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The Goal Is Conversion

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In my talk about conversions at #wcdfw, I don't go the normal route of #CRO. Instead I'm talking to humans about doing the things that humans value, and letting it lead to conversions.

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The Goal Is Conversion

  2. 2. Slideshare.net/cflema
  3. 3. This is about being human You’ll improve Conversions When you care More & better.
  4. 4. If I’m hungry I rarely want A course on How to fish.
  5. 5. What we say We want isn’t Always what We want.
  6. 6. Why do you think these folks sell so many shirts, at these price points? What are we Really buying?
  7. 7. Has anyone done the research to determine if Steve Martin is a great teacher of comedy? What are we Really buying?
  8. 8. How many of us already knew that we did things better with music on? What are we Really buying?
  9. 9. When people are thinking about accounting stuff why does this offer work? What are we Really buying?
  10. 10. What can we Learn from Others doing it Right?
  11. 11. Sell the final Destination, not The work that Goes into it. 1
  12. 12. Eliminate pain With your offers & satisfy our Deepest desires. 2
  13. 13. Make sure there Is clarity on the Value that’s Being Delivered. 3
  14. 14. If you’re selling savings, Sell time savings VS Money Savings. 4
  15. 15. If you can, sell More than your Product. Sell Your community. 5
  16. 16. Don’t try to sell Everything you Have. Scaffold Your offerings. 6
  17. 17. Be ridiculous With your money Back guarantee. Be Insane. 7
  18. 18. Write down & Share Stories About your Customers. 8
  19. 19. Always sell Multiple options. This lets you Use anchoring. 9
  20. 20. CHRIS LEMA LIQUID WEB @chrislema