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Chinese Social Media - Quick Guide to Important Sites

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Updated July 2015:
A brief overview of some of the new, up-and-coming social media sites in China.

The two biggest platforms - WeChat & Weibo - get most of the attention in discussions about social media in China. There is however a growing number of important supporting players, representing the next wave of social.

We have prepared short introductions to a few that we think are interesting ...the sites/apps that we use in managing social media campaigns for brands in China:

- Douban
- Nice
- Lofter
- Momo
- Maimai
- Tantan
- Zhihu
- Meipai
- Papa
- Demohour
- Meilishuo
- Guokr
- Baidu Tieba
- Baidu Baike

In Travel:
- Daizhe
- Chanyouji
- Bread trip
- Qyer

And, included from our report in 2014:
- Weishi
- Nian
- Pianke
- Jue-so
- P1

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Chinese Social Media - Quick Guide to Important Sites

  1. B2C china key social sites a quick guide by totem media
  2. The problem to be solved. About this presentation - Papa - MoMo - TanTan - Zhihu - QYER - Baidu Tieba - Baidu Baike - Meilishuo - Demohour - Douban - Nice - Lofter - Meipai - Daizhe - MaiMai - Guokr - BreadTrip - Chanyouji the two biggest platforms - wechat & Weibo - get most of the attention in discussions on social in china, for good reason as they are the most powerful mass channels for brands. there is however a growing number of important supporting players, representing the next wave of social. we have prepared short introductions to a few that we think are interesting for brand marketers (as of July 2015); This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all social sites but, rather, a list of those we have been working with and believe are useful in marketing efforts in China.
  3. Source:CNNIC, China Internet Development Report (Jan 2014) mobile social million 549 wechat MAU
  4. Source:Sina Report (Mar 2014) social media 198 wEIBO MAU million
  5. Total social media users top 550m 2007-2014 social media (monthly) unique visitors Source: iResearch 100 200 300 400 500 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 88%penetration 000,000 Us: 67% 2014 600
  6. Social media Online video Top activities across all devices Time Spent Online ecommerce News other 5% 5% search games 28% 26% 18% 9% 8% 26.1 online per week hours 85.8% mobile 70.8% Desktop 43.2% laptop Source:CNNIC, China Internet Development Report (Jan 2015)
  7. social landscapes
  8. buy CONSIDER EVALUATE AWARENESS ADVOCATE ENJOY BOND Source: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010 US - Social Loyalty Loop
  9. CONSIDER EVALUATE AWARENESS ADVOCATE ENJOY BOND China - Social Ecosystem Source: Totem Media 2014 buy
  10. CONSIDER EVALUATE AWARENESS ADVOCATE ENJOY BOND China - Social Next Wave Source: Totem Media 2014 buy
  11. key social sites Profiles of Sites/Apps
  12. WeChat “WhatsApp-like” instant messaging app owned by Tencent, includes features similar to Facebook Messenger, and integrated ecommerce functions. Launch Date: January, 2011 Registered Users: 600 million (Updated Jan 2014) MAU: 549 million (Updated Mar 2015) Audience Profile: - Mobile savvy mass Purpose of Usage: - Private social networking between friends - Instant messaging - Branded accounts for sharing content & loyalty - E-commerce: online shopping, group-purchase, gifts, movie tickets, dining payments, taxi reservation, lucky money, etc… Message list Discover My Wallet Source: WeChat Performance Report Q1, 2015
  13. Weibo Twitter-like micro blog in China for info sharing and communication among all Chinese. Launch Date: August, 2009 Registered Users: 249 million (Updated Dec 2014) MAU: 198 million (Updated Mar 2015) DAU: 89 million+ (Updated Mar 2015) Audience Profile: - T1-T3 and generally educated mass Purpose of Usage: - Open, social networking, similar to Twitter - Trends, news, memes shared in realtime - Key functions: follow, repost, comment, like & private messages - Desktop & mobile - Branded accounts for sharing announcements and content with audiences - Fully trackable data through API Mobile App Source: Sina Financial Report Q1, 2013/ Q2, 2014 http://glxcb.cn/news/guonei/201505/c_154574.html
  14. Douban One of China’s longest serving social networks, Douban is very focused on “interest based” social and communities related to arts, music, books and films. Launch Date: March, 2005 Registered Users: 75 million (Updated Sept 2013) Daily PV: 210 million (Updated Sept 2013) MUV:200 million (Updated Sept 2013) Audience Profile: - Creative and art lovers - Most professional entertainment critics - Creators and passionate lifestyle gurus Purpose of Usage: - Douban FM for personalised music - Douban Movie for film intro, review, and ticket purchase - Douban Reading for digital reading service - Douban Music for music sharing and recommendation - Douban Location for offline activities - Douban Group for offline gatherings of like-minded people Douban Reading Douban Film Source: http://www.ifanr.com/news/372844
