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[Challenge:Future] Always rely only on yourself

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[Challenge:Future] Always rely only on yourself

  1. 1. Personal or career tip for GROW(R)ing in 2015 from Lukiy Tetyana  My name is Tetyana. I’m from Ukraine. I am a student. I study languages. I am the member of Challenge:Future.
  2. 2. Always rely only on yourself. Maybe it’s a little strange advice for the first look. But in my view, it’s the best advice for those who want to achieve something in his or her life. Don’t expect someone’s help or advice. Always do everything by yourself. In this manner you will never be disappointed in people.
  3. 3. But it doesn’t mean that you haven’t to help others, help anyone who needs this. Be example for next generations. You could listen to thoughts, ideas of others but always listen to your heart. Be independent. It’s your future. And you have to remember that everything in your life depends on you. Believe in yourself! You are the creator of your future!