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Easy Article Writing – 4 Steps To Write Your Article

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Easy Article Writing – 4 Steps to write your article

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Easy Article Writing – 4 Steps To Write Your Article

  1. 1. Easy Article Writing - 4 Steps to write your article
  2. 2. Step #1: Choose and research the topic Before you start script your article, you need to first choose your topic. You have to choose a topic which you're familiar with and this save you a lot of time. Some of you might waste too much time on researching the topic and at the end might feel information overloaded, and give up. So you need to measure your time and focus on researching your topic. You can get a piece of paper and drop down those valuable points and tips, which you like to deliver. I think the most excellent sources of researching topic are these article directories.
  3. 3. Step #2: Write an Outline O utline includes introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction play a part on what readers will profit by read ing this article. It should be a short and quick paragraph and the goal is to catch the attention of the read ers. At this moment you should have a number of tips or points of the topic during the topic research in step #1. Main body normally is about 3-5 paragraphs. As a beginner I suggest to write a brief article about 500 words, so you can limit the contain to 3 paragraphs. Conclusion is a abstract of your article, call attention to some of your core points and thank the read ers to spend their time reading your article.
  4. 4. Step #3: Choose a great software I think Microsoft word is a great software to use , it come with the important spelling and grammar checking. This speed up your writing process, you no need to be concerned about incorrect spelling or bad grammar. You no need waste much time to check from first sentence to last sentence.
  5. 5. Step #4: Start to Write Start to write your article just after your preparation . Write down w hatever comes up to your mind , the trick here is continue and don’t stop. Remember to stay on the outline you prepared in Step #2. The first draft of your article might have lots of mistakes but just leave it. Review your article after you completed writing .
  6. 6. Thank you for viewing my article. For more details Please visit my blog http://easy-article-writing.blogspot.com/