  15. Nice An Instagram-like app for photo editing and sharing. Allows users to add tags, filters and stickers. It has quickly gained traction with young, fashion conscious users. Launch Date: Oct, 2013 Registered Users: 12 million (Updated in Dec 2014) MAU: 1.2 million (Updated in Dec 2014) Audience Profile: - Female vs. male ratio: 70% vs. 30% - Young audiences who are interested in fashion, lifestyle, photography Purpose of Usage: - “Tag your life” - Photo editing and sharing - Find friends & groups based on same interest - Discover and curate individual style/design Tag function Groups Source: Nice Internal Report Q4, 2014 Stickers & Filters
  16. LOFTER A light blog tool focused on simple, high-quality, and original posts, supported by a large number of talented content creators (photographers, artists, etc), including a number of celebrities. Launch Date: Aug, 2011 Registered Users: 10 million (Updated in April 2015) DPV: 30 million (Updated in April 2015) DUV: 2.7million (Updated in April 2015) Audience Profile: - 18-30 years old - Have purchasing power - Photographer, painters, lifestyle lovers, travelers - People who love art, culture, etc Purpose of Usage: - Record your life - Create images, design & curate around topics - Discover high-quality original content from talented people who have the same interests with you Themes Personal Page Source: LOFTER Internal Report, 2015
  17. Meipai Video sharing app (similar to “Vine”) to create, edit and share short videos. Owned/operated by Meitu. Launch Date: May, 2014 Registered Users: 100 million (Updated in Jan 2015) MAU: 30 million (Updated in Jan 2015) DAU: 5 million (Updated in Jan 2015) Audience Profile: - Post-90s in 1st & 2nd tier cities - Popular with young parents (videos of kids) Purpose of Usage: - Capturing and creating short videos - Make music videos with filter effects and background music Popular FriendsExplore Source: http://tech.163.com/15/0123/10/AGKUVBNR000915BF.html
  18. Papa An audio focused social application for sharing stories, ideas, music (Instagram x Sound Cloud). Launch Date: Oct, 2012 Registered Users: 30 million (Updated in Early 2014) MAU: 7 million (Updated in Aug 2013) Audience Profile: - Post-90s in 1st & 2nd tier city - Love vocal expression Purpose of Usage: - Take pictures & record voice notes - Story telling, life recording - Sharing with friends on other social platforms Homepage MessagesDiscover Source: http://news.pedaily.cn/201406/20140628367857.shtml http://soft.zol.com.cn/394/3947175.html
  19. MOMO Originally similar to WeChat, Momo started as a WhatsApp-like messaging app. It has evolved into more of a location-based friend finding (and dating) application. Launch Date: Aug, 2011 Registered Users: 180 million (Updated in Sep 2014) MAU: 78.1 million (Updated in March 2015) DAU: 25.5 million (Updated in Sep 2014) Audience Profile: - Female vs. male ratio: 30% vs. 70% - 82% are between 19-32 years old - Young, creative people who like discovering new things & making new friends Purpose of Usage: - Send image/video/audio to others in your area - Discover the world around you based on your location in real-time - Explore neighbourhoods, join or start community groups and create your own group events LBS based Activities Groups Source: http://tech.qq.com/a/20141108/005209.htm http://finance.ifeng.com/a/20150519/13715744_0.shtml Discover
  20. Tantan A Tinder-like location based social app for young people to make friends with others based on location and common interests. Launch Date: Aug, 2014 Registered Users: 2 million (Updated in June 2015) Audience Profile: - Mainly focused on 19-24 years old - Young, creative people who like discovering new things & making new friends Purpose of Usage: - Enlarge your social circles based on interest - Find the best match for you based on your location Homepage Matched pairsPersonal setting Source: http://tech.qq.com/a/20150604/021792.htm
  21. Zhihu China’s biggest Q&A social networking platform (Quora-like) - focused on topics related to Advertising, Entrepreneurialism, IT, and other professional businesses. Launch Date: January, 2011 Registered Users: 17million (Updated Mar 2015) MUU: 88 million (Updated Mar 2015) MUV: 100 million (Updated Mar 2015) MAU: 60 million (Updated Dec 2014) MPV: 250 million (Updated Mar 2015) Audience Profile: - Internet & IT industry professionals - Knowledgable and thorough on facts - Students and well educated adults Purpose of Usage: - Key functions: User Q&A - Build professional reputation in topic areas… top answers voted up, recognized by community - Summarize excellent answers for each question, like “Wikipedia” Zhihu App Zhihu Daily Source: http://4g.zol.com.cn/512/5123669.html http://cn.technode.com/post/2015-03-20/zhihu/ http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/content/2_6_146793.html
