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BPS - Purchasing iPad apps Guidelines

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For Billings Public Schools. This document will help you purchase apps for individuals or for a lab.

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BPS - Purchasing iPad apps Guidelines

  1. 1. PurchasingiPad AppsBillings Public SchoolsPurchasing Guide
  2. 2. Purchasing by IndividualTeachers• Gift cards given to the teacher by a parentor other organizations can be used• No gift cards can be purchased with thedistrict PCard• Individual apps can be purchased with aPCardTIP: Plan ahead - if you’reusing a PCard, purchaseseveral apps at a time.2TIP: Make sure your Appleaccount is not associatedwith a credit card.
  3. 3. How to Purchase anApp31. Locate the App you wish to purchase inthe App Store and click on the Buy button.2. Type in your Apple ID PasswordClick Continue in the next boxYou will have to put your password in again3. Enter your credit card information andtap Done4. Confirm your purchase by tapping Buy.Your App will begin to download
  4. 4. Purchasing for a Lab ofiPads• Volume purchasing is available for 20 or more copies of thesame app. A discount is often given for volume purchasing• Determine which apps you want to purchase for your lab• Send an email to Karen Palmer– Include Name of App– Include Company/Publisher of App– Include Cost of App– Include a Budget Code– Include which lab or specific iPads the purchase is for• You will be notified when the App is Available in Self Service• From the Self Service App, click on the App to installMultiple labs can share thevolume purchasing cost. Theapp can be split between labs.4What is Self Service?This is an app installed ontoyour iPad when it is set up.
  5. 5. Steps for Purchasing51. Make sure your emailincludes all of thefollowing information.You can find all thenecessaryinformation in theiTunes store
  6. 6. Steps for Purchasing62. Once you receive a confirmation emailthat your App has been purchased, use theSelf Service App on your iPad to download.3. Click on the App youwish to download.Remember: you don’thave to download allcopies of the App at once.Once the final copy of theApp has been downloaded.The App will no longer beavailable for download.