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Future Insight: Mobile Marketing in Japan

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Mobile marketing
Mobile marketing
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Future Insight: Mobile Marketing in Japan

  1. Future Insight: Mobile Marketing in Japan Christopher Billich Forum IAB,Warsaw November 4, 2009
  2. What I will talk about in the next 30 minutes
  3. Why Mobile is huge in Japan A few Campaign Examples Some Challenges Mobile as an Advertising Medium
  4. I work for a company called
  5. based
  6. somewhere around here nasa.gov
  7. which works for companies like The Shameless Advertising Part
  8. The Shameless Advertising Part
  9. Who all want to know One Thing: The Shameless Advertising Part
  10. “How can we apply what already works in Japan in our mobile market?” The Shameless Advertising Part
  11. “Wheel” [(h)wēl] circular object rotating on an axle need not reinvent
  12. Why look for answers in Japan?
  13. “It’s when a technology becomes normal, then ubiquitous, and finally so pervasive it’s invisible, that the really profound changes happen [...].”
  14. 109 million mobile subscribers
  15. 9 in 10 use the Mobile Web
  16. 4 in 5 of them on 3G Almost all of them on 3G
  17. Why that is istockphoto.com
  18. Operators: benevolent dictators
  19. High-Spec Handsets
  20. No device fragmentation
  21. Unwalled Gardens
  22. Revenue share favoring content providers istockphoto.com
  23. Carrier X Android iPhone Nokia 日本 70% 30-50% 90% 70% 70% Content Provider Revenue Share
  24. Messaging is (almost) free ¥0,-- istockphoto.com
  25. 10,000 characters Mobile PC Multiple Links Emoticons Attachments ...yet extremely rich:
  26. 40% of mobile data users on data flat rate plans istockphoto.com
  27. The Low Entry Barrier Gym Membership Pricing Model
  28. Some of the things people do with their phones in Japan
  29. Music SNS Camera VoD Payment Shopping Radio Search Coupon Navi Games TV Books Manga
  30. of course, if you really want to
  31. You can still make phone calls.
  32. >3 hrs 2-3 hrs 1-2 hrs 30 min-1 hr Daily, <30 min Less than daily I don’t 3% 4% 13% 16% 22% 15% 24% “More than an hour daily”: 61% “At least daily”: 90% ...but most people have better things to do. Mobile Web Usage Frequency, 16-24 year-old users Source: Infinita,April 2008
  33. Advertising Spendings 2008,YoY Change Sources: Dentsu, February 2009 Online (PC) 10% Mobile Newspapers 14% Magazines 7% Radio 3% TV 32% Transport 6% Ad Inserts 4% Direct Mail 7% Free Papers 6% PoS 3% YP 1% Other 5% -13% Japanese Advertising Market Expenditures by media type and year-on-year growth +12% -11% -7% -4% 2% +60%
  34. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 1,284 1,108 928 913 621 390 288 180 100 Mobile Advertising Media and production expenditures 2003-2011 in $ million Source: Dentsu, 2003-2009
  35. 2003 Advertising Content 1:20
  36. Advertising Content 2008 1:5
  37. 5 Outstanding Campaigns
  38. Media: Mobile, Online,TV Agency: Bascule Inc. Client: Unilever/AXE Deodorant Date: February to March 2008 Sign up for campaign on AXE mobile site or PC site Set up personalized wake-up call times to mobile via PC website Immediately get confirmation call to mobile, synched with video of girl on PC screen Collect 1 of 14 wake-up girl Flash wallpapers for your mobile as reward per each call - unlock “secret character” at the end Get free branded mobile application (alarm clock + “Tamagotchi Girl”) 200,000 UU and 1 million PV (first 2 weeks) Campaign Examples AXE “Wake-up Service, Inc.” Source: Bascule Inc.
