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  1. Laughter Yoga in the work place with Kate Squire-Howe Happiness Matters Symposium 26 April 2016
  2. What is Laughter Yoga? UNCONDITIONAL Laughter, SPONTANEOUS Laughter Laughter is an exercise - eye contact - childlike playfulness soon contagious real laughter. Scientific premise : the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter when done with willingness! 3 Rules of Laughter: 1. We laugh with each other, not at each other 2. Try to make eye contact with each other 3. Try not to talk We don’t just laugh because we are happy we are happy because we laugh Mission: Health, Joy & World Peace through Laughter
  3. Benefits of Laughter Yoga 1Elevates Mood ~ Laughter Yoga can change your mood within minutes by releasing endorphins from your brain cells. 2Health Benefits ~ Laughter Yoga reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. 3Business Benefits ~ increase net supply of oxygen to our body and brain which helps to improve efficiency and performance. Creative thinking ~ people who laugh are more clever! 4Social Connector ~ Quality of life depends upon quality of our relationships. International language 5Laughing through Challenges ~ Anyone can laugh when times are good, but Laughter Yoga teaches people to laugh unconditionally, when we need it most. Happy people = Healthy organizations
  4. Laughter Yoga: Steps
  5. Greeting Laughter
  6. Cell-phone Laughter
  7. Milkshake/water cooler Laughter
  8. Lion Laughter
  9. One-meter Laughter
  10. Appreciation Laughter
  11. Social Laughter Yoga clubs ~ Skype Laughter Club : Monday to Thursday 8pm SkypeLaughterSA Laugh Alone techniques •Hearty laughter •De-stress laughter •driving the car •shower laughter Where to from here
  12. Kate Squire-Howe Corporate Laughter Consultant Laughter Yoga Teacher & Trainer Contact Us

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  1. Maybe we have been sitting for awhile, so lets take a moment to get up & STRETCH