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Ready Player One - Week 2 Check-in

Week 2 of Ready Player One for the Metagame Book Club

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Ready Player One - Week 2 Check-in

  1. 1. Continue your quest by taking the test
  2. 2. Q1: What if students had to do a game / simulation instead of a test? How would this change the way we teach? How would it change how they learn?
  3. 3. Q2: How close are we to Wade’s Virtual Reality Life and Quantified Self?
  4. 4. Q3: As have read ⅔ of the book so far.. What are some of the socioeconomic themes that are prevalent? How does this stack up against what you currently see in today’s media? What about other dystopian literature/games you have read /played and has then been any hope given at the end?
  5. 5. Fauxasis Foreign AI with exterior sheen Opting to stutter instead of to sing. Selecting a preference is too challenging When offered in vessels found balancing. How do you take it?
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  7. 7. READY PLAYER ONE 10 am ET Sat Aug 1 Discussants?
  8. 8. #ShelfieWednesday #ReadWhereYouAre Venture on to Periscope!