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Marketing 4030

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Marketing 4030

  1. 1. Marketing 4030 Library Resources forPostgraduate Research
  2. 2. In this Session• Developing an effective search strategy• Using library materials (databases) effectively• Evaluating information for quality and relevance
  3. 3. Marketing Subject Guidehttp://libguides.mdx.ac.uk/marketing Choose library Subject Guides
  4. 4. Make an Appointment
  5. 5. Start the Thinking Process!Think about the following:What do I need to find?(company information,industry profiles, country report,market research report, social media,e marketing)How and where am I going to find it?How do I determine the quality of what I am finding?
  6. 6. Planning and Managing1. Determine the subject2. Keywords3. Scope
  7. 7. Getting OrganisedWhat is a Literature Search?
  8. 8. 1.Planning the Literature Search• Decide on the topic( eg subject area, company market sector etc)• Begin with a Broad Review of the subject(helps to develop your ideas and gets you thinking about the subject)• Then define/Narrow the subject• Define the Type of literature that will contribute to your literature review
  9. 9. Assessment Criteria for the Literature Search• Define the Scope of the research• Appropriate Sources of information• Are the arguments presented in the literature review Critically Evaluated and Analysed ?• To what Degree are the conclusions you have reached Substantiated ? also see p 18 of your Module Handbook
  10. 10. Some Tips!• You can limit the literature review to what has been published in the last ten years on a particular company, industry, country, market sector etc
  11. 11. ....and More Tips• Your bibliography should represent the depth of your reading on a particular subject• Ensure that you keep a record of everything you have read. All of the reading should be noted in the bibliography• Continually evaluate the quality of what you are reading
  12. 12. Middlesex Resources• Access to Full Text of resources that Middlesex subscribes to• High quality scholarly materials(eg peer reviewed journal articles)• More options to refine your search strategy( doing a structured search for better results)
  13. 13. Reading ListEssentialBest,J,(2001),Damned Lies and Statistics, Berkeley,CA:University of California Press• Bowell,T and Kemp,G, (2005),Critical Thinking:A Concise Guide,2nd ed, Abingdon:Routledge• Cottrell,S,(2005), Critical Thinking Skills:Developing Effective Analysis and Argument,Basingstoke:Palgrave MacMillanRecommendedBegg,D, (2006), Foundations of Economics,3rd ed., McGraw-Hill Do you know how to read your Reading List?
  14. 14. Library Catalogue Reading Lists Library Account Placing Request Accessing E Books
  15. 15. Journal Citation• Here is an example of a typical reference you would find in a database.• Sengupta,J & Chan.(2010),”Insincere Flattery Actually Works:A Dual Attitudes Perspective”,Journal of Marketing Research,Vol.47,no 1,pp.122-133 Do you know how to find a journal citation?
  16. 16. Journal Search/Catalogue Journal of Marketing
  17. 17. Choose Your Date
  18. 18. KeywordsWhat do you know about keywords?
  19. 19. Words with a Similar Meaning Internet Marketing Can you think of other words or phrases that mean the same thing/a similar concept?
  20. 20. .....what aboutInternet Marketing E commerce Web MarketingElectronic Commerce Social Media WWW
  21. 21. Here are a Few More “Small Business”“Small enterprise “ “ Small firm”“Small company” “Market Research”“Market Analysis” “Consumer Research”
  22. 22. Phrase Searching “Large Scale Retailing”To search for a phrase enclose it in quotemarksThe database will search for this as a phrase and the results will be more meaningful
  23. 23. Broaden the SearchThe * symbol allows you to Broaden a Searcheg Global* = (globally, globalisation,globalization, globalising,globalizing)Employ* = (employee, employer, employment)
  24. 24. Broaden/Narrow Phrases“Small Business” OR “Small Firm” OR “Small Company” (Broaden) “Small Business AND Ethics”(Narrow)
  25. 25. Accesing our ResourcesAlways login via My UniHub
  26. 26. Keynote(UK Market Information) Useful forMarket Research ReportsMarket Sector Products Company Profiles
  27. 27. What do we Want? PDFExecutivesummary
  28. 28. Keynote/SidebarCompetitor Analysis
  29. 29. Your Turn• Find the Toiletries Market Report for 2013• Open the PDF and look at the Table of Contents• Have a look at the SWOT Analysis and identify the number 1 threat to the Industry
  30. 30. Business Sources Complete Primary Business and Marketing Database Primary Business Database Articles SWOT analyses VideosCompany information
  31. 31. Business Source Complete Choose Advanced Search
  32. 32. Find Company Profiles
  33. 33. Company Information Click on the MarketLine Report forGroupe Danone Open the PDF Find the SWOT AnalysisIdentify one of the Strengths of the company
  34. 34. Country Reports 2012(eg Germany) PESTLE Analysis
  35. 35. PESTLE Analysis
  36. 36. Business Source Complete-Country Reports Find a PESTLE Analysis for The UK
  37. 37. Industry ReportsStart at the Advanced Search PageUse Industry Profile as the publication typeFind an article on the Telecommunications Service Industry in Great Britain for 2012
  38. 38. Passport GMIDGlobal Market Information Database Provides Analytical and Statistical information on Global industry,country and consumer information
  39. 39. Mobile Phones Limit by Country UK
  40. 40. Mobile Phones-Brand Shares
  41. 41. Brand Shares Exported to Excel
  42. 42. Finding Analytical Reports• Find an analytical report for Danone• Try limiting by Country Reports and the UK and then by category• Open the PDF for the Category ‘Yoghurt and Sour Milk Products’• Have a look at the table of contents headings• Can you find the 3 companiesthat had the leading market share in the UK in 2008-2012
  43. 43. FAME Find a Peer Report for Tesco plc
  44. 44. Find a Peer Report
  45. 45. Peer Report-Pie Chart Companiesincluded in the Peer Group Can choose 5 max
  46. 46. Pie Chart Exported to Excel
  47. 47. SUMMON A mega database which works somewhat like GOOGLE BUT! Allows for more structured searching Searches across most of Middlesex’s databases
  48. 48. Articles on Beverage Industry We will get a masive number of Results(over 8000) So learn to use the options in the Sidebar
  49. 49. Sidebar Options Limited by Full TextPeer-Reviewed articles Trade pubs only Date(2010-)
  50. 50. Peer-Reviewed(Citations)
  51. 51. 3. Evaluating the Material• Authority:Who is the author?What is their knowledge base/qualifications?Is this a peer- reviewed journal?• Relevance:Is it ‘pitched’ at the appropriate level? Is it what Ireally need?• Objectivity: A balanced view? Opposing views presented?
  52. 52. Evaluating....• Intent:What is the purpose of the information- eg financial gain, propaganda, academic• Currency:How old is the information? When was it last updated?
  53. 53. Referencing and Citationlibguides.mdx.ac.uk/marketing Business School
  54. 54. Theses/Dissertations
  55. 55. Finally.....Contact Catherine Funnell c.funnell@mdx.ac.uk

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