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CLC Member Seminar 25 Nov 2014 - CLC Advisory Board - Ed Monk, LPI

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Ed Monk talks through the benefits of having an advisory board at LPI and how he will be working with CLC to shape our own advisory board.

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CLC Member Seminar 25 Nov 2014 - CLC Advisory Board - Ed Monk, LPI

  1. 1. Charity Learning Consortium Advisory Board
  2. 2. What are the functions of the Advisory Board?
  3. 3. Provide Feedback
  4. 4. Drive change
  5. 5. Represent Community
  6. 6. Share expertise and experience
  7. 7. Act as a Trusted Advisor
  8. 8. Learning and Performance Institute Advisory Board • Why did we create it? • What did we learn and what effect did it provide?
  9. 9. How will it work? • Total of 12 with 6 chosen and 6 elected • 6 chosen will be industry figures with Edmund Monk as Chair • 6 elected represent third sector • Attend 4 quarterly meetings (virtual) • Support CLC in its mission
  10. 10. Application processAdvisory Board (Nominations) Process Flow Chart AB) = Advisory Board S Call for nominees (Fellows) Register AB interest with CLC Submit Bio, Photo & Manifesto Member check and liaison Add candidates to website Create Survey Monkey Poll Issue PR for voting Open Candidate Voting (2weeks) Check votes. 1 per member Regular updates to Management Issue PR Successful candidate(s) Active AB member Issue meeting dates E
  11. 11. Any questions?