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Social Media Trends in 2013

Presented at SFAMA February 27, 2013

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Social Media Trends in 2013

  1. Social Media Trends for 2013Charlene Li, Founder & Analyst, Altimeter Group@charleneli | charlene@altimetergroup.comFebruary 26, 2013 | SFAMA
  2. What Do You Need ToKnow Before You Leapin 2013?
  3. Social WillBe Like Air
  4. Content Marketing 1 +Native Advertising +Real Time Marketing =Converged Media4
  5. The Emergence of Converged Media Converged Media utilizes two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media. It is characterized by a consistent storyline, look, and feel.Display, banner ads corporate websiteSponsored posts, ads micrositesPPC ads corporate blogPay per post blogging
  6. Native Advertising Isn’t “Advertising” Authentic Informative Entertaining Relevant Requires a new mindset
  7. Converged Media – 11 Success Criteria
  8. 2 The Dynamic Customer Requires Moving Faster Than Real Time
  9. Real Time Marketing RealitiesThis isn’t real time marketing – it’s pre-planned.
  10. Catching The Dynamic Customer in Real Time
  11. Execution Workflow: Coordinating Paid, Owned, and Earned as one orchestration© 2012 Altimeter Group
  12. 123 Everyone Becomes A Marketer
  13. Marketing extends to all parts of the organization Sales Service Executives Marketing Product
  14. Applebee’s Enables 7,000 Employees in 1,000Locations to Monitor and Respond in Social Media
  15. (re)Organize Marketing for Agilityand ResilienceRigid Organizations Adaptive Organizations
  16. Social Media Training is About DevelopingJudgment -- and the Confidence to Use ItWhat you What you Judgment is needed in betweenshould do shouldn’t do
  17. 174 Big Data Becomes Usable Data
  18. 5 FACTORS 3 FACTORS 5 FACTORS 5X3X5=75awareness consideration intent purchase support loyalty advocacy 75Xfactors 3 5 7=525
  19. What do you really know about your customers? 25-55 years old, married, kids, working, graduate degree, reads Real Simple & Wired
  20. What would you do with a Watsonin your pocket? “By the end of this decade, the equivalent of Watson will fit in your pocket.” – Dr. John Kelly
  21. 21
  22. 22 Social Media Strategy5  Social Business Strategy  Business Strategy
  23. Six Phases of Social Business Maturity
  24. Strategy is WhatYou Decide To DoAnd What YouDecide NOT To Do
  25. Social WillBe Like Air
  26. © 2012 Altimeter Group