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Selling WooCommerce

  1. Selling WooCommerce to Clients CHRIS LEMA, LIQUID WEB
  2. The best way to not sell WooCommerce is to act like there are no other alternatives.
  3. Big Cartel Squarespace Shopify Volusion Craftcommerce BigCommerce WooCommerce
  4. Today we’re going to look at: What do you need to know? What do you need to say? What do you need to quote?
  5. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” - Stephen R. Covey.
  6. “There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak. ” - Simon Sinek
  7. Marinating In the Problem Space
  8. Who are the approvers? Stakeholders?
  9. Prioritize: -Speed of Dev -Speed of Design -Site Speed
  10. Beyond buyers Who else do you support?
  11. Will you need Us to do data migration?
  12. If your SITE Was going to Fail, what Volume of orders Would make that Ok?
  13. Will you need Us to test your site for performance?
  14. It’s not just The questions You ask. It’s Also about the Stories you Tell.
  15. Prediction Stories
  16. aspirational Stories
  17. Anchoring Stories
  18. Asking the right Questions and Telling the right Stories gets you The proposal.
  19. Before you write The proposal, Be sure to know Why they’re Buying from you, and Why they’re buying Right now.
  20. How you write a proposal differs Based on why people are paying you. People pay to solve pain. People pay to accelerate a result. People pay to skip failure. People Pay to reach a destination.
  21. Give people more options to say yes than to say no.
  22. Be just as clear About what isn’t Included as to what is in scope.
  23. CHRIS LEMA LIQUID WEB @chrislema