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EBA Internship Program 2015-2016

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EBA Internship Program aims at matching top performing students with cutting-edge companies for JOB OPPORTUNITY.


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EBA Internship Program 2015-2016

  1. 1. EBA  Internship  Program   August  26,  2015   Supanuch  Supanimi5rakul   Research  Associate,  Keio  University   eba-­‐internship-­‐group@keio.jp   1
  2. 2.     Copyright © 2008 Keio University Do you know Keio University?
  3. 3.  3 Keio University: 6 Campuses in the Tokyo area Mita Campus Humanities and Social Sciences Shinanomachi Campus Medical Science and Medical care Yagami Campus Science and Technology Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) Policy, ICT, Design, and Health Care Hiyoshi Campus Liberal Arts Shiba Kyoritsu Campus Pharmacy Tsuruoka Town Campus (TTCK) Shin-Kawasaki Town Campus
  4. 4.  4 Yukichi Fukuzawa: The Founder (1835-1901)  Fukuzawa’s Intellectual Background n  Modern Western learning (turning from Dutch to English studies) on the basis of traditional Chinese (Confucian) learning n  Systematic thinking on the origin and nature of Western Civilization under the profound influences by American and European authors Fukuzawa’s Experience of Western civilization n  Grand Tour over 7 European Countries for 12 months in 1862 n  Visited USA twice in 1860 and 1867
  5. 5.  5 SFC in Keio university drives social innovation Worldwide Collaboration SOI-Asia A host of consortium consisting of 27 member universities and institutions from 27 countries in Asia World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) W3C Keio covers its operation for East Asia Auto-ID Laboratory Auto-ID Laboratory Japan in SFC is a Japanese hub Copyright © 2008 Keio University  | 
  6. 6. 6 SOI Asia, Asian wide university network. SOI Asia is the university alliance, connecting 28 leading Asian universities in 14 countries by the satellite internet. www.soi.asia
  7. 7. 7 SOI Asia platform has connected leading universities in Asia Lecturer Sites @ various places Gateway Site @ Keio Univ. Internet 13 Mbps UDL 128kbps~1.5Mbps High quality Digital Video Communication DVTS site 
 Portable IPv6 tunneling site SOI Asia Student Sites @Asian Partner Universities Using existing connectivity as a return path (UDLR) Sharing Real-time Classes & Course content mirroring by IPv6 Multicast Policy Routing Mechanism USM Malaysia Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh Since 1996 SOI Asia has provided the broadband network, combing satellite and the internet.
  8. 8. ©2015  SOI  Asia   8 Focus  on  research  and  educa>on  on  BIG  DATA     (data  collec>on,  analysis,  and  visualiza>on)   CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING AND ACTIONS IN THE FIELD Deep knowledge and problem finding ability in [Energy and Environment] [Health Environment] [Disaster and Security] Scientific analysis with evidence based approach. Realizing the solution in the society with innovative way. Discuss across borders to find out the solution EXPERT KNOWLEDGE GLOBAL COLLABORATION SKILL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL INNOVATION Evidence  Based  Approach   with  Resilience,  Innova>on  and  Sustainability  
  9. 9. EBA  has  implemented  internship  program   exclusive  internship  program  to  top   universi>es  in  Asia •  Take  courses  offered   by  ASEAN/Japan   partner  Universi>es   •  Visit  ASEAN/Japan   for  fieldwork  and   internships  (for  Keio   students)   •  Gain  Skills  of  EBA   and  Solve  the  global   issues   http://www.eba-consortium.asia/ 9
  10. 10. Benefits   •  Job opportunity in Japan •  Gain hands-on work experience •  Opportunity to communicate with top management •  Flight ticket and accommodation expense (3 weeks) support (For onsite interns) •  Recruit global excellent students •  Improve company awareness For company For students 10
