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When Educators Become Curators - keynote slides #moothr12

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Slides from my virtual keynote at the Croatian MoodleMoot, June 2012. #moothr2012

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When Educators Become Curators - keynote slides #moothr12

  1. Joyce Seitzinger aka @catspyjamasnz #moothr12 13 June 2012WhenEducatorsBecomeCurators
  2. Joyce Seitzinger Deakin University aka @catspyjamasnzSay hi. Use tag #moothr12
  3. D2L  
  4. Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers
  5. Thank you TonaPerišić Pintek &Jasmin Klindžić!
  6. h"p://cats-­‐pyjamas.net/moodletoolguide  
  7. A very very brief look at informationtransfer in education through the ages
  8. Ask yourselfWhere is:•  The expert?•  The information?•  The learner?
  9. Socrates Where is The expert? The information? The learner?h"p://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sanzio_01_Socrates.jpg  
  10. Book of Kells Where is The expert? The information? The learner?h"p://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/B/KellsFol040vBeaGtudes.jpg  
  11. Trinity College Library Where is The expert? The information? The learner?h"p://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Trinity_College_Library-­‐words_in_leather_and_wood.jpg  
  12. WWWWhere isThe expert?The information?The learner?
  13. cc  licensed  flickr  photo  by  Will  Lion:  h"p://flickr.com/photos/will-­‐lion/2595497078/  
  14. Enter digital curation
  15. What is content curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information.   -­‐  Beth  Kanter   h"p://www.bethkanter.org/content-­‐curaGon-­‐101/  
  16. What is a content curator? A content curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant to share with their community. It isn’t unlike what a museum curator does to produce an exhibition: They identify the theme, they provide the context, they decide which paintings to hang on the wall, how they should be annotated, and how they should be displayed for the public.   -­‐  Beth  Kanter   h"p://www.bethkanter.org/content-­‐curaGon-­‐101/  
  17. New role of digital curator for teachers
  18. h"p://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2011-­‐10-­‐30/  
  19. Why a bad rap?" "Google: content curation
  20. cc  licensed  flickr  photo  by  Will  Lion:  h"p://flickr.com/photos/will-­‐lion/2595497078/  
  21. Why a curated web?
  22. Why a socially curated web?
  23. Why a socially curated web in education / training?•  Working in course design, finding/ selecting resources is large part•  Working in course delivery•  Live curating for teaching•  A new skill for the 21st century
  24. Who’s doing it well (in edtech)?
  25. @pgsimoes  
  26. #eci831
  27. Types of digital curators
  28. Closed door•  “Have  everything  I   need”  •  No  informaGon  in,  no   informaGon  out  
  29. Hoarder•  Collects  everything  •  Doesn’t  discriminate  •  Doesn’t  organise  •  Doesn’t  share  •  Risk  of  ‘bloat’  
  30. Scrooge•  Hoards  •  Keeps  track  of  hoard   and  organises  •  Doesn’t  share  •  IntenGonal  /   unintenGonal  
  31. National Enquirer•  Is  indiscriminate  •  Shares  rubbish  
  32. The Robot•  Shares  automaGcally  •  No  human  meaning   giving  •  Are  you  be"er  than   Google?  
  33. Timing
  34. Timing
  35. Timing
  36. How does it work?
  37. There are 3 things you can curate
  38. Individual objects or artefacts
  39. Information streams
  40. People streams / networksInforma,on  streams  
  41. PhD  list  
  42. Curation process
  43. h"p://www.bethkanter.org/content-­‐curaGon-­‐101/  
  44. Step 1: Set up your streamsSet  up  streams  
  45. Step 2: Regularly access yr streamsSet  up   Access  streams  
  46. iPad is magic for this
  47. Step 3: Select what to curate •  Why?   •  Who  for?  Set  up   Access   Select  streams   •  What  value  to  me?   •  What  value  to  students?   •  What  value  to  others?   This  is  all  value   you  add….  
  48. Step 4: “Tag it and bag it” t   C ollecSet  up   Access   Select  streams  
  49. Other part of Step 4: Share t   C ollecSet  up   Access   Select  streams   Shar e  
  50. In Moodle
  51. Curation in Moodle•  CuraGon  by  teacher  •  Most  commonly  happens  on  the  course  page  •  Gather  resources,  readings  &  links  
  52. Curation in MoodleNews  forum   Discussion  forum  •  CuraGon  by  teacher   •  ParGcipatory  curaGon  by  •  Eg  Weekly  links,  readings,   teacher,  class,  group  or   news  arGcles   other   •  Weekly  contribuGon  on  a   topic   •  Link  sharing  throughout   course  
  53. Curation in MoodleGlossary   Wiki  •  Allows  parGcipatory   •  ParGcipatory  curaGon  by   curaGon  by  teacher,  class,   teacher,  class,  group  or   group  or  others   other  •  Eg  Weekly  links,  readings,   •  Weekly  contribuGon  on  a   news  arGcles   topic  •  Each  student  curates  one   •  A  group  can  curate  one   topic   topic  on  a  page   •  Link  sharing  throughout   course  
  54. Some newtools to use
  55. h"p://delicious.com/stacks/view/GEydZx  
  56. Why should I use othercuration tools when I haveMoodle?"Reason 1: Ease
  57. Why should I use othercuration tools when I haveMoodle?"Reason 2: Public
  58. Why should I use othercuration tools when I haveMoodle?"Reason 3: Ownership &Continued Access
  59. Why should I use othercuration tools when I haveMoodle?"Reason 4: Your Digital Profile/PLN
  60. If we use external tools,can we kill offMoodle?
  61. Core  resources  Live  curated  resources  Ambient  resources  
  62. Integration with Moodle <embed>     page   book   wiki   side  block  
  63. LMS has a future as asocial learning mixingpanel PhotoMixing  Panel  cc  license  by  Sergiu  Bacioiu  h"p://www.flickr.com/photos/ sergiu_bacioiu/4370021957/  
  64. So, go forth and curate…Filter  photo  by  Nadar  cc  license  h"p://www.flickr.com/photos/h"pwwwflickrcompeoplenadar/3349883/  
  65. Questions? Website: www.deakin.edu.au Blog: www.cats-pyjamas.net Twitter: @catspyjamasnz Email: joyces@deakin.edu.au