work order system to track preparing AutoCAD floor requests from building plans of all buildings users, assign work and • reation of computerized C maintenance management system to track system repairs and costs and provide budget numbers to justify requests 6 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS identify systems and equipment needing repair
  9. 9. “ uffalo is better prepared B than ever to manage its resources efficiently, sustainably and successfully.” Steve Stepniak, Director of Public Works, City of Buffalo
  10. 10. Ensuring Buildings Achieve High Performance Massachusetts General Hospital, Yawkey Center Buildings designed to be Four years after its remarkably sustainable implementation, the energy rarely fully realize their high alarm plan is realizing an performance goals. Millions average savings of $2.77 of buildings fail to operate at utilities cost per sf across the maximum efficiency due to Partners Healthcare facility human error, simultaneous portfolio. The team has heating and cooling cycles determined the introduction or an overworked operations of a single air-flow alarm schedule. Partners Healthcare can translate to savings Systems recognized these exceeding $2,600, while one shortfalls, and teamed with heating coil alarm yields FOS to implement an energy $175 in annual savings and alarm system, ensuring the occupancy alarms can create Yawkey Center achieved its $19,200 in savings. high-performance potential. To date, more than 400 validated corrections to the energy operations have been reported, realizing $600,000 in savings for Partners Healthcare Systems. 8 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS
  12. 12. Creating a Paragon for Water and Energy Conservation California Institute of Technology, Linde + Robinson Environmental Institute Billions of gallons of water Institute of Technology cooled with a small closed are wasted every year as (Caltech) partnered with loop of coolant fluid while laboratories are required FOS to develop a new leveraging the highly to cool equipment and solution for the Linde + efficient central building experiments, but lack Robinson Environmental evaporative cooling a sustainable method Institute that could serve water system to reject the to deliver this cooling. as a model for other heat directly outside the This unfortunate reality laboratories worldwide. building. This system allows is compounded by the fact that an ever-growing percentage of energy consumption in modern laboratories stems from the cooling needs of large research equipment. Determined to tackle these challenges, the California 10 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS Caltech and FOS developed a revolutionary cooling approach reliant upon evaporative cooling in conjunction with Cannon Design’s eVap 1500 cooling system. The eVap 1500 allows equipment to be Caltech to move away from traditional cooling approaches, including tap water or unitary air-cooled water chillers, and save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water while realizing dramatic energy and cost savings.
  13. 13. Integral Engineering Group studied the replacement of these traditional cooling methods with the eVap systems and projects an 87% increase in energy performance for these specific systems. PRODUCT DESIGN DESIGN
  14. 14. Ensuring a Building Meets its Energy Model Goals University of Maryland, Shady Grove Camille Kendall Academic Center, the first building over a period of weeks new buildings at the Shady and delivered a report Grove campus to provide identifying more than educational opportunities $100,000 in annual energy supporting the local $100,000 in annual energy savings. monitored the building Gold, was the first of six identifying more than interviewed facilities staff, Maryland to achieve LEED delivered a report building operations, for the University System of The FOS team The FOS team reviewed savings. This effort ensures biomedical industry. the academic center remains Building users noted the center was consuming far more energy than projected during energy modeling and sought to find a solution. The school engaged FOS in a post-occupancy commissioning analysis to identify operational shortcomings impacting building performance. 12 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS a model for conservation of resources incorporating far-ranging operational cost-saving initiatives, with a commissioning report that continues to benefit the building and university.