  22. Baidutieba Online BBS - covering a wide variety of topics/ interests (entertainment, travel, business, sports…). Launch Date: Dec, 2006 Registered Users: 1.5 billion (Updated in July 2015) MAU: 300 million (Updated in July 2014) Theme Bar: 8.2 million (Updated in July 2014) Audience Profile: - Mass audiences in their 20s-30s - It claims itself as the “biggest online community in China” Purpose of Usage: - Posts organised by various interest/categories - Create, follow, & contribute to posts you like - Brand station for online communication with users Theme Bar Verified Brand Bar Source: Baidu Internal Report, 2015 http://www.hihuadu.com/2015/07/09/contradictions-in-the- baidu-post-bar-will-bring-the-desired-future-28515.html
  23. Baidubaike Wikipedia-like online platform. An online encyclopedia for Chinese info in all areas, updated by users/experts. Launch Date: April, 2006 Registered Users: 1 billion (Updated in Early 2014) MAU: 300 million (Updated in Early 2014) Audience Profile: - Mass audiences in their 20s-30s Purpose of Usage: - Online encyclopedia edited & updated by netizens - Provide definitional information - Info sharing, likes & favorite Vocabulary Entry Create an Entry Source: Baidu Internal Report, 2014
  24. Meilishuo Female fashion & shopping sharing community - originally designed on Pinterest model. It’s grown into a full shopping guide & social E-commerce platform. Launch Date: Nov, 2009 Registered Users: 100 million+ (Updated in Aug 2014) DAU: 10 million+ (Updated in Aug 2014) Audience Profile: - 18-35 years old - 70% are post 85s & post 90s - Female fashionistas in 1st & 2nd tier cities - Have a good taste for fashion trends, skincare… Purpose of Usage: - Social shopping experience - Online shopping guide - Sharing fashion trends & clothing matching experience - Follow others for more fashion info APP: Homepage Personal Homepage Source: http://www.comon.cn/html/2014/interview_0901/1345.html http://www.ebrun.com/20140822/108250.shtml APP: Search Page
  25. DemoHour It started as a Kickstarter-like crowd “funding” site, but has changed to focus on pre-sales of new innovative products. Launch Date: May, 2011 Registered Users: 5 million (Updated in Aug 2014) Audience Profile: - 18~30 years old - Higher education background - Interested in high-tech products Purpose of Usage: - Announcement of new products and details - Updates on product research & development - Limited pre-sales of new innovative products - Help to build early-stage brand awareness Product Recommendation Product Page Source: http://www.tmtpost.com/126766.html
  26. Maimai A community for people to build up career social networks, sharing job opportunities and working experience. Users can connect with successful people and interact with them in a similar way as LinkedIn. Launch Date: Oct, 2013 Registered Users: 5 million+ (Updated in April 2015) DAU: 680,000 (Updated in April 2015) Audience Profile: - Living in first-tier cities - Higher education background - Working at internet, IT, financial, and consulting industries Purpose of Usage: - Expand professional networks - Search for job opportunities - Share experiences with people in/across industries - Solve business problems with MaiMai business consultants Homepage Gossip sharing Job opportunities Source: http://www.csdn.net/article/a/2015-04-10/15820778 脉脉
  27. Guokr Tech-themed social website aiming at youth tech talents with IT, science, innovation content. Launch Date: Nov, 2003 Monthly Unique Visitors (PC): 63 million (Updated in Feb 2014) Daily Page Visitors: 4 million (Updated in June 2014) Mobile Users: 5.5 million+ (Updated in Feb 2014) Audience Profile: - Urban tech enthusiasts - Sci-fi lovers - Startups and digital/mobile professionals - Well educated young adults Purpose of Usage: - Follow tech themes & groups - Read and share interesting content - Raise questions, or provide reliable answers Guokr Group MOOC Source: Guokr Internal Report, 2014
  28. travel sites (social)
  29. Itinerary sharing Ratings & Reviews Reviews (Q&A) Purchase buy CONSIDER EVALUATE AWARENESS ADVOCATE ENJOY BOND Source: Totem Media 2014 Social Ecosystem - Travel And overseas engagement
  30. DAIZHE Daizhe allows global travel operators to launch experiences to the community and have the community of KOLs apply for opportunities to travel and report on the experience - providing unique content and promotion for the destinations featured on site. Launch Date: Nov, 2013 Registered Users (PC): 300,000 (Updated in July 2015) Audience Profile: - 25-40 years old, white collar, international - Young people who love travel, culture and art Purpose of Usage: - Brands launch experiences ...KOLs apply & are selected based on record of work, demographics and ability to represent the experience - Community takes notes on the trips, share and recommend travel experiences, providing travel guidelines to other users on where and how to travel DAIZHE community Homepage Source: Daizhe Internal Report, 2015
