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As media studies

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As media studies

  1. 1. Coursework Evaluation Timur Ekhov
  2. 2. Throughout the project I have come across lots of newsoftware and technology which I haven’t previouslyused. I have also expanded my knowledge on otherprogrammes I have used before such as internetexplorer. I have learnt about lots of new editing skillsusing the programmes such as Photoshop using toolssuch as the magic wand tool and bevel emboss.Learning how to edit images has proved very useful inthis project and it will also help me in the future.Photoshop is a very complicated program; however itis extremely good and useful.
  3. 3. As well as learning to edit images, using newprogrammes has given me knowledge on howto construct a magazine. By constructing amagazine I mean using Microsoft Publisher,which is a very simple and very easy to usesoftware. Mostly, it was easy to use MicrosoftPublisher as it has the same layout as the Wordand other famous Microsoft softwares, so itwas easy to find tools I was looking for.
  4. 4. Another very important webpage I have learnthow to use is the blogger. Blogger is a verygood webpage which helps you easily expressyourself and at the same time help people whoare interested in your expressions to followyou. Blogger is an easy webpage to work withand it requires only a few moments to learnhow to use it. Looking at existing productshelped with this and I feel confident that in thefuture I would be able to create anothermagazine from the knowledge I have gained.
  5. 5. Looking back on my progressfrom my preliminary product,I feel that my preliminaryproduct has helped me inmany ways when creating myfinal product. One majorfactor that my preliminaryproduct helped me with wasplanning my time, forexample when organisingwhen to take my images toallow enough time to editthem.
  6. 6. However I had difficulty with someof the images I had taken as they werehard to edit due to the background Iused. I think if I had taken intoaccount the background of the imagesI was taking I would have been able tocreate more unique shots throughoutmy final product.
  7. 7. Although my preliminary product helped withthe planning of my time I have also had to learnnew things which weren’t covered in thepreliminary products. For example as themagazine was a school magazine I was only ableto use 3 main colours to create a conventionalmagazine whereas my music magazine I was ableto be a lot more creative and pacifically target myaudience. Overall I think I have improvedsignificantly since my preliminary product andhave created a much more professional andcreative product with the knowledge andexperience gained.