  15. 15. “ he success of this building T is the result of good planning and tremendous collaboration within the project team. The result is a great building we are proud of, appreciated by our faculty, students and staff.” Scott Lupin, Director of Office of Sustainability for the University of Maryland COMMISSIONING DESIGN
  16. 16. Assessing the Current State and Future Possibilities for a School System Buffalo Public Schools, Building Condition Survey One of the largest urban school systems in New York 14 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS assessment of 65 school (BPS) is responsible for 65 school buildings encompassing 9 million sf. comprehensive facility State, Buffalo Public Schools The FOS team assessed upon the FOS team’s buildings encompassing delivering quality education nine million sf of classroom, to 34,000 students annually. lab space, indoor and Such responsibility requires outdoor athletic facilities, as the BPS to have a real-time, well as building envelope, exhaustive understanding code compliance and of its facility resources. infrastructure support The foundation for this systems. understanding builds
  18. 18. Understanding a Valuable Community College Campus from all Perspectives Nassau Community College In its more than 50 years evening students and 15,000 assess the entire site and as a member of the State post-graduate students every structure on campus. University of New York occupying 225 acres and Leveraging FCA proprietary education system, Nassau 47 buildings. With the goal software, NCC is now Community College (NCC) to best position itself for able to track, manage and has grown from 632 students future growth and success, evaluate its entire facility to more than 24,000 day and NCC worked with FOS to portfolio in real time. Campus Buildings By Age 16 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS
  19. 19. NCC has grown from 632 students to more than 24,000 day and evening students. ASSESSMENTS FCA SOFTWARE PLANNING DESIGN
  20. 20. Creating a System for Complex Spaces to Operate Sustainably Eckerd College, James Center for Molecular and Life Sciences Since 40% of the students The building features at Eckerd College major complex research spaces in the sciences, the James and required an extensive Center for Molecular and and atypical commissioning Life Sciences is a landmark effort to ensure the building structure and catalyst that operates at maximum strengthens the biology efficiency. and chemistry curriculum. “ OS has been a tremendous F partner. I think we’ve worked with 42 separate professionals from Cannon Design on this project – they bring a high level of expertise and the experience has been an absolute pleasure.” Bill McKenna, Director of Planning, Eckerd College 18 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS
  21. 21. Whole Building Design Guide states that $1 invested in commissioning yields $4 operational savings over the first five years of occupancy. COMMISSIONING PLANNING DESIGN
  22. 22. Building a Future for an Entire Campus System University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Higher education systems The end result is a living are only as successful as database populated from their facility infrastructure the assessment, with a permits them to be. final report describing the Leaders at these institutions condition of major building need a plan to manage systems and subsystems existing buildings and on a building-by-building reach decisions related basis, specifying the type to renovation, addition or of maintenance, repair, or new build. The University replacement required and a of Illinois teamed with FOS conceptual budget outline to determine the current for these updates. Such a condition of systems and database empowers UIUC to equipment in 151 buildings, make the strategic decisions totaling 13 million sf across that ensure both short- and its Urbana-Champaign and long-term success. Springfield campuses. FOS assessed 151 buildings totaling 13 million sf. 20 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS
  23. 23. Helping a Global Healthcare Leader Plan an Innovative Future FOS drove the execution of facility assessments for over 100 buildings. Covidien / Mallinckrodt This $12 billion global required highly technical healthcare products leader support areas. The FOS chose the FOS team to lead platform provides the a comprehensive master master plan database and planning effort for its four management tool driving St. Louis locations. Given the execution of facility Covidien’s commitment assessments for over 100 to innovation and focus buildings and future needs upon medical device assessments. and pharmaceutical research, development and production, these spaces ASSESSMENTS FCA SOFTWARE PLANNING DESIGN
  24. 24. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Building a Decision-Making Framework Chicago Public Schools, Roberto Clemente Community Academy Creating a New Future in a Historic Home Knox College Looking to reduce cost and make strategic maintenance Nearing the 100th anniversary of its relocation to the and facility planning decisions, Chicago Public Schools’ heart of Toronto and incorporation into the University Roberto Clemente Community Academy worked with of Toronto system, Knox College needed to determine FOS to develop a retrocommissioning (RCx) program if it could update its historic chapel or move to a less encompassing 450,000 sf of high school space. advantageous area of the city in order to survive. The RCx effort encompassed energy audits, energy measure analysis, energy modeling, implementation payback calculations, implementation assistance and post-implementation verification. The project has empowered the school with a road map and system for informed decision making moving forward. The FOS team identified annual energy savings of $211,000 with a 1.4 year payback. 22 FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS FOS assessed 83,000 sf of educational, common and residential spaces, collecting data using its proprietary software, to determine the college could remain in its current location through investment and significant renovation. The resulting plan will translate to long-term cost savings and future growth.
