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EIT-HEI Prometheus Project

  1. Online, 12-13.07.2021 HEI Initiative IVAP Workshop PROMETHEUS Yannis Charalabidis Project Coordinator University of the Aegean
  2. THE PROMETHEUS TEAM CORE TEAM REPRESENTATIVES 2 Sjoerd de Vries Assistant Professor University Twente Francesco Bellini Research Assistant Professor Sapienza University Rome Panagiotis Kinanlis Project Manager Crowdpolicy Zoe Lachana PhD Candidate, Researcher University of the Aegean Yannis Charalabidis Professor University of the Aegean PROMETHEUS Coordinator
  3. PROMETHEUS CONSORTIUM 3 Grece Italy The Netherlands North Macedonia Romania 5 Universities 1 Enterprise 2 Research Centres + 30 Associated Partners
  4. PROMETHEUS VISION 4 To foster institutional engagement and change, through developing innovative and sustainable systems and services, promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the area of Digital Transformation, related to Circular Economy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  5. PROMETHEUS APPROACH & IMPACT 5 AXIS 1. The development of and ecosystem among universities, research organizations, businesses, NGOs and government institutions, including the EIT KIC’s (Digital, Manufacturing, Climate, Environment), targeting digital entrepreneurship in a circular economy. AXIS 2 - The development of high-quality education programs and non-formal education activities in the area of Digital Transformation related to Circular Economy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development. AXIS 3 - The development of innovation and business support services, based on relative software platforms, for engaging and assisting HEI students, staff and alumni towards innovation and entrepreneurship
  6. PROMETHEUS EXCELLENCE 6 • An initial ecosystem of 8 partners and 30 associated partners, reaching several countries and representing education, research, business, administration and society, having HEI’s at various levels of excellence. • Strong digital skills and experience in developing prototype software platforms and applications for open innovation, networking, monitoring and dissemination of information. • Experience in organising open innovation and entrepreneurship support events and programmes, such as Summer Schools, Open Labs, Hackathons, Entrepreneurship Competitions and Industry Internships. • Multiple partner involvement in EIT Digital, Climate, Environment and Manufacturing KIC’s.
  7. PROMETHEUS ACTION APPROACHES 7 • The PROMETHEUS Knowledge Base A registry of ecosystem partners, participating staff and students, relevant programmes, case studies, success stories and more • The PROMETHEUS Intelligent Assistant A software platform providing assistance and support to engaged students and staff, for innovation and entrepreneurship activities • The PROMETHEUS Entrepreneurship Acceleration Platform A software platform for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, with emphasis in gathering ecosystem needs and providing extensive mentoring • The PROMETHEUS Curriculum and MOOC A Massive Open Online Course (curriculum and material) on Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy Call Domains 1 & 2 Call Domain 3 Call Domain 4