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What have you learnt about technologies from the john

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What have you learnt about technologies from the john

  1. 1.  Google  Photoshop  InDesign  Digital camera  Blog  Polls  Microsoft Excel  Microsoft PowerPoint  Microsoft Word
  2. 2. When doing the research and planning I used a variety of technologies. 1. Google & the internet in general I used to carry our investigations into what the target audience wanted , as well as researching colour schemes , readership figures & looking at other magazines. 2. Microsoft Excel – I used this technology to draw up an action plan. This software was good because it enabled me to go into detail concerning what was to happen and when. 3. Polls – I used polls to get feedback on some of my idea’s. I used polls to answer information such as what people think I should name the magazine & what age category best suited my magazine. 4. Blog – this was by far the most important piece of software in the research and planning stage. I used the blog to post questions and update any viewers on my progress.
  3. 3. As with the planning I used all the previous technologies while creating the final pages. However I did used some additional technologies when creating the pages. 1. Microsoft Word-using Microsoft Word allowed to draft text before posting it on my blog, by doing this it kept a copy as a backup , as well as notifying any spelling errors, allowing myself to make any necessary changes. 2. Digital Camera- I used a camera to take images for my magazine. Before I took my final images I took lots of modelled shots to get myself used to using the camera. 3. Photoshop – This played a huge part in the making of the media magazine . It allowed me to manipulate and change images, words & anything that I wanted to change. 4. InDesign-another important software. This software is the centre on my magazine . It is where I created the magazine and is where the final piece is. 5. PowerPoint is where I did my evaluations of my final media piece.
  4. 4. 1. Photoshop- by the end of my media I feel like I have a good knowledge of Photoshop. I feel like learning how to use it while set a different task has helped my become more comfortable with using it 2. InDesign-I had no previous experience with InDesign. It is no a software I would use again unless I needed to . I much preferred using Photoshop even though the bulk of the project was recommended to be done in InDesign , however I feel I have grassed the necessary concepts needed to be able to use it. 3. Digital Camera’s-Before starting this I thought that every camera did the same things . I learned every camera has different features for a variety of things . By learning this I am now more able to take better quality images in the future. 4. Blogging-This was alien to myself. I didn’t even realise it existed. However after a few tricky hours of trying to get the basis of it I feel like I now know how to use it. The problem I found is that at our school , uploading images became tricky for no apparent reason. 5. Polls-these were new to myself , after conducting a few I realised how vital it is to use polls to gather information to help complete the task set.