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Matthias Nass ECI TELECOM

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FTTx Summit Europe 2012

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Matthias Nass ECI TELECOM

  1. 1. Faster ROI in Fiber Access Networks –The whole sale opportunity Matthias Nass – VP Field Marketing EMEA
  2. 2. The Way to NG-Access – Which Path to Go? A Custom-Tailored Transition, under Unified Management System Co-Located Curb Customer Premise P2P xDSL FTTC Aggregation P2P (xDSL/FE within building)Network FTTB GPON (xDSL/FE within building) GPON FTTH P2P Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  3. 3. Subscribers demand more bandwidth… A Custom-Tailored Transition, under Unified Management System Enhanced Video Cloud Telepresence Communication Computing Real 3D TVTeleworking “Knowledge” Intelligent Economy Power Grid Broadband BroadbandOnline Video at Home Online at Business Editing Gaming Next-Gen Online Efficient Entertainment Healthcare Uploads Virtual Companies (e.g. YouTube) On Demand Enterprises Broadcast Unicast & Personalization
  4. 4. PON deployments – consistent growth PON Ports by Technology 35 30 25 10G GPON 20 Millions 10G EPON 2.5G GPON 15 1.25G/2.5G EPON WDM-PON BPON 10 5 0 CY05 CY06 CY07 CY08 CY09 CY10 CY11 CY12 CY13 CY14Source: 2010-Infonetics-Q2010-PON-FTTH-Eqpmt-Subs-Analysis
  5. 5. Wired Access - Copper and Fiber will coexist Copper Access Evolution Fiber Access Evolution (NGAN) Capacity Capacity WDM PON VDSL3 100 Gbps down, 100 Gbps up Target of 100 Km Dynamic XG-PON Spectrum 10 Gbps down, 2.5 Management Gbps up Target of 100 km GPON More xDSL efficiency 2.5 Gbps down, 1.25 Gbps up & stability Up to 60 Km 2009 2010 2012 year 2009 2010 2012 year Copper: continue innovation, increase Fiber: to match a symmetric Gigabit per client performance
  6. 6. Introducing the I-OLT Introducing new Integrated OLT (I-OLT) Any FTTx – to address changing access needs Optimized platform for fiber deployments Part of the Hi-FOCUS family supporting new & existing copper islands One single platform GPON for residential customers Point-to-point for business customers (high Active Ethernet bandwidth, dedicated links) for collecting traffic from Traffic Aggregation copper islands
  7. 7. Keep It Simple – All Access Support The right service mix at each location  universal slot architecture One management system  copper and fiber Central WWW FTTC I-OLT Office GbE Residential IP Multi Service FTTB GbE GPON Residential Buildings Management ODN Station FTTH FTTP GbE Residential Wireless Residential Business Wireless Triple Play Backhaul Services Backhaul GPON
  8. 8. Field-proven solutionECI’s offerings are in line with Openreach’svision of a straightforward, more integrated andcompetitive network, simplifying managementand supporting the optimization of our next-generation access network in anenvironmentally-friendly andresponsible way.
  9. 9. NG-WBA (Wholesale Broadband Access)End Customers Network Operator SP Infrastructure Vectored or Bonded VDSl2 GBE VDSL N x 1 or 10 GbE Modem Rural FTTCab SP #A SP #A Exchange / CO N x 1 GBE FTTP Platform VDSL Vectored or Modem SP #B Bonded VDSl2 Street cabinet SP #B FTTC/N Platform ONT SP #C GPON SP #C Splitter ONT SP #D Demarcation Demarcation point point
  10. 10. The I-OLT Any access technology: ADSL, VDSL2, SHDSL, POTS/voice, GPON, Active Ethernet, aggregation of street cabinets Diverse interfaces at customer premise equipment (ONTs, CPEs)  Residential: GE, FE, POTS, RF, WIFI  Business and MDU: GE, E1, VDSL, FE, POTS World-class card density  Supporting over 6,500 GPON subscribers (8 ports/card, 64 split)  Supporting over 230 P2P Ethernet subscribes (18 ports/card)  Supporting aggregated traffic from over 230 copper islands (18 ports/card) Optimized for next-generation GPON High capacity backplane to support 20 Gb/s to each card today High capacity full duplex switching fabric  400Gbps - Primary and Protect cards  Processor on each card to enable software upgrades
  11. 11. 1Net Fiber Access Solution– Addressing Customers’ Pain Points  Residential & business applications  GPON & P2P Ethernet from a single platform  Versatility for any service mix Complexity in choices  FTTH architecture support  Integrated aggregation to eliminate additional external switches  Comprehensive range of ONTs  Green technology, with reduced number of network elementsFlexibility & lower TCO  Future-proof platform designed for NG-PON & higher speed WAN  Breadth of management features, with full backward compatibility with Safeguarding today’s copper infrastructureinvestment for tomorrow  Wholesale (Open Access) model Compliance withregulation and changes
  12. 12. 1Net Fiber Access Solution Field-proven versatility to evolve the access network Integrated OLT (I-OLT) – any customer profile, any fiber technology, any architecture Open Access-ready Optimal Transition Solution for NG Access
  13. 13. Thank You