  31. Chanyouji Social platform for sharing itineraries, suggestions and other notes for travel between users who have been to locations/places. Launch Date: May, 2012 App (ios) Downloads: 300,000 (Updated in June 2013) Audience Profile: - Travel and photography lovers - Post 80s/90s Purpose of Usage: - Travel itinerary with photos and notes of beautiful activities during trips - Share and recommend content - Provide travel guidelines to other users Itinerary Record Source: http://www.csdn.net/article/2013-06-27/2816030-chanyouji- wangyishan-interview
  32. Breadtrip Travel notes and itinerary recording social platform. Launch Date: May, 2012 Active Users: 30 million+ (Updated in Dec 2014) Audience Profile: - Young Backpackers - Post 85s - 90s - Idealist and artistic Purpose of Usage: - Documenting your trips through photos and captions - Share and recommend content - Create your own travel itinerary - Provide travel guidelines to other users Itinerary Record Food Recommends Source: http://tech.qq.com/a/20141221/020518.htm
  33. QYER Information, tips and discount for inbound/outbound tourism from China. Launch Date: Feb, 2002 Registered Users: 10 million+ (Updated in June 2014) App Downloads: 10 million (Updated in June 2014) Monthly Page Visitors: 6 million+ (Updated in June 2014) Audience Profile: - Young travellers, mainly students - Travellers with limited budgets Purpose of Usage: - Documenting your trips through photos and captions - Share and recommend content - Provide travel guidelines to other users - Tickets & accommodation booking with discount Guidebook UGC Travel Plans Source: http://www.15yan.com/topic/ke-ji-de-wen-yi-fan-er/ hsIURH2RAv0/
  34. contact us Chris Baker, Managing Director Email: chris@totemmedia.net Twitter/WeChat: Talktototem totem media
  35. previous sites From reports in 2014
  36. Weishi Vine-like “8-second” short video sharing community owned by Tencent. Launch Date: Sept, 2013 Registered Users: 24 million (Updated in Early 2014) MAU: 8 million (Updated in Early 2014) Audience Profile: - Youth with higher education background - 18-29 years old - Young parents Purpose of Usage: - Shoot short video with background music, mv effect, watermark… - Sharing fun and happiness with friends on other social media platforms Homepage ChannelsPopular Source: Weishi Internal Report, March 2014
  37. Nian A site for personal goal setting and achievement (ie. losing weight, doing a trip around the world… etc). Users write a daily diary and share with supporters & friends to help achieve goals. Launch Date: Sept., 2013 Registered Users: 109,900 (Updated in Aug 2014) Average Daily IP: 21,000 (Updated in Aug 2013) Audience Profile: - Youth with higher education background - Idealist and passionate about travel and discovery Purpose of Usage: - Update everyday or account will be disabled - Remind people to persist in ideals - Post pictures and articles or update status of dreams and ideals Discover Source: http://nian.so/; Company Internal Report, 2013
  38. Pianke Story creation, listening and sharing. Pianke is focused on inspiring crowd-creation of stories. Launch Date: Oct 2012 Registered Users: 0.1 million (Updated in May 2013) Average Daily IP: 12,000 (Updated in Sept 2013) Audience Profile: - Artistic youth and culture lovers - Post - 90s Purpose of Usage: - Write & share - Find inspiration - Listen to articles with music uploaded by other users Ting Page Writing Page Ting Page Source: http://cn.technode.com/post/2013-05-21/40051293687/; Company Internal Report, 2013
  39. Jue Kickstarter-like China crowd-funding online social platform for artistic and creative projects. Launch Date: July, 2011 Registered Users: 80,000 (Updated in Mar 2014) Daily PV: 200,000 (Updated in Sept 2013) Audience Profile: - Culture and art lovers - Real appreciation to the hand crafted works Purpose of Usage: - Raise money - Sell products - Share ideas and hand-made products - Find business opportunities Campaign Page Source: Jue Internal Report, 2014
  40. P1.cn Invitation only social network for affluent young urbanites (in BJ, SH…) focused on fashion & events. Launch Date: October, 2007 Registered Users: 3 million+ (Updated in Nov 2013) Audience Profile: - Young, urban professionals (19-30yrs) - Party goers and lifestyle gurus Purpose of Usage: - Build private and real networking - Share lifestyle, common values and interests - Key functions: (membership can only be invited) - Post articles and photos, response to others - Participate in events Street Style Guide Events Gallery Source: http://cn.technode.com/post/2013-11-05/p1-com/