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Consumer Trends in 2017: 36 Expert Perspectives - Canvas8

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Consumer Trends in 2017: 36 Expert Perspectives - Canvas8

  1. 1. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 36 Expert Perspectives
  2. 2. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet We interviewed 36 experts from the Canvas8 network about the key trends influencing consumer behaviour across 12 sectors in 2017. Here’s what they said…
  3. 3. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Anna Kibbey, co-founder of 2Forks #1 PLATED PROVENANCE Eating & Drinking in 2017 “If you have a bowl that is made by a potter in Hackney, that’s as good as getting foraged gooseberries in 
 Hackney Marshes”
  4. 4. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Chris Britton, is chairman of Graze and a food investor “Snacking will reinvent itself – less about guilt 
 and more about driving activity, improving performance, being ‘on it’ and consistent” #2 SERIOUS SNACKING Eating & Drinking in 2017
  5. 5. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “Clean eating should be about nourishing the body and making sure you avoid processed chemicals. Instead, eating ‘clean’ demonises whole food groups” Rhiannon Lambert, registered nutritionist #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#3 BALANCED DIETS Eating & Drinking in 2017
  6. 6. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Matt Pattison, founder of ANATOMY “A big focus for healthcare in 2017 will be a move towards self-care, facilitated by the use of bots, 
 Internet of Things devices and AI-enhanced support” #4 SELF ASSURED Health & Beauty in 2017
  7. 7. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Fab Giovanetti, health coach and founder of the Health Bloggers Community “Things that were once considered ‘hippy’ will move further into the mainstream; sound baths, oils and perfumes and crystals are becoming more fashionable” #5 HIPPY HEALTHCARE Health & Beauty in 2017
  8. 8. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “People are willing to spend on beauty, but they don’t just want to be pampered – they want to see real, immediate changes to their skin” Georgia Seago, assistant editor of beauty industry trade title Professional Beauty #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#6 POWER FACIALS Health & Beauty in 2017
  9. 9. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Randy White, CEO of the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group “Digital gives people more control over their leisure time, which means that out-of-home experiences have to do more to lure people away from screens” #7 EASY E-LEISURE Leisure in 2017
  10. 10. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Jon Hawkin, editor of Escapism “The culture of sharing – sometimes bragging 
 about – life experiences is maximising other 
 people’s perceptions of how you live your life” #8 BRANDED BRAGGING Leisure in 2017
  11. 11. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “When people are on Facebook and they see a friend attending an event, they don’t even want to click off 
 the page to purchase tickets” Mark Walker, head of content and social at Eventbrite in the UK and Ireland #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#9 FRICTIONLESS FUN Leisure in 2017
  12. 12. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet James Lodge, director of mobile at Fetch “If you want to talk with KLM, you can do that in Messenger, because that’s where consumers are, and taking them into another place isn’t what they want” #10 NO LOYALTY Technology in 2017
  13. 13. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Davide Casali, user experience director, start-up advisor, and founder of Good 50×70 “There’s a lot of discussion around AI being applied to chatbots. AI is embedded within the product, so people don’t realise it’s there” #11 AI INFILTRATION Technology in 2017
  14. 14. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “The amount of shops where you can repair your smartphone is growing. New technology is expensive 
 and not everyone can upgrade with every new model Nicolas Nova, researcher and writer, and founder of the Near Future Laboratory #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#12 NEW NOVELTY Technology in 2017
  15. 15. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet James Kirkham, chief strategy officer for digital football media company Bigballs Media “If we’re not leaving the eco-system that’s been built 
 by communications, it’ll be necessary for content to be served up in those spaces” #13 SOCIABLE MEDIA Media & Entertainment in 2017
  16. 16. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Anthony Teasdale, editor, branded content specialist, and founder of style magazine Umbrella “People are obsessed with getting young people on board, but they have so much less money. They’re buying drinks and fast fashion, but not much else” #14 OLDER AND WISER Media & Entertainment in 2017
  17. 17. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “If algorithms feed you more of the same, it’s limiting 
 the diversity of your influences. I think we’ll see more people seek out human curation in 2017” Femi Adeyemi, founder and creative director of online radio station NTS Live #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#15 OPEN ALGORITHMS Media & Entertainment in 2017
  18. 18. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Adam Levene, founder and CEO of Hero “People are realising that a bot alone can’t handle communications, nor can a human alone – only the magical blend of the two” #16 HUMAN TOUCH Communications in 2017
  19. 19. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Dominic Gallello, director of strategy at Airtime “Communication is moving towards bringing people together through multi-party live video – sharing people into live moments that are happening right now” #17 SHARED STREAMS Communications in 2017
  20. 20. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “People will be moving towards communication that is more easily accessible for themselves, but more securely protected from others” Martin Bryant, community editor at Tech North #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#18 ACCESS ALL AREAS Communications in 2017
  21. 21. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Marie-Cécile Cervellon, professor of marketing at EDHEC Business School “People want items that are meaningful, 
 often dating back to certain eras that have 
 resonance in their lives. #19 SUPERIOR VINTAGE Luxury in 2017
  22. 22. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Diana Verde Nieto, co-founder of Positive Luxury “Luxury is not about proving that I have the latest handbag – it’s about telling someone I had an amazing meal with my friends, in an amazing restaurant” #20 MUTED TONES Luxury in 2017
  23. 23. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Helen Tootsi, luxury lifestyle management specialist at Quintessentially Lifestyle #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#21 ANXIOUS TIME Luxury in 2017 “A high-value consumer may only get two weeks off 
 all year, so they don’t want to spend that time worrying about the little things”
  24. 24. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Lyndsey Dennis, editor of Retail Focus #22 DAILY CONVENIENCE Shopping in 2017 “When consumers are able order things online and get them so easily, brick-and-mortar retailers need to think about how to get them through the door”
  25. 25. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Ken Hughes, shopper behaviouralist #23 BFF BRANDS Shopping in 2017 “It’s easy for a start-up to have an authentic appeal 
 to a consumer. The question is how do you get that authenticity in a big brand?”
