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Grocery Fullforce Solution: Capgemini Unified Commerce Solution for Grocery

  1. 1© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Capgemini Unified Commerce Solution for Grocery May 2019
  2. 2© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Today’s Presenter Name: Reagan Boone Title: Chief Technical Architect Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  3. 3© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Award-Winning Salesforce Relationship & Expertise Most experienced Commerce Cloud partner and repeat recipient of ecosystem’s highest honors  CloudCraze certified resources  Planned growth using LYONSCG approach 2-3X more implementations per year than next largest partner  2017 Global MuleSoft Partner of the Year  #1 Partner for MuleSoft 40% of global implementations in 2016 and 2017  2017 Global Delivery Partner of the Year  2016 Global Sales Partner of the Year  2015 Global Delivery Partner of the Year  #2 Partner Globally for FSL  Deep Industry and Delivery Expertise in Single and Multi-Cloud Engagements  Certified Marketing Cloud Partner  High attach rate with Commerce
  4. 4© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Unified Commerce Solution for Grocery: The Business Problem and Opportunity
  5. 5© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Unified Commerce Solution for Grocery EMS/Data Management Platform Merchandising Solution/CPQ Physical Store/ Distribution Webstore & Mobile Unified Commerce Experience
  6. 6© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Grocery: The Market & Opportunity  $680B TAM in the US in 2018 – average margins in the 1-2% range.  Today only 3% of shoppers purchase groceries online vs 27.4% of sales for apparel  Competition: local grocers within a selling area of a few square miles.  Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017 - A “bombshell of a deal” that catapulted Amazon into hundreds of physical stores and fulfilled a long-held goal of selling more groceries.  Limited Grocery Experts: Don’t provide industry leading platforms for CRM, Marketing, Service, and Commerce or have a robust Ecosystem of ISV and Technology partners to offer a complete end to end solution. The Market: The Opportunity: Grocers need to compete online and differentiate their brand with a superior customer experience on desktop, mobile, personalization, and Service.
  7. 7© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Grocery: Continued eCommerce Challenges  User Experience: Shopping online for groceries, whether for frozen or fresh foods requires a very different user experience than a typical B2C Retail site  Search: Inventory that can be searched or browsed dependent on a store location  Delivery: Capacity is finite and it varies by store and time of day • Leveraging “last mile” delivery capacity requires significant logic to reserve, release, and change delivery slots to adjust pricing, inventory, and tax.  Order Size: The average quantity of items per order is much larger than typical retail sites. • This makes it difficult for shoppers to remember all of their items so they need an experience that helps them find items they have ordered in the past. • This also requires a user experience that allows a shopper to modify orders that have been submitted but not yet picked for delivery MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ to help grocers integrate legacy data and applications, including point-of-sale, financial and inventory systems, loyalty, promotion engines, etc. into an application network. Together, the solution is intended to help grocers increase speed to market, deliver an omnichannel strategy, integrate systems with digital customer facing technologies, and implement new, innovative technologies to enhance the customer experience.
  8. 8© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Solution Overview
  9. 9© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Introducing Unified Commerce Solution for Grocery:  Grocery for Salesforce Commerce Cloud’  Commerce Insights for Customer Service  Store Content Syndication for Marketing Cloud  Integration with Grocery Back End systems through Integration Cloud
  10. 10© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Unified Commerce Solution for Grocery  User experience optimized for Grocery using Site Restrictions to control the functions and information that will be displayed.  Configurable number of Delivery Slots can be specified per location with configurable time window (i.e. 2 hours).  Pricing and Inventory are displayed based on the Store and Delivery Slot selected.  Add favorite products to the basket before payment page.  Able to see promotions that were missed or partially fulfilled.  Modify orders that were placed but not yet delivered  Capcha challenge based upon number of items added to basket (i.e. every 50)  My Account enhancements to provide a Shopping List to sort, search and filter based on previous orders  Multiple products can be selected to complete a recipe – for example a Steak Oscar recipe would allow the shopper to choose between several options for beef filets, several brands/sizes of hollandaise, asparagus, and shrimp High-Level Feature Overview User Experience Optimized for Grocery Grocery Check Out and Ordering Enhancements My Account and Recipe Enhancements
