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How to survive a shitstorm

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cgo&co, partenaire BoxNetworkEurope, propose de courtes sessions de 2h00 pour passer en revue avec les responsables marketing et communication des entreprises, les bons réflexes à adopter lorsqu'une crise se déclenche sur les réseaux. Prenez rendez-vous ! contact@cgoandco.com

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How to survive a shitstorm

  1. 1. How tosurvivea
  2. 2. “You shouldn’t be intimidated by a crisis.The “golden minute” matters. Immediateinternal coordination and forming.”Hannes Bliem | Swarovski“We found that quite a lot of pressure can be lifted by aquick reaction. Especially unacknowledged postings onweekends can turn toxic very quickly. It can be hard torecover the next day.”Daniel Schwarz | SBBImprint:Media owner, publisher & issuer:Box Network EuropeEditorial office: ambuzzador Marketing GmbHYou can also find this crisis manual fordownload at www.boxnetworkeurope.comWhat is a Shitstorm?Every single day, brands and companies are challenged to deliver theiropinion in the online discourse – often, it is important to constructivelyaccept criticism and find good solutions for the stakeholders‘ concerns.But every now and then, emotions won’t be calmed down with factualarguments. During such a social media crisis, feelings run high, and thes*** really hits the fan. This is why in German, we coined the word „Shit-storm“: It describes that difficult situation for brand managers when youreally need to keep a cool head.In this booklet, we have summarized “10 golden rules” for an easier hand-ling of crisis communication in Social Media: We wish you pleasurablereading – but in case of emergency, contact us directly, since every crisisexhibits its own dynamic!The Box Network“If there is sporadic criticism, other listeners stepinto the breach for us straight away.”Albert Malli | Ö3“The speed of technical development ishigher than our learning aptitude.”Gerhard Kürner | voestalpine32
  3. 3. HAPPYCHOCOThis is Joe. Joe is the Social Media Ma-nager of HappyChoco Corporation. HisFacebook community loves chocolateand is always good-humoured!But today is not a good day for Joe: Yesterday,a documentary about cocoa cultivation airedon TV, and it harshly criticized HappyChocoCorporation’s production plants ...54
  4. 4. Frida K. 5 minutes agoAre you going to comment on thedocumentary anytime soon???Tamara C. 3 minutes agoYou’re so mean!Never eating Happy-Choco again!Teresa D. 9 minutes agoYeah right, HAPPY-Choco! Didn’t lookall that HAPPY on TVlast night.George T. 5 minutes agoHave you all seenthe documentaryyesterday? Boycott!Rosi B. 5 minutes ago@happychoco I’ll never buy yourproducts again!Bert F. 5 minutes agoStop it with your pretty TV spots,the production conditions areunbearable!Mark B. 6 minutes agoHere is thedocumentary onyoutube – every-one watch it!!!!!!!Mirja B. 14 minutes agoI will never buyany of yourproducts again!Patrick H. 12 minutes agoI’m tellingall my friendsabout this!... and all the critics now post on the Facebook-Page.On other Social Media channels, the communityis piping up as well.76
  5. 5. Focus: AttentionTrollsTrolls aren’t just tiny plastic figures with funny hair – on-line, they like to have fun by discussing all sorts of topics.They want to make their listeners (or readers) laugh.What now? The challenge here is to find the source ofthe issue. Don’t join the discussion – but if it goes wellwith your brand, show some humour.Typology of a shitstormStormersStormers mainly want attention. Because of this, it’sin their interest to prolong the problem.What now? Give a factual statement about the issue,without adding fuel to the conflict.If possible, contact Stormers directly and make himthe star of your solution.ActivistsThe Activists care about the questions of principle:The way a company treats its customers, for example.They aren’t happy with a simple solution to the problem –they want to make sure that processes are changed.What now? A quick reaction is the key: Apologiseand explain how the incident happened – and whichprovisions are made to avoid it in the future.FreeloadersThese users take everything – as long as it is for free.Every problem is blown up as big as possible to get backa free sample or a coupon.What now? Find out if they really care about the issueor just want a gift. If necessary, apologise – but makeno exceptions to the company’s reimbursement policy.If possible, try to contact Freeloaders directly and solvethe problem outside of your Social Media channel.Focus: TopicRationalEmotional98
  6. 6. The Defender System1110
  7. 7. 1st mistake:Posting according to editorial plan3rd mistake:Panic and random research2nd mistake:Respond to all accusationsindividuallyHappyChoco 12 minutes agoOur new samples: Walnut whales!Tried it already?HAPPYCHOCOMark B. 6 minutes agoAre you nuts? I’ll nevereat anything fromyour company again!Tamara C. 3 minutes agoNobody cares about yournew chocolates! You betterexplain the accusationsfrom the documentary!!!George T. 5 minutes agoHave you all seenthe docu yesterday?Boycott!HappyChoco 12 minutes agoHello, we always insist on writtenconfirmation from all our suppliers toconfirm they are working accordingto international guidelines.HAPPYCHOCOGeorge T. 5 minutes agoWHY DON’T YOU GO THEREYOURSELVES, how about that?!Joe and his colleagues are overwhelmed:What to do? How should they handle themany allegations and postings?1312
  8. 8. 1. Define processes for official statements andapprovals or reconfirm according to the crisis manual.2. Promptly author a clear, factual statement withregards to content for the online community.3. Official statement, centrally available for journalists,media and official institutions.4. Issue Management: Collect, categorise, classify andverify allegations. Differentiated communication!5. Inform employees and create awareness: They areimage-holders too and should only communicateofficial statements – ideally, they keep out of thediscussions.10 RulesAT A GLANCE 6. Moderation instead of discussion: Pull thediscussion into a distinct discussion board, inwhich the community can discuss the issue.7. Put together clear rules for the duration of theshitstorm (internally and externally) and complywith them – transparently for everyone. Postingsin breach of the rules (and thus against laws andmorality) are taken out of the discussion – witha warning and reference to the rules.8. During the crisis communication, only usestandardised postings – as to not offer any newpoints of attack.9. Involve law experts to know the state ofaffairs: about the issue itself, but also about thestatutory violations on the Facebook wall.10. Full documentation of the discussion isnecessary for possible review with regards tocontent or law.1514
