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Alternative Behavioral Care

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Alternative Behavioral Care

  1. 1. Need to speak with someone? (636)477-6111 Call for a free assessment today Gain Back Your Life Book a Free Appointment Onlinewww.AlternativeBehavioralCare.com
  2. 2. Our Cozy anddiscreet waiting rooms
  3. 3. Gain Back Your Life…◦ Alternative Behavioral Care offers a Unique Integrated Approach to healing in our Outpatient treatment programs◦ We offer our clients a wide selection of the most advanced treatment methods. These methods include, but are not limited to, medication assisted therapy with use of Suboxone or Vivitrol◦ We offer day and evening programs for your convenience Let us guide you down the path of recovery Call Today (636)477-6111
  4. 4. Reach Your Maximum Potential…o At Alternative Behavioral Care we aim to treat the whole client in one Outpatient settingo Clients participate in a Personalized program that includes o Individual Therapy o Group Therapy o Case Management o Medication Evaluations Contact us at (636) 477-6111 or schedule a Free assessment on our homepage www.AlternativeBehavioralCare.com
  5. 5. At Alternative Behavioral Care we understand that addiction and mental health concerns often co-exist◦ We are prepared to help you through both your addiction and affiliated or resulting mental health concerns with a wide range of professional degrees and Experience on staff.◦ We have helped many patients get their life back on track through our combination of medication assisted therapy and relapse Prevention techniques. Healthy and Happy Living is Good and Within reach (636) 477-6111
  6. 6.  The Premier provider of behavioral health and substance abuse services in the state The finest clinical care available We are NOT a large bureaucratic hospital You are NOT a number to us With medical doctors on staff we offer the most advanced treatment methods All Outpatient treatment programs Day and evening options for your convenience (636)477-6111 www.AlternativeBehavioralCare.com
  7. 7. Reach Your Greatest Potential In Life… Start Your Future Today… Restore Your Happiness It is Possible… Call (636) 477-6111 To schedule your free assessmentwww.AlternativeBehavioralCare.com