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Game based apps with data VITTA Nov 2010

  1. Games based Apps with Data Cecilie Murray and John Sloan App-titude Learning
  2. Why Apps for Learning? • Small handheld devices enable learning anywhere, anytime • Convergence of innovations in mobile technology and social software • Young people’s social use of technologies • For schools it means 1:1 is achievable
  3. The Research ‘safe learning’ and ‘disruptive learning’ “learning in a more personalised way, handing over more control to the learners themselves” (Stead, 2006) “a small, cleverly designed handheld game can significantly enhance learner performance in mental maths as well as having a positive impact on other aspects of classroom life” (Robertson, 2009).
  4. ‘Mobile devices can have a positive impact on learning experiences for both educators and students’ (McFarlane, Triggs& Yee, 2008; Ng & Nicholas, 2009) ‘the use of iPods in the classroom holds and heightens student interest, engages students in learning, and provides yet another means for expressive and receptive literacy’ (Dogeby, 2007)
  5. The Future ‘public agencies [Departments of Education] and schools are beginning to explore multimobile services – convenient, flexible tools that enable users to access information in a range of formats using mobile devices – as a way to support… staff and students’ (The New Media Consortium, 2009)
  6. Research projects • iPodagogy 2007 iPods and video podcasting for learning • iPod Touch Project 2008 8 iPod Touches per class for literacy • Global Mobile Learning 2008-09 Two year project – Australia, Singapore and USA • Nintendo DS for Maths 2009 Nintendo DS for student learning in Mathematics • 50 Innovating with Technology 2009-2010 iPod touch, netbooks, Flip cameras, GPS, Blogs & wikis, Multiplayer Gaming, etc
  7. What we found Mobile learning: • Promotes confidence and independence regardless of year level and age • Promotes peer coaching and developing activities for each other • Important in encouraging ESL learners, reluctant learners (at risk/disengaged) • Improves attendance, more active participation in class • Promotes better preparation and organisation for class • Supports more regular completion of school work and homework
  8. • Stimulates enjoyment in learning…‘fun’ activity • Greater interaction (& writing) from boys in particular, in blogs, podcasts and web pages • Stimulates teachers and students to work creatively to improve literacy and numeracy • Student performance data – improves numeracy and literacy, increases skills in teamwork, interpersonal skills and ICT skills • Motivates teachers to rethink their pedagogy around the use of ICT and mobile devices
  9. New research (ed. Wan Ng, 2010) Chapter 12 Imagine Mobile Learning in your Pocket http://www.igi-
  10. Educational games Apps • Relevant to kids • Use technologies that pervade their lives • Engaging for learning • Inquiry based constructivist content • High quality games prolong engagement • Kids can consolidate knowledge independently
  11. Curriculum-driven content, high quality graphics Monitor student progress online
  12. 1 2 3 Sheep! is a counting app designed for early learners or for those who need consolidation with counting and number.
  13. EDUCATIONAL APPS Cecilie Murray App-titude Learning Mathstronaut is an maths challenge app with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, designed for Primary and Middle school.
  14. EDUCATIONAL APPS Cecilie Murray App-titude Learning Plinkerton is a cybersafety app for iPad that creates awareness for Primary and Middle school students about how to stay safe online.
  15. EDUCATIONAL APPS Cecilie Murray App-titude Learning Set up your classes in the Online Assessment System. Access the Teacher Notes for each app with examples of how to use them in your class
  16. EDUCATIONAL APPS Cecilie Murray App-titude Learning Data is provided in tabular or graphical format
  17. EDUCATIONAL APPS Cecilie Murray App-titude Learning Set up daily or weekly challenges using the Leaderboards
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