  11. 11. ©2015  SOI  Asia   Successful  cases   11 FY Number  of   Companies Virtual   Interns Onsite   Interns Number  of   Job  offers Number  of   students  in   process 2012 1 0 4 1 -­‐ 2013 2 35 7 6 1 2014 4 27 16 2 10 TOTAL 4 62 27 9  (33%) 11  (41%) •  5  students  are  currently  working  in   JAPAN  (3  UB,  1  USM,  1  HUST)   •  3-­‐5  students  is  going  to  work  in  Japan   from  Oct  2015     (1-­‐2  UB,  1-­‐3  Chula)  
  12. 12. Smart House Micro Hydraulic Plant Quick Charging Station LRT Power Plant Wind Power Smart Building Electric Bus Large Energy Storage Utilize Natural Wind Flow EV Community Energy Management System (CEMS) ITS Quick Charging Station Television Heat Pump Water Heater Air Conditioner Dryer/Washer Dish Washer Home Area Network Home Gateway Electric Car PV LED Light Smart Meter Smart House Discharge -12- New Information Network “Internet of Things” New Energy System “Smarter Grids” New Eco-Friendly City New Transportation System EV as a part of Energy Infrastructure 80% charge in 30 minutes Charge V2H, V2G GPS Charging Station ITS E-Bus E V Control Center ITS (Telematics) Mega Solar Japan’s national strategy “Smart Community” 12
  13. 13. ParXcipaXng  companies   Traffic Analysis in mobile data communication Energy Business Development Smart Community, big data, application on cloud tech Weather data analysis & visualization (mobile/web app) Router, Network device, Audio 13  
  14. 14. 14Copyright © 2013 NTT DATA Corporation Case1:Community Cloud by NTT Data Jointly research for making real community cloud, supported open technologies like Open Stack and Open Flow - Open source based cloud management - Flexible NW using SDN Step1 Designing Academic Cloud as a reference model Step2 Utilizing Academic Cloud as a testbed we can launch various Smart Community related trial involving users Step3 Expanding Academic Cloud as a community cloud we can commonly utilize computing resources for the real Smart Community related service such as traffic control, BEMS etc. Collaboration with University in Asia
  15. 15. 15Copyright © 2014 NTT DATA Corporation Smart InfrastructureSmart Payment Smart Mobility / Transportation Smart Energy Smart Farming Community Cloud 1] senses the various data and 2]share that with many services such as Android application Smart Health Care Community Cloud for Smart Community Community Cloud, empowered by Open technologies
  16. 16. ● Copenhagen Case2: Weather News Weathernews has offices in 29 cities in 15 countries and regions offering a full range of weather services for clients worldwide. 16 http://www.weathernews.com/flashver.php?language=en
  17. 17. Japan Meteorological Agency Who operates weather forecast? 17
  18. 18. WNISAT-1 launched in 2013.Nov.21 2013.Nov.21 07:10:11UTC WNISAT-1 Launching at Yasny Launch Base. 18
  19. 19. Weather News’ mission is to avoid and reduce disaster damage with 7 billion supporters  Corporate Mission 19
  20. 20. Page 20 © NEC Corporation 2014 NEC Proprietary & Confidential NEC’s  Smart  Energy  Business Informa>on   Communica>ons   carriers   Electricity   Stores   Next-­‐genera>on  service  sta>on   Gas   EV  charging   Housing   Gas   Buildings   Administra>ve   agencies   Self-­‐sufficiency/Distribu>on/Diversifica>on   Energy  management   Energy  cloud   Power  transmission/   distribu>on,     transformer  substa>on   Electricity  lending   /borrowing   Energy  components   HEMS  terminal   Energy  storage  system   EV/PHV  charger   Case3:  Smart  Energy  Business  by  NEC l  On  the  energy  front,  we  become  a  “global   leading  company  that  realizes  a  people-­‐  and   earth-­‐friendly  informa>on  society    through   innova>on”  as  targeted  in  NEC  Group  Vision   2017 l  We  have  4  main  stream  in  Smart  Energy   Business  Unit.   1.  Energy  Storage  System  (ESS)   2.  Advanced  Metering  Infrastructure   (AMI)  SoluXon   3.  Energy  Management  System  (xEMS)   4.  EV/PHV  Charging  Infrastructure   l  EV  (Electric  Vehicles)   l  PHV  (Plug-­‐in  Hybrid  Vehicles)