  9. 9. 1.Define processes for official state-ments and approvals or reconfirmaccording to the crisis manual.Promptly author a clear, factualstatement for the online community.In a crisis manual, contact persons and processes aredetermined – ideally before the crisis. For different crisisscenarios, different measures are taken and differentwordings used.The prepared wordings are adapted to the current crisis.Facts are described clearly and wrong accusations areinvalidated. Important: Don’t be goaded into leaving anemotional statement – stay factual!2.Happy Choco 3 minutes agoDear friends of HappyChoco,there have been many discussions about theTV documentary “Happy Choco?” in the pastfew days. In terms of a transparent commu-nication, we would like to comment on theaccusations made in the report.HAPPYCHOCOCrisisManual1716
  10. 10. 3.Make an official statementcentrally available.Collect, categorise, classify andverify allegations.Journalists and public institutions should be able to quotethe statement first-hand. Proactive information is better thanwaiting for the shitstorm. Here, it’s important to stick to the“Lead of Communication”.Accusations are coming in thick and fast. That doesn’t meanyou have to reply to every single one straight away – or thatevery single one is legitimate. Sort them and choosedifferentiated approaches.4.TrollsStormersActivistsFreeloadersDOC PDFStatement Statement1918
  11. 11. 5.Inform employees and createawareness: You are image-holders too.Moderation instead of discussion:Pull the discussion into a distinctdiscussion board.All employees are speakers for the company as well – especiallyif they mention their employer in their Social Media profiles.The impulse to defend the own company is understandable.Despite that: Ideally, your colleagues don’t join the discussion.A discussion board on Facebook or on your website isthe place for the official statement and the community’sdiscussion. Thus, the Facebook wall stays clear and servicerequests can be attended to.6.Internal memo aboutTV-discussionHAPPY CHOCO2120
  12. 12. 7.Put together clear rules for theduration of the shitstorm and complywith them – transparently for everyone.Only use standardised postingsduring the crisis communication.Postings in breach of the rules (and thus against laws andmorality) are taken out of the discussion with a warning andreference to the disclaimer. There is space for the rules in theFacebook disclaimer – for example, comments below the belt,personal insults and multiple postings can definitely be deletedafter a warning. Transparency is very important here to avoidupsetting the community by arbitrariness.A clear answer with a link to the official statement or thediscussion-forum prevents the Stormers from finding newpoints of attack.8.D I S C L A I M E RThe usage of our site is subject to the following rules: every user is responsiblefor his or her contribution. The user guarantees not to save any contents ifusage is in direct violation of applicable law, especially the criminal code...HAPPYCHOCOPatrick H. 12 minutes agoI’m telling all myfriends aboutthis!!HappyChoco 3 minutes agoHello, different production plantsof different chocolate producerswere portrayed in the documen-tary. Our chocolate is producedaccording to strict qualityguidelines.You can read all the details here:www.LinkToStatement.comHAPPYCHOCOGeorge T. 5 minutes agoHave you all seenthe docu yester-day? Boycott!2322
  13. 13. Hans Buzztard?9.Involve law experts to know thestate of affairs: About the issue itself,but also about statutory violationson the Facebook wall.Full documentation of thediscussion – for possible reviewwith regards to content or law.Research identities: Who are the notably dedicated Stormersand which (hidden) agenda do they follow?Research pays off for users who reply more often: Maybea competitor or a disappointed ex-employee is behind thealias? If you know the Stormer’s agenda, you can react to theallegations more easily.10.§2524
  14. 14. Box Network Europe is a smart network of like-minded, independentSocial Media and Digital PR agencies.We deliver a wealth of specialist experience, languages, talent andcoverage – including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spainand Switzerland beyond.We enable brands to select the best Social Media, PR and digital talentand coverage from within a box of international options. This helps ourclients to manage creative campaign decisions at a global level and toexecute programs at a local level to ensure relevance, timeliness andbest approach.Operating as a box of independent agencies, we are able to ‘pick andmix’ skill sets and language requirements to deliver highly customisedcampaign teams.We have instant coverage, immediate scale and the ability to deploy bestof breed skill sets across national and linguistic boundaries.About Box NetworkFrance: Claire Goyat, Partner cgo&co+33 (0)2 28 03 90 47 / cgoyat@cgoandco.com / @schrempfetteItaly: Marco Massarotto, Partner HAGAKURE+39 (0)27 601 5852 / marco@hagakure.it / @marcomassarottoGermany: Thomas Praus, Partner P3000+49 (0)30 805 799 682 / thomas.praus@p3000.net / @stylewalkerSwitzerland: Florian Wieser, Partner coUNDco+41 (0)44 440 1200 / wieser@coUNDco.ch / @flotoNetherlands: Uri Roos, Partner Fortress+31 (0)206 611 506 / u.roos@frtrss.net / @uriroosSpain: Rocío Núñez, Tinkle+34 (0)91 787 7086 / rnunez@tinkle.es / @rocionunezAustria: Sabine Hoffmann Founder & CEO ambuzzador+43 (0)15 224 071 / sabine.hoffmann@ambuzzador.com / @actiongirl742726
  15. 15. If you have a challenging,international Social PR briefthat requires an integratedsolution then we’d love tohear from you.Find your nearestBox Network director onwww.boxnetworkeurope.com