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6 of The Best Enterprise Project Management Software

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Want to watch how all your projects intertwine for your company?

We've picked out the best enterprise project management software to help get you started.

Original full post here: http://bit.ly/2a0gBgC

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6 of The Best Enterprise Project Management Software

  1. 1. 6 of the Best Enterprise Project Management Software
  2. 2. Box • Can be accessed by almost any device • Very specific levels of user permissions Price: Starts at $5/mo per user
  3. 3. Box • Interface can be difficult to navigate • Search function is not intuitive • Acts as an FTP alternative • Folder/subfolder organization • Outstanding permissions settings • Strong feedback system on tasks • Ability to work offline Pros Cons
  4. 4. Celoxis • Offers a host of integrations (Salesforce, Microsoft Project, Quickbooks) • User-friendly, very customizable • Ideal for large businesses Price: Starts at $25/mo per user or a one time fee of $450 for on-premise
  5. 5. Celoxis • Number of features can be overwhelming • No mobile app • User-friendly • Customizable • Developed and updated based on user’s suggestions • Mobile-optimized site Pros Cons
  6. 6. Clarizen • Beloved by its users • Short learning curve • Award-winning customer service • Offers iPhone and Android app Price: Starts at $45/mo per user
  7. 7. Clarizen • Lacks Agile support • No easy way to make a confidential project • Expensive • Easy to learn • Excellent customer service • Can handle a multitude of complex projects Pros Cons
  8. 8. Microsoft Project • Most popular project management software by far • Projects can be broken down to microscopic pieces • Robust features including burndown, project templates, and integration with Sharepoint Price: Starts at $33/mo per user
  9. 9. Microsoft Project • Difficult to learn • Expensive • Lacks industry specificity • Industry standard • Easy integration with other Microsoft products • Comprehensive project management features Pros Cons
  10. 10. Sciforma • All-in-one portfolio management software • Users can control minute user permissions, create instant reports, sync multiple projects, reverse schedule Price: Not available
  11. 11. Sciforma • Few integrations• Strong reporting features • Works well with Agile, Waterfall, Critical Chain, and Phase-Gate • Offers simple-to-implement templates Pros Cons
  12. 12. TeamHeadquarters • Great EPM for companies with disparate IT teams • Full-bodied ticketing system • Great features for Gantt- based development Price: Not available
  13. 13. TeamHeadquarters • Users have requested more reporting options • Workflow features • Discreet individual work queues • Email integration • Tailored specifically to IT teams Pros Cons
  14. 14. Originally written by Rachel Burger, the full post can be found here