  21. 21. ©2015  SOI  Asia   Types  and  Process  of  Internship   21   PRE-SELECTION By EBA -  Application screening -  Logical communication test -  Recommendation VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP • 4 weeks • 2 times videoconference presentation • Weekly report submission & guidance   SELECTION •  Performance evaluation ONSITE INTERNSHIP • 3 weeks • 1 Final presentation • Daily/Weekly report submission     Opportunity JOB   PRE-SELECTION by EBA & Academic Research Presentation ONSITE INTERNSHIP Project planning • 1 week in Japan • Intensive discussion with supervisors VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP • 4-8 weeks • Weekly report submission & feedbacks • Monthly presentation FINAL PRESENTATION • In Japan OR online (***depend on performance)   Opportunity JOB   1. EBA INTERNSHIP: 3rd year students and above 2. EBA MASTER INTERNSHIP: Master & Ph.D. students
  22. 22. ©2015  SOI  Asia   Key  Components  of  EBA  Internship   Interim  &  Final  presenta>on  Manager  as  supervisors   •  Virtual internship (3 weeks): –  Practical experience from anywhere, weekly report submitting via e- mail, 2 times presentation via videoconference •  Interaction opportunity with top management –  Supervision via online communication (videoconference, e-mail) –  In Japan: CEO, CTO, executive, group leader, manager •  Job opportunity at headquarter in Japan –  Face-to-face interview during onsite internship (WNI, KDDI) –  Online interview after internship (NTTD) 22  
  23. 23. ©2015  SOI  Asia   Key  Components  of  EBA  Internship   •  Onsite  Internship  (3  weeks):   Interim/  Final  Presenta>on   Kick-­‐off  &  Wrap-­‐up  Workshop    (Big  Data,  How  to  be  success  in  JP  business  environment)   Japanese  workshop   Discussion  with  supervisors   23  
  24. 24. Pre-­‐selecXon   1.  Logical  communicaXon  test  (50  mins  web  test)   2.  Eligibility:  3rd  year  undergraduate  &  above   •  Interested  in  career  at  par>cipa>ng  companies   •  Comfortable  in  distance  &  interna>onal  work  environment   •  Confident  to  communicate  in  English   3.  Required  documents:   •  Applica>on  form     •  Copy  of  transcript   •  Resume   •  Copy  of  English  proficiency  test  score  (e.g.  CU-­‐TEP,  TOEFL,  IELTS,  TOEIC)   •  Recommenda>on  leier     24
  25. 25. ©2015  SOI  Asia   Pre-­‐selecXon  Criteria:  EBA  Internship   No. Criteria Points Methods 1 Logical communication skills 25 Web test (50 mins) Logical capturing, thinking, conveying, Planning skills, Situation understanding skills 2 Internship goal 10 Application form, interview, resume 3 Reason of choosing company 10 4 Experience (Internship, Academic project) 10 5 Language: English (TOEIC > 700 or equivalent) , Japanese is a plus 5 6 Technical skills/knowledge (e.g. Java, LINUX, business planning) 5 for each skill Required skills to be confirmed by company 7 Recommendation by professors 10 Recommendation letter * Research Experience 30 Research presentation (Only EBA Master Internship) Judges: 1 company representative, 1 EBA coordinator, 1 local faculty member 25  
  26. 26. ©2015  SOI  Asia   Virtual  internship     •  DefiniXon:   Short-­‐term   experien>al   learning   that   students   get   supervision   for   a   designated   assignment   from   company   representa>ve   via   online  communica>on  (e.g.  videoconference,  e-­‐mail)   •  DuraXon:  3~4  weeks   •  Scope:     1.  Web/Mobile  App  development   2.  Business  plan   3.  Market  research   •  Target  students:  up  to  15  students  (max  5  teams)  