  39. Media: Mobile, Online, OOH,TV Agency: GT Inc. Client: NHN Date: Summer 2008 (3 months) Phase 1:“Hangao” face morphing game (mobile email-based) Phase 2:TV and creative OOH campaign promoting the mobile site “Instant lottery” via NFC chip embedded in OOH figures 150,000 Hangao participants, 10% of which converted to Hange.jp users At peak, 9-fold increase in daily new subscriptions for Hange.jp After campaign, number of monthly new subscribers doubled Campaign Examples Hange.jp “Half of Life is a Game” Source: GT Inc.
  40. Media: Mobile Agency: Mobile Art Lab Client: Sony Music Date: December 2008 to February 2009 5 “pair movie” episodes featuring the song downloadable for free from Sony Music mobile site Built-in viral element: social viewing experience Featured on front page of several newspapers 400,000 movie views in first month Song downloaded 200,000 times in first week 2 million (paid!) song downloads and 150,000 CD singles sold Campaign Examples Sony Music “JUJU Pair Movie” Source: Mobile Art Lab
  41. Source: Mobile Art Lab
  42. Media: Mobile, Online Client: Honda Date: Since November 2008, ongoing Virtual Mobile Hitchhiking Game, tied to real- world movements, with social component “Experience mobility through other people’s movements, and have fun in the process” More than 20,000 users and more than 2 million page views in first 2 months Almost 1.8 million km “traveled” to date Campaign Examples Honda “K-tra” Source: Mobile Art Lab
  43. Campaign Examples Honda “K-tra” Source: Mobile Art Lab
  44. Media: Mobile, Online,TV, OOH Agency: Bascule Inc. Client: Unilever/AXE Deodorant Date: September to November 2008 “Chocoman Hunter” campaign for “Dark Temptation” fragrance Collect Chocoman QR Codes to gather points (OOH and from friends’ mobiles’ screens) Prize: 1% of AXE sales during campaign period (amount could be checked online) Recruited friends automatically become competitors Campaign Examples AXE “Chocoman Hunter” Source: Bascule, Inc.
  45. Source: Bascule, Inc.
  46. Mobile Advertising = Online Advertising, but on a smaller screen?
  47. Well...
  48. Mobile Search Enabled: 100% Usage: 44% Source: impress R&D, September 2008 Base:All Respondents, N= 3,178 (2008)
  49. GPS Enabled: 55% Usage: 23% Source: impress R&D, September 2008 Base:All Respondents, N= 3,178 (2008)
  50. Mobile NFC Enabled: 73% Usage: 18% Source: impress R&D, September 2008 Base:All Respondents, N= 3,178 (2008)
  51. Payment (Prepaid & Credit)
  52. Coupons/CRM
  53. Flight Check-in
  54. “Lifestyle Infrastructure” :
  55. a.k.a.
  56. Glued to the screen 24/7.
  57. TV Radio Online Newspaper OOH Event Transit Magazines Mobile Ads URL Mobile Search PC Search Mobile Site PC Site PoS Mobile Tool EC Site Mobile SNS Mobile Mail Blogs Reviews Attention Interest Search Action Share Word of Mouth Roles of Mobile Advertising From attention to sharing
  58. Interest Search Action Share Broad Reach Targeted Reach Search Access Tools PoS Mobile Site Carrier Menu !"#$!! Mobile Email Ads Mobile SNS Fashion News&Sports TV Guide Location/Maps QR Short Codes Visual Search NFC Mobile Email Mobile SNS Attention Social
  59. Cool Stuff!
  60. The problem is
  61. Japan Advertising Market 70 billion US$
  62. Mobile Advertising: 2%
  63. It should be X times that
  64. There are still huge challenges
  65. To double within next 4 years It’s still early. Still early
  66. Still haven’t really figured out the details of targeting
  67. Still very basic metrics and measurements
  68. To double within next 4 years Media buying is fragmented
  69. It’s too cheap
  70. Resistance is fierce
  71. Education is necessary
  72. Speaking of which...
  73. Check out www.infinita.tv (it’s completely free)
  74. Thank you! billich@infinita.co.jp cbillich