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klaxon it pvt ltd provides successful implementation and support services of SAP for any type of organisation

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  1. 1. Klaxon IT Private Ltd The Complete ERP SolutionsConsulting Sales Staffing Support
  2. 2. Klaxon IT Pvt. Ltd. Klaxon IT is a one-stop-shop for full range of SAP services and solutions. Klaxon IT with its strong SAP practice provides services in the areas of SAP ERP implementation, enhancement, application development, integration, upgrade, migration and support. Since its inception, Klaxon IT has successfully executed complex SAP projects across various industrial verticals like Construction, Manufacturing, Educational, Automobile & Real Estate, etc. Klaxon IT has continuously excelled in its growth path and has acquired several prestigious clients in India. Promoters of Klaxon IT are the leading experts in SAP ERP domain and they bring in years of very valuable international experience. Their domain expertise and process oriented approach combined with project management and experience in architecting SAP solutions enhances Klaxon IT positioning in SAP industry. With an excellent team of highly motivated and qualified professionals. Exceeding the expectations of every customer everyday a motto, ingrained in the minds of every individual at Klaxon IT , we strive for excellence with ourSAP Solutions commitment to professionalism, quality and timely deliverance.SAP SolutionsSAP Full life cycle Implementation VisionSAP Maintenance / Support Upgrades Our goal is to add significant value to Clients existing investment in Patches Information Technology. Re-Installation Remote SAP Administration Mission Services Off-Shore ABAP development To partner with our clients and to improve their competitive advantage in the most productive way using the latest tools, methods, and accelerators. Services.SAP Outsourcing Klaxon IT 5CsSAP - CRM, SCM, EAI, RFID • Core CompetenciesSAP Pre-Configured Industry basedSolutions • Customer focus, satisfaction and retentionOne box-SAP solution • Cost effective QualityExtended IT & SAP Solution partner • Commitment to Success • Capability & Confidence It’s an IT & SAP Business Adventure
  3. 3. Application Development and HighlightsMaintenance Vision of Klaxon IT is to consistently deliver high-quality solutions Application Development focused on improving customer satisfaction. Application Maintenance Low Cost of Implementation with Pre-Configured Solutions and approved Application Re-engineering techniques. Application Portfolio Minimum implementation Period. Management High Quality Standards by following CMMI process. Platform Services Proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and servicing Committed levels of Availability, Serviceability, and Reliability 24 x 7 helpdesk resolving both functional and technical issues Access to a comprehensive knowledge base and time saving tools Access to a comprehensive IT infrastructure to try and test new SAP™ solutions and products Extended support teams that can shrink or grow with your support needPackaged Application Services Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Enterprise Application Integration(EAI) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Product Engineering and Design Additional Product Services Offshore Product Development Center Product Consulting and Professional Services Product Design & Development Product Sustenance Testing & Automation It’s an IT & SAP Business Adventure
  4. 4. Consulting MethodologyThe methodology is tailored. Klaxon IT uses the 6DConsulting Methodologies to successfully guide and managethe projects of our clients from beginning to end.Discover During the Discover Phase, we engage with our clients to identify their requirement and to understand the goals and objectives ofthe assignment.Define Conclusions from the Discovery Phase drive the solution blueprint. In this phase Klaxon IT defines the business model, methodologies, the benefits etc. The output of this phase is a comprehensive assessment of the business needs of the clients.DesignWith the comprehensive assessment of the’ business needs inhand, we begin the Design Phase. During this phase, a concisespecification document is prepared which clearly outlines therequirements to support the business strategy.DevelopOnce the clients review and approve the specification document,we move on to the Development phase. During this phase, ourconsultants implement the detailed solution to meet the clientsneed.DeliverDuring the Deliver phase, we roll out the solution to our clients.The deliverables include design documents, project report, etc.DefendDuring the Defend phase, we proceed a post-implementationreview with our clients, provide the security plan and riskmitigation solution to defend their investment. It’s an IT & SAP Business Adventure
  5. 5. Our SAP & Smart Lattice Reputed ClientsKlaxon IT Private Ltd #205, Sangeeth Nagar, Somajiguda, Hyderabad- 500082 Ph: +91 40 3299 3996 +91 40 3290 3996 Website:http://www.klaxonit.com