  27. 27. ©2015  SOI  Asia   EBA Virtual Internship: Performance evaluation criteria Criteria Explanation 1 Individualassessment Overall satisfaction Relationship, Impression on student's behavior/manner via e-mail, during videoconference meeting 2 Quality of work Outputs meet objectives *Objectives: To be confirmed with company 3 Quantity of work Student can complete the tasks in terms of amount as planned 4 Logical presentation/ telling Presentation/ report is easy to understand. Main points are highlighted with reasons, or example is provided. 5 Ability to learn Able to learn things by themselves or work with minimum guidance, Have their own idea, and work by their own way. 6 Outputs Creativity Propose/ improve work methods, suggest ideas, find new and better way of doing things 7 Problem solving Can identify problem and find solutions 8 Extrapoints Teamwork Understand his/her role, openly express/listen to opinions of team members or supervisors, work well in team 9 Challenging spirits Try new things, positive thinking, no anxiety of future, See problem as challenge, know the risk, do their best to overcome challenge, or avoid the severe risk 10 Feasibility Possibility to continue project, and integrate with existing product/ service/system or company 27 Extra point is an optional and confidential score that will not be shared to other companies [ 5 = excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = average/meet expectation, 2 = fair, 1 = poor, NO = non-observed]
  28. 28. ©2015  SOI  Asia   Schedule   •  Check  on   hip://www.eba-­‐consor>um.asia/?p=2149   28
  29. 29. ©SOI Asia, Keio University 2014-2015. All Rights Reserved. EBA  Internship:   Ac>vi>es  before internship Activities Schedule (Option 1) Schedule (Option 2) Description Confirmation of job description, 2015/08/01 2015/11/01 Internship theme, required skill sets, videoconference meeting schedule, should be confirmed by company supervisors Call for students* 2015/08 2015/11 On EBA website, via EBA/ SOI’s faculty members Pre-selection: 2015/09 2015/12 Application screening, Interview by SOI Asia, Logical communication test Recommendation letter Shortlisted virtual interns announcement 2015/10/10 2016/01/18 Total virtual interns: up to 6 students (2-3 teams) Orientation 2015/10/21 2016/02/01 (Mon) Explanation how to succeed in virtual internship by Yukyik 29 To be confirmed
  30. 30. ©SOI Asia, Keio University 2014-2015. All Rights Reserved. EBA  Internship:   Virtual internship process (4 weeks) Activities Schedule (Option 1) Schedule (Option 2) Description Virtual internship 2015/ 10/21-11/22 2016/ 02/01-28 For students to gain experience and show performance Interim presentation via videoconference 2015/11/05 or 12 (Thu) 2016/02/09 (Tue) or 10 (Wed) Total 1-2 hours (10-15 mins presentation per student, 5-10 mins Q&A for feedbacks) Progress report submission Every Sunday Every Sunday 23:59 (UTC+7) for students to submit progress report (assignment content) Supervision Every Mon or Tue Every Mon or Tue Feedback and advice to student (weekly or less)[E- mail or mailing list] Final presentation via videoconference 2015/11/17 (Tue) and 19(Thu) 2016/02/23 (Tue) or 24 (Wed) Student present the accomplished assignment Deliverables submission 2015/11/22 2016/02/21 (Sun) Student submit report (plus prototype, if any) Performance evaluation ~2015/12/01 ~2016/03/15 Using form + company’s selection criteria Successful onsite intern announcement 2015/12/01 2016/03/15 Announce to student by EBA (Yukyik)
  31. 31. ©SOI Asia, Keio University 2014-2015. All Rights Reserved. EBA  Internship:   Onsite internship process (3-4 weeks) Activities Schedule (Option 1) Schedule (Option 2) Description Visa and accommodation preparation 2015/12 OR 2016/06 2016/04-06 Prepared at least 3 weeks before onsite internship Onsite internship 2016/01-02 OR 2016/07-08 2016/07-08 - Target students: 2-4 students Kick-off workshop First weekend First weekend Workshop -  Big Data (Umejima sensei) -  Japanese (Matsumoto sensei_ -  How to succeed in real business environment (Yukyik) -  Logical communication Wrap-up workshop Final weekend Final weekend Wrap-up by Yukyik Presentation by students (Lesson-learned, Impression, career planning) Enter company 2016/10-11 2016/10 or 2017/04 As permanent or contract employees
  32. 32. Thank  you   ขอบคุณค่ะ