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INSPIRATION Session - Bangladesh by Career Crafts

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INSPIRATION session being organised by Career Crafts in Bangladesh.

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INSPIRATION Session - Bangladesh by Career Crafts

  2. 2. • Inspiration sessions are full day sessions held in best of the Schools in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE and Oman, where Colleges and Universities officials from India, US, UK and Australia give a presentation to the Class XII passing out students and counsel them. • This activity is useful for students to get an idea about various courses available, eligibility criteria for admission in various Universities across the world
  3. 3. The last Inspiration session was held in Delhi, India on 18th August’2015 at
  4. 4. Lamp Lighting Ceremony
  5. 5. Presentation by International College of Fashion
  6. 6. Presentation by Indian School of Business & Finance
  7. 7. Presentation by IDP
  8. 8. Presentation by OP Jindal Global University
  9. 9. Presentation by Study Overseas Global
  10. 10. Students watching the presentations
  11. 11. Q & A Sessions
  12. 12. Students filling up the forms
  13. 13. IDP Counseling Desk
  14. 14. International College of Fashion Counseling Desk
  15. 15. Indian School of Business & Finance Counseling Desk
  16. 16. Counseling desk of Study Overseas Global
  17. 17. We thank the school authorities for their support in organising this session
  18. 18. We thank all the participants to make this a success and help the students
  19. 19. Our upcoming INSPIRATION Sessions are scheduled in Dhaka - Bangladesh
  20. 20. In case your School is interested in hosting the session please call us before 5th September’2015 India : Tanya +91 11 41323128 Bangladesh : Ibrahim 1730028076
  21. 21. E-51, Lower Ground Floor Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019 +91 11 40502756, +91 11 41323128, Mob: +91 8882812228