  26. 26. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “When you’re shopping on a website, you’ll spend an hour shopping, but you’ll never find anyone spending 
 an hour shopping on an app” Daniel Murray, founder and CMO of Grabble #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#24 IMPATIENT BROWSING Shopping in 2017
  27. 27. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Chris Skinner, chairman of the The Financial Services Club “Open banking is all about providing platforms in marketplaces. This is difficult for banks as they 
 prefer closed and proprietary to open and shared” #25 OPEN API Money in 2017
  28. 28. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Pierre-Jean Hanard, co-founder of SHAREPA “Banks have focused on decreasing customer 
 dissatisfaction, but in 2017, they should focus on 
 creating enjoyable user experiences” #26 MAGIC MONEY Money in 2017
  29. 29. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “The era of cash for convenience purposes is over – cashless is letting people pay exactly what they owe, 
 and letting retailers get paid immediately” Devie Mohan, co-founder and CEO of Burnmark #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#27 CLEARLY CASHLESS Money in 2017
  30. 30. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Hayden Wood, co-founder of Bulb “People are starting to see the benefits in switching energy provider, and are feeling better for using more environmentally conscious providers.” #28 SWITCH CLEAN Home in 2017
  31. 31. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Amanda Dameron, editor-in-chief of Dwell “With people living in smaller, predominantly 
 urban spaces, we’re seeing a marketplace need for 
 transforming furniture” #29 TRANSFORMING SPACE Home in 2017
  32. 32. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet “It used to be that no one knew what happened beyond your front door, but now people see their living spaces as a signifier of who they are” Albert Hill, founding director of The Modern House #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#30 EMOTIONAL HOMES Home in 2017
  33. 33. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Jonathan Hampson, UK general manager at Zipcar “I’m interested in who’s going to bring together all of these transport and mapping services in a holistic way, 
 so that I don’t need to have ten apps” #31 HOLISTIC TRIPS Getting Around in 2017
  34. 34. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Michael Kodransky, global research manager at the ITDP “The demand for public transport is only going up, because there is a growing demand for urban living all over the world, among both richer and poorer people” #32 LOCAL SMARTS Getting Around in 2017
  35. 35. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Matt Jones, chief product officer at Moovel #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#33 TRAVEL TEAMS Getting Around in 2017 “There’s an increasing number of ride-sharing services, joining on-demand services like Uber and Lyft. People are clearly getting more comfortable with sharing their cars”
  36. 36. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Clare Brass, founder of the SEED Foundation #34 INFINITE RETURNS Citizenship in 2017 “In the linear economy, many resources are lost because we’re dumping them. Adopting a circular economy means that recovered materials could be recycled forever”
  37. 37. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Susan Phillips, author of The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy #35 FEMALE FIRST Citizenship in 2017 “Women are more able to make substantial gifts in their own right, they do more due diligence, they engage with the organisations they’re considering giving to”
  38. 38. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet Amy Fetzer, sustainability consultant #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#36 SUSTAINABLE DIETS Citizenship in 2017 “In 2017, we’ll see sustainable food practices becoming
 more widely adopted. People now expect sustainability and green credentials alongside value and functionality”
  39. 39. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2017 Tweet WANT MORE? YOU CAN EXPLORE THE FULL REPORT FOR FREE HERE To discover more about behavioural insights www.canvas8.com