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Change The World With UX - user experience in Federal Government

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User experience (UX) and user-centred design (UCD) in Australian Federal Government - a light-hearted look

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Change The World With UX - user experience in Federal Government

  1. 1. ... User Experience in Federal Government Caronne Carruthers-Taylor Presented at BarCamp2, Canberra 28 March 2009
  2. 2. 2 Watashi (Me) User experience aficionado based in Canberra Several large government departments More than 15 years as an UX professional, interaction designer, UCD specialist, web mgr, & business analyst Care about improving the experience for users Champion users’ needs when the pressures of a project impose competing priorities Passionately communicate and engage with a broad range of stakeholders
  3. 3. Acknowledgement www.wearewhatwedo.org.au How can you change the world? We Are What We Do is a new kind of movement inspiring people to change the world one small action at a time. Their philosophy is simple: small actions x lots of people = big change
  4. 4. Acknowledgement http://www.365act.com/index.html 365 ways to change the world
  5. 5. What is UX / UCD? UX = User Experience ... overarching experience http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_experience UCD = User-Centred Design ... multi-stage design process with actual users http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User-centered_design
  6. 6. Action 1: Mouth to mouth – the Kiss of Life Give designs a kiss at the beginning that they’ll remember for the rest of the project [understand users & their context] Small changes can have big effects Resuscitate designs using UCD
  7. 7. Action 2: Read a story – capture imagination When you tell a user’s story, it’s because they know something you don’t. You’ll all be richer for the experience Communicate – the art of storytelling in UCD
  8. 8. Action 3: Smile and smile back Half as many muscles to smile – make others and yourself feel twice as good [in design collaboration, workshops & presentations] Smile and be positive Show passion about improving user experience !!
  9. 9. Action 4: Have a bath with someone Have fun [get in, try to make a difference] But ... get out before everything becomes wrinkled !! Muck in, get involved, be committed Carefully select activities & projects that will make a difference If not, mitigate risks or get out
  10. 10. Action 5: Spend time with someone in a different environment Talk to old people – they know cool stuff [actual, real users] Talk to young people – they know cool stuff [project team & key stakeholders]
  11. 11. Action 6: Learn one good joke Laughing tones your stomach, lowers your blood pressure, and makes you healthier. It’s scientifically proven Communicate effectively! Interpersonal skills, humour and tact are vital to design collaboration
  12. 12. Action 7: Share your change It’s a match made in heaven – like ham and eggs. If we all share our discoveries, the world would be a lot better off Educate & engage! Mentor & share! Communication is crucial
  13. 13. 13 Thank you Caronne Carruthers-Taylor caronnect@gmail.com twitter: @caronne www.linkin.com/in/caronne www.slideshare.net/caronne