  11. 11© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Store Content Syndication and additional Marketing Cloud Enhancements Store Content Syndication  Enables store content managed in Commerce Cloud to be syndicated to Marketing Cloud.  Supermarket events and promotions leveraged for customer journeys & transactional email.  Provides Grocers with the ability to personalize email based on the shopper’s preferred store or geographic location to drive foot traffic. Additional Marketing Cloud Enhancements  Responsive Transactional Email Templates  Unified Profile Center Mobile Customer Desktop Journeys Marketing Cloud Transactional Email Store Locater Commerce Cloud Store Content Store Content Syndication
  12. 12© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Commerce Insights for Service Cloud Agents in Service Cloud access:  Commerce Cloud data including: • Contents of the current basket • Loyalty program status • Browse & purchase history • Wish list items  This enables Agents to: • Provide differentiated levels of service • Assist shoppers with completing their purchase • Recommend additional purchases based on commerce data
  13. 13© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Unified Commerce Solution for Grocery Commerce Cloud Marketing Cloud Service Cloud Data Feed Active Data via API Einstein DMP POS, Social, CRM, other Data Sources Data Feeds Data Feed Data Feed Customer Marketing Data Feed Data Feeds Recommendations Customer Initial Scope - Follow on Phases Store Data Feed Integration Cloud
  14. 14© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Solving the Problem for International Grocer
  15. 15© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 International Grocer: History & Brand Our client is a well-established international grocery chain, with emphasis on the sale of frozen foods, including prepared meals and vegetables. They also sell non-frozen grocery items such as produce, meat, dairy, and dry goods. Some Current Practices:  "Buy One Get One Free" and Meal Deals (a selection of products for a set price) were common promotions in stores.  The grocer has offered Home Delivery since the mid-2000’s. When a customer spends £20 or more in store, they get free same-day or next-day delivery. Customers also get free home delivery if they spend more than £35 online.  The grocer offers a "Bonus Card“ that allows customers to save money onto the card and adds £1 to the card each time a customer saves £20.
  16. 16© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 International Grocer: Current State  The “Promise” • Launched on SAP Commerce Cloud (Formerly Hybris) in 2015 • Delivery for Online orders leverages In store Home delivery infrastructure • Award-winning User Experience (Winner 2017 Best UK Online Grocer) BUT, The Problem  There have been recurring stability and capacity issues with the site since launch that have only become more frequent and disruptive to customers.  The grocery chain has been unable to run online promotions and email marketing activities to drive sales due to concerns the site will be unstable and go offline  Their Customer Service system was antiquated and was not meeting their needs
  17. 17© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 International Grocer: The “NEW” on Salesforce! Launching March 2019  Launching on Salesforce B2C Commerce and Salesforce Service Cloud for Customer Service  The new Salesforce B2C site maintains the same award-winning User Experience  Delivery will continue to leverage In store Home delivery infrastructure AND  The Salesforce B2C Site has successfully passed performance testing and easily supports the traffic levels that Iceland needs to grow their business in the future and beyond.  This will allow the international grocery chain to run online promotions and email marketing activities they require to drive sales growth
  18. 18© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Timeline & Budget Savings: Timeline in weeks SFCC Implementation w/o Grocery IP Capgemini Grocery Solution 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Budget  Capgemini IP established  $250K+ in savings  8 weeks faster than doing it custom
  19. 19© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 Interested? Upcoming Events: Akshay Kumar MuleSoft Practice Lead akshay.a.kumar@Capgemini .com Justin Fort MuleSoft Alliance Lead Headshot Headshot • Shoptalk • March 3-6 in Las Vegas • Joint Happy Hour • Spring World Tours • Connections • June 17-19 in Chicago • TBD: Joint Customer Event Should be updated
  20. 20© Capgemini 2019. All rights reserved |Capgemini Unified Retail for Grocery | May 2019 A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of over 200,000 team members in more than 40 countries. The Group reported 2018 global revenues of EUR 13.2 billion. About Capgemini Learn more about us at This presentation contains information that may be privileged or confidential and is the property of the Capgemini Group. Copyright © 2019 Capgemini. All rights reserved. People matter, results count.

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Hi, I’m Brian Wolfe, and I’m going to take you through the FullForce grocery solution.
  2. Unified Commerce for Grocery includes intellectual property that provides a grocery optimized user experience and other features that add value in the grocery segment to Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. The assets that we provide with this offering accelerates time to market and significantly reduces the cost to deliver this functionality. In addition, the Salesforce Integration Cloud can be included in the solution to provide integration and orchestration between Commerce Cloud and back end grocery systems.
