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Use Twitter to Land Your Next Job

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Unique and fun ways to leverage Twitter to make connections and even land your next gig.

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Use Twitter to Land Your Next Job

  1. 1. Use Twitter to Land Your Next Job Carrie Smith carefulcents.com
  2. 2. Love That #Hashtag! Use # sign like a regular search engine to:• Locate job openings• Increase your chances of being hired• Find jobs posted on social media before they’re on job boardscarefulcents.com
  3. 3. Jump Into Twitter Chats A Tweetchat can help you: #jobhuntcha • Connect with your online t community #careerchat • Get noticed and show your expertise #internchat • Share ideas and tipscarefulcents.com
  4. 4. Start Taking Action “Scheming and dreaming will fill your mind. But taking action will fill your life.” - Betsy Talbot, DreamSaveDo.comcarefulcents.com
  5. 5. Build your networkJob hunting can be overwhelming, use Twitter to: • Build a supportive network • Follow people who share expert advice and tips • Get a job (it’s all about who you know) • Leverage your network, who can “keep an eye out”carefulcents.com
  6. 6. Become the Go-To Resource • Once you land a job DON’T QUIT NETWORKING #resume • Use Twitter to stay in the know #employment • Keep tabs on your favorite companies, products, services #freelancing • Expand your network and become an industry leader #smallbizcarefulcents.com
  7. 7. Carrie Smith carefulcents.com@carefulcentsfacebook.com/carefulcents