  25. 25. Leading the Way in Water Conservation Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Chemical and Materials Science Building Empowering Hospitals to Evolve Healthcare Delivery Truman Medical Center Based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Guiding Emerging technologies, shifting healthcare legislation Principles of High Performance and Sustainable and medical discoveries ensure healthcare is constantly Building, the Chemical and Materials Science Building evolving. Recognizing the rapid changes in 21st century incorporates numerous features focused on achieving healthcare, Truman Medical Center worked with FOS energy efficiency and conservation. The project to assess 1.7 million sf of hospital and medical spaces includes multiple eVap Cooling System installations across its Kansas City campus. The resulting data will throughout the facility that cool research applications help Truman Medical make the strategic decisions by connecting to the existing cold water system, saving that will keep them at the forefront of innovation in hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually. healthcare delivery. A single eVap 1000 device can save 250,000 gallons of water annually. ASSESSMENTS FCA SOFTWARE COMMISSIONING PRODUCT DESIGN PLANNING DESIGN
  26. 26. AMONG OUR CLIENTS HIGHER EDUCATION Dunkirk City School District CIVIC Adelphi University Elmira Heights Central School District Aquarium of Niagara Falls Boston College Floral Park-Bellerose Union Free School District Charlotte County, Florida Boston University California State University Frontier Central School District City of Chicago California Institute of Technology Grand Island Central School District City of Phoenix Canisius College Hempstead Union Free School District City of Rochester Police Department Cornell University Holland Central School District DePaul University Kingston City School District Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts Dickinson College Leslie Shankman School Corporation Mercy Housing Lakefront Eckerd College Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 Oneida County, New York George Mason University Maryvale Central School District Ontario County, New York Harvard University Massachusetts School Building Authority Schoharie County, New York Illinois Institute of Technology New York State Education Department Seneca County, New York Knox College Newfane Central School District Massasoit Community College Niagara Falls City School District St. John the Baptist Fruit Belt Community Development Corporation Missouri University of Science Technology Niagara Wheatfield Central School District Tioga County, New York Nassau Community College Nippersink School District 2 Town of Grand Island Penn State University North Shore Country Day School Town of Yarmouth Saint Bonaventure University Poughkeepsie City School District Saint Louis University Roosevelt Union Free School District CORPORATE State University of New York at Oswego Schenectady City Schools Clorox Company State University of New York College at Buffalo The Bullis School Covidien/Mallinckrodt West Seneca Central School District Delaware North Companies The University of Maryland at Shady Grove Yonkers Public Schools Forest City Development City of Buffalo Novartis Tufts University Medical Center State University of New York at Buffalo Turning Stone Resort and Casino University of Illinois Advocate Health Care United Airlines University of Louisville Brigham and Women’s Hospital Veolia Environment University of Victoria CharterCARE Health Partners Washington and Lee University Christ Hospital GOVERNMENT Wellesley College Codman Square Health and Education Center General Services Administration K-12 EDUCATION Hospital for Special Surgery A.E. Stevenson High School Kaleida Health System Addison Central School District Massachusetts General Hospital Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management Albany City School District Niagara Health Systems Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) Amherst Central School District Northwestern Memorial Hospital Naval Station Newport Buffalo Public Schools Partners Healthcare Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cheektowaga-Maryvale Union Free School District South Shore Hospital U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Chicago Public Schools Truman Medical Center David Mindess Elementary School University Hospitals Depew Union Free School District University of Colorado Hospital FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Sunrise Health Systems ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: City of Buffalo; VFA, Inc. 11/2013 24 HEALTH
  27. 27. “ annon Design’s FOS team helped us to C advance our strategic planning process on multiple levels. FOS helped us to assess the viability of remaining in our current location including our ability to allocate the required capital resources. This level of data and planning helped us make this renewal project a reality.” The Reverend Dr. Dorcas Gordon, Principal of Knox College
  28. 28. CONTACT FOS@cannondesign.com cannondesign.com