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Azim premji wipro

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Azim premji wipro

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONAzim Hashim Premji is abusiness tycoon andphilanthropist who is thechairman of Wipro Limited,guiding the company throughfour decades of diversificationand growth to emerge as oneof the Indian leaders in thesoftware industry.
  3. 3. EARLY LIFE Azim Premji was born on July 24, 1945 inMumbai. Studied Electrical Engineering from StanfordUniversity, USA. Due to unfortunate death of his father, hewas called to take over the family business. Started managing his family business at ayoung age of 21 years in 1966.
  4. 4. WIPRO LIMITED: IntroductionWipro Limited is an Indian multinationalprovider of Information technology (IT)services, consulting and outsourcing services. Itis headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
  6. 6. WIPRO LIMITED: Initial Stage Started by M.H Premji as Western IndiaProducts in 1945. Dealt in hydrogenated cooking fats and laterdiversified to bakery fats. Azim Premji made a focused shift from soapsto software. The Company began manufacturing light bulbswith other consumer products including soaps,baby care products, shampoos, powder etc.
  7. 7. WIPRO LIMITED: Growth Under Premji’s leadership, the fledgling US$1.5 million hydrogenated cooking fat companyhas grown to a US$ 6 billion. Wipro is presently ranked among the top 100Technology companies in the world. It has 100,000+ employees, serves 592clients, and has 46 development centres acrossglobe. First IT company in the world to use six sigma.
  8. 8. SERVICES BY WIPROIT ServicesProduct Engineering SolutionsTechnology Infrastructure ServiceBusiness Process OutsourcingConsulting Services
  9. 9. WIPRO LIMITED: Business DivisionsWipro ITWipro Consumer Care & LightingWipro Infrastructure EngineeringWipro GE Medical Systems Limited
  11. 11. Tata consultancy 8% services 10% WIPRO13% 40% INFOSYS 30% HCL Technologies others SHARE IN SOFTWARE MARKET
  12. 12. PRODUCTS
  13. 13. 8 STEPS TO EXCELLENCE Create an obsession with excellence Build a collective self-confidence Understand the difference between perfectionand excellence Realize that we cannot be the best ineverything we do Create processes that enable excellence Create a culture of teaming Invest in excellence for the future Excellence requires humility
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS WEAKNESS• Global R&D facility. • Clients not trusting the capabilities of Indian• Impressive list of clientele. Software Cos.• MEGA Partnership – • Small player in global marketCisco, EMC, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP • Limited domain• Retention of the man-power is the best in • Free floating stock is very less.the industry.• Low cost advantage OPPURTUNITIES THREATS• Huge potential in domestic market • Increasing cost of human capital.• In the consultancy area. • Slowdown in the US economy.• In the branded product category • Competition by Indian companies in• Huge global market domestic market • Presence of big companies in global market
  15. 15. PHILANTROPHY In 2001,founded Azim Premji foundation with avision to achieve quality education. Premji pledged to donate $2 billion for improvingschool education in India. Established Azim Premji University to runprogrammes to develop education anddevelopment professionals.
  16. 16. AWARDS He has been awarded the Padma Bhushan &Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India. Awarded Lakshya Business Visionary by NationalInstitute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai. Awarded a Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.), anhonorary degree, from the Aligarh MuslimUniversity. In 2009, he was awarded an honorary doctoratefrom Wesleyan University in Middletown,Connecticut for his philanthropic work.
  17. 17. CONCLUSIONPremji’s story of success and prominence clearlyshows how determination and perseverance,when coupled with knowledge, clear vision andproper planning, enable one to reach the peak ofsuccess and leadership…
  18. 18. Thank you!