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Grupo 6

  1. Wildlife of Algeciras The city of Algeciras has hills and valleys that keep an important example of Mediterranean wildlife.
  2. Arroyo de la Miel If we go for some trails as ''El Arroyo de la Miel'' we can found brezos and aulagas, typicals plants of the Mediterraneo
  3. Aulagas It is a small shrub, of up to 1 meter of height, typical for his thorns. With leaves divided in three foliolos and pecioladas, from March to June he presents yellow solitary flowers or in small clusters.
  4. Brezos ● It is a shrub under whose height changes between 15 and 60 cm, with thin leaves with form of needle from 4 to 8 mm of length grouped in scrolls of three. The ramillas grey - ash
  5. Alcornocales But the most important tree is the alcornocal, the tree most typical of the area and which names the natural park of ''Los Alcornocales''. It is a tree that is used for obtaining the cork.
  6. Alisos Also we can find alisos,a tree with green leaves and very sticky. There are many climbing plants around the alisos, and also acebos, rododendros, ojorazos and helechos
  7. Helechos ● The helechos are very primitive plants that do not produce flowers and that for it to reproduce use a few tiny particles that are named spores. Approximately 10.000 species are known distributed all over the world, but in major measure in hot and humid zones.
  8. Birds Algeciras is a area for the migrating birds who seeking food and good weather. So we can see birds like storks, kites, falcons and eagles.
  9. Eagles ● As all the birds of dam, the eagles possess a big, powerful and sharp-pointed beak to detach the meat of his dam. They possess also tarsi and powerful claws. It is called also the attention the force of the eagles, which it makes possible to lift in flight to dams much heavier than they
  10. Cigüeñas They are birds cig, long- legged and aquatic of long neck that live in the moderate and hot regions of the world. His diet consists of frogs, fish and small birds or mammals.
  11. Corzos The corzo is perhaps the most characteristic animal of the area. It is the smallest of the deer family, with a reddish-brown hair in the summer, which becomes gray in winter. Usually weighs between 15 and 35 kilos and is less than 1 meter high
  12. Meloncillos There are also many meloncillos or common mangosta, a small carnivore mammal that usually eats rabbits and reptiles. It is large and it has brown hair
  13. Fishes Algeciras is a coast city and in the sea we can found many species of fish like sardines, boquerones, etc .. But the most characteristic animal is the dolphin
  14. Dolphins ● They measure between 2 and 9 meters of length, with the body fusiforme and the big head, the elongated snout and an alone espiráculo in the top part of the head Are between the most intelligent species that live the planet. They are relatively near the coasts and often they interact with the human being.
  15. By : Marta Rodríguez and Alicia Muñoz