  3. The Unified Commerce For Grocery Solution has three categories of enhancements that we’ve made for Commerce Cloud and they are Grocery User Experience, Check Out and Ordering Enhancements, and My Account and Recipe Enhancements. We’ve created the user experience to control functions that are made available to the shopper based on the Delivery Slot and Fulfillment location that have been selected. Pricing & Inventory is displayed to the shopper based on the selected store location and delivery slot. We’ll talk more about Delivery Slots later. From a check out perspective there have been some significant changes related to the check out flow to better support a large number of items per order. Customers can designate products as favorites and can be reminded of any favorites that haven’t been added to cart when checking out. Check Out has also been modified to prompt the shopper with a list of promotions that have only been partially fulfilled to provide additional cross-sell opportunities. We’ve also provided the ability to modify orders that have been placed but not yet picked. From a My Account perspective we’ve included features that allow a shopper to sort, search, and filter based on previous orders and we’ve also included support for promotion-based Meal Deals that allow Customers to satisfy a promotion with a combination of products. We’ll show you what that looks like later on.
  4. Store Content Syndication is a capability that we’ve created to leverage Store Content that is created and managed in Commerce Cloud so it is available for Marketing Cloud Journeys and triggered email sends. The store content is created and stored in Commerce Cloud for the Store Locater. This allows marketers to personalize email to customers based on their preferred store or their geographic location to promote local supermarket events such as wine tasting events or cooking classes as well as local store specific promotions. This enables marketers to drive additional traffic to bricks and mortar supermarkets in a rapid agile manner without a dependency on developers. Some other value-added features that we provide are responsive transactional email templates that allow marketers to update them rather than having to rely on commerce cloud developers. We also provide a responsive Unified profile center so Customers can manage their profile for both Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud in one location that is available from a responsive template for an improved mobile experience as compared with the Marketing Cloud preference center.
  5. We’ve provided Commerce Insights for Service Cloud which enables Customer Service agents working in Service Cloud to have the Commerce-related information about a customer at their fingertips. This includes visibility into the products and promotions that are currently in their basket, their loyalty program status, affinity to certain categories and the next best action personalized promotion plan from Commerce Cloud. This allows the customer service agent to provide a differentiated level of service based on loyalty status, better assist a shopper with completing their purchase, and recommend upsell items based on recommendations from Commerce Cloud all without leaving Service Cloud.
  6. Here is the roadmap that we are pursuing with this client Initially the scope for this client launch includes Salesforce Commerce and Service Cloud. We are in discussions with them to include additional clouds such as Marketing, Integration, and DMP so they can further leverage the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.
  7. Here’s some information about an International Grocer that we’ve been working with on the Unified Commerce for Grocery solution.
  8. The Unified Commerce Solution for Commerce Cloud is launching with one of our UK Clients in about 10 days. They have approximately 1,000 locations in the UK and Europe. They emphasize their frozen food offerings but they are in fact a full grocery. They have a fairly mature home delivery service which has been in operation for almost 20 years which is the infrastructure we will be leveraging for this launch.
  9. The client launched on SAP Hybris about just over 3 years ago and they won an award for “Best UK Online Grocer” based on the shopping experience and site design. That very same user experience and design is what we’ve worked with them to recreate in the Unified Commerce for Grocery Solution. Unfortunately the legacy system has had ongoing stability and capacity issues since launch and the client is unable to drive online promotions and robust email marketing campaigns for fear of further impacting site performance & availability so they have been unable to realize the sales opportunity fully and the Customer Service system is limited and not meeting their needs.
  10. The new site will be launching 10 days from now – using the Salesforce Unified Commerce for Grocery utilizing the same award-winning user experience, but on a battle tested platform that has been load-tested to kpi’s far beyond the required traffic levels with a modern customer service system based on Salesforce Service Cloud. This will allow the client to finally ramp up their promotional and email marketing activity to increase sales without affecting site performance and availability as well as enhance the level of customer service that they can provide to their customers.
  11. What’s really exciting about this offering is that the intellectual property that we leverage conservatively reduces the time to market by 8 weeks compared with building all of this functionality from scratch in Commerce Cloud along with a cost savings of $250k.